Howdy, people out heshoptrimmers reviewing blogre. Welcome to ShopTrimmers. I am Stephen John, a stylist and product reviewer from Washington. Being a trimmer enthusiast, I have been using a wide array of  hair clippers and beard trimmers from a long time. So there you have the proof. I’ll be knowing each and everything about the products I’ll be talking about on ShopTrimmers, a  blog on Best trimmers reviews.

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These are some of the comprehensive Guides I have created for the newbies and aficionados to choose different kinds of trimmers, clippers and help them find various skin care guides. I have checked out the best and narrowed it down further to my favorites.

Remington MB4900 beard trimmerBest Beard Trimmer Of 2017- Top 10 List

The Remington MB4900 Proves out to be on the top of my best beard trimmers list. It hits the sweet spot between performance and ease of use. First of all, it comes with various attachments and delivers a huge 3 hours of runtime on each charge. In addition, it has all the necessary features like water resistivity and turbo charging. Given the price, It’s a must buy.

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best coconut oil face cleanerBest Natural Face Cleanser- Complete Cleaning Guide

This Natural face cleanser is enriched with coconut milk and honey and thus, it heals your skin. It does so by restoring moisture on your face and keeps it hydrated. It is made up of organic constituent and is totally chemical free. Most noteworthy, it is completely toxin free and aids in your face cleaning in a natural way. Here you will know about cleaning face naturally using a natural cleanser.

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Best Dsafari 770045 dog nail trimmerog Nail Trimmer Guide 2017

Safari 770045 professional dog nail trimmer tops this list. One of the primary reason is simply its versatility to deal with small and medium dogs’ nails with equal ease. It provides a nice grip and provides you a firm stainless steel sharp blades to cut clean the nail growth. If you want have a large dog, you might like reading this Best Dog Nail Trimmer Guide below-

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Best Hackgrow beard and eliminate patchinesss to Grow Beard & Get Rid of Patchiness

What the mane is to a lion, beard is to a man. Today, there are a lot of cases where people struggle with beard growth. There are a lot of factors involved with patchy stubble. In this article, you will get to know about those various mechanism and the associated hacks that will help you grow your beard in no time.

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Best Beard Trimmer in India- Top 5 List

Philips QT4011/15 beard trimmer india

This is an exclusive list of top 5 stubble trimmers in India. Well, we created this list with ultimate step to step comparisons. How our efforts gathered altogether to craft this awesome buying guide ? Here’s how.

First of all, we at Shop Trimmers did a thorough study at 5 of the masterpieces from each category. The categories were fixed on the based on different price ranges. Hence, having said that, we chose 5 ultimate clippers between INR 0-2000, 2000-4000 and moved on until we reached the value of 5000.

The next step was to analyze the user background. Based on the mails, we found the mandate wanted the best within the very competitive price and that made us do some extra effort. Well, all those efforts finally paid up after successfully finishing this guide. Have a read now to what will solve your queries.

Best Clippers in India

Best Nose Hair Trimmer 2017

Check above to find the best Nose Hair Trimmer. Here we have analysed four different clippers for the required purpose and compared them side by side to get to the conclusion. Have a look Now.



The Kick Start idea about ShopTrimmers Blog was inspired from one of my fellow blogger who writes about skin cleaning guides, does beard trimmer reviews and has been in a process to learn continuously about dog nail trimmers now a days and does reviews on that too.

ShopTrimmers is my personal blog where I will be doing beard trimmers reviews, reviews on dog nail trimmers and also wish to publish guides on various skin care methods, in detail.

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Evolution of ShopTrimmers, a trimmers reviews Blog

Shop Trimmers is a beard trimmers reviewing site

So in this growing era of blogs and social media I thought of setting up my own blog. In this way I can contribute in uplifting the general hair care and styling knowledge. The most important part in hair styling is knowing what you actually want to do with your hair. Also, it helps you to look for the right equipment that are gonna help you accomplish that.

You will find various guides on beard trimmer reviews, skin care guides and reviews on dog nail trimmers. These guides were either created by me or, my co-writers with the help of experts in their particular field.

Here on ShopTrimmers, you’ll get all the necessary information about different type of trimmers. I’ll try my best to make it as interactive as possible. For a range of innovative articles, check out this Blog and decide whether it’s helpful or not. Care for your beard.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.