A beard trimmer is an irreplaceable instrument in men’s grooming armory. It is an all-season movement embraced by men of all ages and different classes. If someone prefers not to snip off smoothly, he can use beard trimmer which can also help to get a compact trim that looks fashionable. Beards are physically attractive to a large number of people and it shows individuality. A trimmer can clean beard within a minute and can provide willful and respective look. Well, this post is about picking up the 5 best braun beard trimmers of 2017. Hello everybody, this is Arnav and let’s get started.

The using and maintaining of a beard trimmer are quite effortless. From keeping the blades oiled to swapping guards, the user can get a spacious trim and clean the trimmer in minutes. Braun Beard Trimmer works in the same way as the manual trimmers but it has an advanced technology with an electrical motor. It requires minimal maintenance which depends on the type and model of the trimmer. There is an option to choose the number of speeds in a beard trimmer with faster and slower settings.


5 best braun beard trimmers

Men don’t want to purchase different trimmers for head and beard. The Braun Trimmer is an all round trimmer to get a clean uneventful trim for hair or beard, in a preferable style. This can save a place in the bathroom or in shaving kit to store different trimmers. These trimmers can provide perfect and faultless shave, with the least agitation. Braun beard Trimmers are easy to hold in the hands. Other than these facilities the battery backup lasts for a long time. Beard trimmers are used to cut the hair of your desirable length. It can be applied through a series of attachments. It also gives a variety of styling strategies and efficiently trim beards. Some trimmers are also useful for chin area, cheeks area, and sideburns.

Why buy a Braun Beard Trimmer?

Before you buy the best braun beard trimmer you have to know some specific qualities about the right instrument which makes all the variance. The smart features depend on clean cut, personalization, and comfort. Both the rechargeable and battery operated trimmers are work well. You have to know whether it can work without a power source. Generally, trimmers are available with different cutting heads. To ensure a neat and clean cut you have to choose the appropriate one. You simply need a detailed review of the Brawn Beard Trimmers to find out the best one for your need.

The market research and advertising description sometimes are not very useful, rather you can look into the product or customer reviews online to know the efficiency of a model. Last but not the least you have to choose a renowned brand which can help you to get the desired beard trimmer. It also ensures total satisfaction along with its quality and durability. To summarize, you need to find the best beard trimmer that is comfortable to use and worth your money. So, remember your needs, frame your budget and go for the best one.

The following beard trimmer will help you choose the ideal equipment for the job.

5 Best Braun Beard Trimmers

list of top braun beard trimmers

1.Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer is an excellent trimmer with great build quality. The fully washable trimmer is suitable for sensitive skin also. Its rubberized body allows firm grip while grooming you. Ultra sharp stainless steel blades offer precision cutting of facial hairs. Multiple settings allow users to retain their ideal beard look. Blades are adjustable and result in an immensely quick and gentle shave. It is powered by rechargeable NiMH battery which gives 50 minutes of operation time. This is one of the easiest trimmers to clean that is on the market, only requires a quick rinse under the running water.

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2. Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer is very effective at quickly trimming hair. This trimmer is larger and has many great features. It is designed to allow it to be cleaned under running water. The dual battery system keeps trimming power constant. It takes 1 hour to be fully charged and gives 50 minutes of cordless performance. The finishing touches are allowed by the precision comb, and the long-beard comb offers more range to maintain a longer beard. The sharp stainless steel blades are very close together to cut each hair perfectly as much of a quality trim as possible.

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3. Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer runs very smooth and quietly. It comes with two detachable trimming combs which give the exact length and precise shape of your facial hair. The sharp stainless steel blades cut long or thick hair without any pulling or tugging. The blades are with rounded tips and non-scratching combs for extra protection and comfort. Its 39 built-in length settings offer to select preferred length. Lengths are displayed from 1-20mm. The trimmer’s LED indicator informs about its charging status. Its rechargeable battery takes 8 hours to be charged and runs up to 60 minutes. Overall, this is the best braun beard trimmer to pick under USD 40.

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4. Braun cruZer 5 beard Trimmer

If you step further to the a USD 10 hike in your budget, I would suggest you to go for the Braun CruZer beard trimmer. The Braun cruZer 5 beard trimmer is the efficient tool to personalize facial hair. It is sleek and easy to hold. It comes with multiple attachments and styling accessories. The device allows choosing up to six different lengths from 1-11mm. It’s stainless steel blades offer perfect trimming and the non-scratching combs provide an extra protection and comfort. The Cruzer 5 comes with a dual battery system which runs up to 40 minutes. It is easily washable under running water. Rubberized grip offers comfortable and safe handling for users.

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5. Braun HC5090 Beard Trimmer

Braun HC5090 Trimmer is a cordless trimmer which gives your facial hair a signature trim. It is a cool-looking unit which is comfortable in the hand. It’s sharp steel blades smoothly glide over the skin, cut hairs neatly and effectively to give an elegant look. This trimmer comes with smart trimming attachments which have hair clipping range of 3-24 and 14-35 mm. The long-lasting and precise steel blades are washable. The trimmer has a battery that charges up in an hour and provides 50 minutes cordless runtime. This is an ideal buy for people who are looking for the best mid level beard trimmer from Braun.

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Well, there are various braun beard trimmers available today and then a question arises. After snapping through 5 different options available above, one could easily be overshadowed upon picking up the right piece. Let me make this task a bit easy for you. First of all, the above tagged clippers are 5 best Braun Beard trimmers available today. However, let me break this list further based on usability and preferences. I will do that to help you pick up the right Braun beard trimmer according to your needs.

After you take a look at this list of best Braun beard trimmers and compare them side by side, you would find the Braun BT5090 the clear winner. There are multiple points to prove that out. First of all, It provides 50 minutes of runtime in a single charge. Additionally, you receive additional combs to maintain your ideal beard length. Most noteworthy, the BT5090 has a mighty motor to pull off your beards easily. As a result, it proves out to be the best braun beard trimmer in this list.

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