Andis Master hair clipper reviewThere is no denying the fact that Andis is one of the most prominent companies when it comes to providing quality hair products to people. Pioneered by Matthew Andis, together with John Oster and Henry Meltzer, Andis O. M. Manufacturing continues to provide quality hair cutting and trimming products. And now, Andis has created another revolutionary hair product – the Andis Master Hair Clipper. Hello there, this is Arnav and this is the exclusive review of the Andis Master 15-Watt adjustable blade hair clipper 01557. Here I will tell you about the features, pros and cons of this product. Also, I will guide you whether it is a smart buy for you or not.

The Andis Master hair clipper is a great investment for professional purpose. These are superb clippers with sort of heavy feel. It has solid and sturdy built with a buttery smooth operation.


Andis Master Hair Clipper Features

Investing in this amazing product entitles you to a one year limited warranty. It’s quite popular among consumers who gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating. That’s a pretty high rating! And to think that this rating is the average of the reviews given by 265 buyers! No wonder the Andis Master Hair Clipper is one of the best-selling hair clippers on Amazon.

This Andis buzzer has a dimension of 2 by 1.8 by 6 inches dimension and a weight of 1 pounds (with a shipping weight of 3 pounds). With its’ powerful motor having a speed of 14,000 cutting strokes each minute, you are guaranteed of a fast hair cut. Most users suggest this Clipper as a great choice for dry cutting, nevertheless, it is also efficient in cutting wet hair.

Power and Performance

Andis Master hair clipper prosAs for the Andis hair buzzer’s durability, its’ aluminum housing will assure you of a hair clipper for keeps. This means it will not crack or deteriorate due to the heat produced by the motor or a minor drop. It is adjustable. It’s a heavy duty clipper, much more than a trimmer. You can use it for several cuts daily.

It’s not very heavy but you can tell that it is built to last. It’s definitely not as light as cheaper plastic clippers. It stays pretty quiet when oiled regularly. It is no doubt a great fade clipper and good all-around cutter.

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The Blade

This hair clipper’s blades are made from very sharp carbon steel, thus giving you a warranty of meticulous and accurate cutting. They are very sharp out the box. You can choose from Andis Master Hair Clipper’s blade set – you can choose a blade which can cut any hair lengths, let’s say from Size #000 (1/100 inches long) up to Size #1 (which is 1/8 inches long). To keep the blades sharp, you will need to oil it every now and then. Barbers recommend the blades be oiled after three to five uses.

Multiple Accessories

Even though it comes without accessories, this unit is worth every penny you spend on it. You’d have to buy the combs, clips or guards separately. If you prefer the magnetic ones, they work perfectly but they are more expensive. I highly recommend the Andis Magnetic Guide Comb Set. Which ever ones you choose, you won’t be disappointed in the performance of these clippers.


Based on our observation and the comments of people who loved this product, here are some of the advantages:

This item has very precise cutting

Andis Master hair clipper consThanks to its fantastically sharp carbon steel blades, the Andis Master hair clipper   can give you very precise hair cutting! Now, this can be very much attested to by users who say it gives you a clean and even cut. Men who want to maintain bald heads are more than satisfied as this hair clipper can cut very short hair! Come to think of it, even hair follicles which are just 1/100 inches in length can be cut by this item. With its’ adjustable blades, this hair cutter works on both fine and coarse hair.

It is a very fast hair clipper

Given that this Andis item has an amazing magnetic motor which can execute 14,000 cutting strokes per minute, your hair cutting is going to be fast and clean.

It has a solid and strong built

Being made of unbreakable aluminum, this item, is described by users as indestructible. Think about its’ casing which is pure aluminum – even accidental falls would not be able to ruin it. Well, the statement “Wear and Tear” is surely not in this hair buzzer’s vocabulary.

It has a convenient on and off switch

We all know how electric razors, hair clippers and other trimmers are hard to control because of their on/off switches which are hard to find. This problem is easily taken of by the Andis Master hair clipper. This model has its switch conveniently and strategically placed so it can be easily controlled by your thumb.


Here are some of the disadvantages of the Andis Master hair clipper, based on the evaluation of the customers who were able to use it:

This item is quite heavy

One of the main issues people usually have about the Andis Master hair clipper is that it is quite heavy. This clipper actually weighs between 1 to 1.8 pounds and some first time users even joke about how this hair trimmers is good for gym goers. At first, using this hair shearer could be pretty difficult because of its’ weight but, you would eventually get used to its’ weight.

Becomes Little Hot

Some users say  this product becomes really hot to hold after twenty minutes or so of usage. However, this can easily be taken care of by using this model of clippers for five to fifteen minutes, so it does not reach the point of getting hot. Ensure you use it fast like a master and no extreme hotness will occur.


Andis Master hair clipper featuresThe Andis Master hair clipper is currently priced for 100 bucks on Amazon USA. Talking about the customers, this very groomer has a niche fan following. By the time of writing this review, the Andis 01557 15-Watt adjustable clipper has around 800 verified purchases, with 4 star ratings. Take a look at what one of the verified customer has to say about this product:

The Andis Master hair clipper is a must buy for professionals. While the home users can also perform flawless operation but can’t make the most out of it. – Twinkey

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The Andis Master Hair Clipper is designed for an excellent clipping experience. It’s a perfect machine for well-rounded outlining and fading. Despite the negligible disadvantages, this item is still a pretty reasonable and highly recommended choice. So what are you waiting for? Order one now!