Howdy, people out here. Welcome to this trimmers review blog. I am Stephen John, a stylist and product reviewer from Washington. Being a trimmer enthusiast, I have been using a wide array of clippers and beard trimmers from a long time. So there you have the proof. I’ll be knowing each and everything about the products I’ll be talking about on Shop Trimmers Site.

These are some of the comprehensive Guides I have created for the newbies and aficionados to choose different kinds of trimmers, clippers and help them find various skin care guides.

Guides on Grooming

My Journey to the World of Trimmers

Shop Trimmers is a beard trimmers reviewing siteAs a child, once in every six months, my mom would drag me to the porch, make me sit on a chair, tie a white baggy cloth around the neck and start chopping my hair. This sort of betrayal would result in buckets of tears, constant weeping, and promises of no-matter-what-I-won’t-let-anyone-chop-my-hair-next-time-onward. Later I realized it wasn’t the hair cut that made me sob, but the fact that my hair seemed to be not worthy of proper attention.

During a summer vacation, while fighting with my sister I smeared her hair with glue, (I know you must be thinking ‘What a horrible child !’, but I had done it quite innocently.) and you can get a fair idea of the aftermath, can’t you ? She started howling, shrieking and throwing things at me and to calm her down and to save myself from beating I swore to make her hair unblemished. As far as I remember that was the first time when I styled (well, in a naive way) someone’s hair.

The Journey of Shop Trimmers started from a fascinating and funny history.

It was my first experience with hair clippers, scissors and comb which fortunately turned into a good one. Her Alyson Hannigan alike long hair got transformed to a Jennifer Aniston-ish long graduated bob. To my utter dismay she wasn’t happy with it and I got the beating anyway.

Getting Experienced

While in high school I was helping my friend to get dressed for prom and she was very confused about her hair do. Due to prior experience I wasn’t imparting any of my ‘expert’ advice until she forced me to trim her hair. While trimming, I suggested her to get short layered curls the next time she visits a salon. At that very moment she went to the bathroom and emerged out with a scissors, clippers and a curler and said ‘Why don’t you do it now ?

We have seen how carefully you tend and trim your hair, I’m confident that you’ll do justice to mine.’ I was quite shocked and taken aback at the offer, but deep down I really wanted to take a shot at it. Before recalling the scenario of that summer vacation and putting myself in a dubious situation when she just handed me the clippers, looked at me in the eyes and said ‘Do it.’

At the Shop Trimmers Blog, I share articles related to different kind of grooming stuffs, including beard trimmers reviews, dog nail trimmers reviews, skin care cleaning guide and much more. While I have pretty much to talk about, this seems to be the possible start.

I don’t know whether because of the confidence that my friend had in me or because of my own talent I succeeded in making her look like Sarah Jessica Parker in short hair-do. I was quite ecstatic at my own achievement and got back my long lost self-reliance. That day onward I often styled my friends hair at the hour of need. Thus I remember how I guided him to use beard trimmers to take care of his facial hairs.

The Kick-start idea about Trimmers

Since I was excelling at it I took a salon job to earn extra school credits. It mostly involved shampooing people’s hair but one day the main hair stylist fell ill and I was asked to work as her replacement for the day. A client came in with lopsided and disproportionate hair and asked me to give her a unique hair-do. Back in those days Mohawk wasn’t yet in trend and women mostly preferred conventional hair styles. With a little bit of uncertainty but tons of creativity I started to trim her hair from the sides keeping the middle part constant.

My other colleagues constantly asked me to stop what I was doing and to cut it in a traditional manner but my client urged me to continue the way I was. Trimming. Clipping. Coloring. Repeat. The final outcome was a Mohawk with vibrant hues which fetched me a handsome amount of money from my client and she appointed me as her hair stylist. Slowly but steadily my customers increased and by the end of college I had gathered experience as a hair stylist at seven different salons.

The Kick Start idea about Shop Trimmers Blog was inspired from one of my fellow blogger who writes about skin cleaning guides, does beard trimmer reviews and has been in a process to learn continuously about dog nail trimmers now a days and does reviews on that too.

From kids to grannies, everyone seemed to enjoy my capability of tending their hair in an uncustomary manner. Even my fellow hairdressers started asking me about the procedures of different hair styles that I provide my client.

Beard Trimmers, Hair Clippers and All

When I entered the world of hair dressing I realized though my work was filled with creativity it lacked accuracy. What chocolate lava cake is to women, hair dressing equipment are to me ! The very sight of paper trimmers, rattle tooth combs, pitch forks, laser beard trimmers, innovative hair clippers, rat-tail combs churns my stomach with excitement.

Hair straighteners, beard trimmers, blow dryers, curlers, nose trimmers, styling gels, serum, echo trimmers and so many more and varied styling kits are enough to make my knees weak. Thus, I started studying seriously these different equipment. Additionally, I gathered knowledge about their importance in hair styling innovations and impact of their use on hair quality.

Shop Trimmers is my personal blog where I will be doing beard trimmers reviews, reviews on dog nail trimmer and also wish to publish guides on various skin care methods, in detail.

The varied knowledge of hair styles, colors, hair care and styling equipment gave an impetus to my professional life. That was a fair idea that motivated me to open my own salon. Few years later, I thought it was better to serve people the right information they need about the trimming mechanism.

Years of my ongoing journey gave me an extensive knowledge about products like echo and hedge trimmers. In your daily life, grass trimmers help you keep your lawn clean with superior ease. For the hairy dog breed, you would need a dog trimmer. No need to explain how easily these machines have took over the complexity and saved our time.

Evolution of the Shop Trimmers Blog

So in this growing era of blogs and social media I thought of setting up my own blog. In this way I can contribute in uplifting the general hair care and styling knowledge. The most important part in hair styling is knowing what you actually want to do with your hair. Also, it helps you to look for the right equipment that are gonna help you accomplish that.

You will find various guides on beard trimmer reviews, skin care guides and reviews on dog nail trimmers. These guides were either created by me or, my co-writers with the help of experts in their particular field.

Here on Shop Trimmers, you’ll get all the necessary information about different type of trimmers. I’ll try my best to make it as interactive as possible. For a range of innovative articles, check out this Blog and decide whether it’s helpful or not. Care for your beard.

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Stephen John