Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper reviewI keep my hair and my sons’ hair short, which requires frequent cutting.  I got the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper because I needed a new clipper and wanted to invest in one that would provide a professional grade cut and would last a long time, even with frequent use. This is the official review of the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper. Here you would find its specifications, features, pros and cons. Also, you will come to know about consumers opinions. Take a look and decide whether buying this clipper is a good deal for you or not !!!

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Andis 22315BGC2 Excel 2-Speed Professional Clipper

Andis has a good reputation as a manufacturer of clippers, and I like that the clipper is made in the USA.  I always buy products that are made in the USA, when possible.

The clipper feels very nice in my hand.  It’s got a contoured shape for a nice fit.  The clipper is made with break resistant housing, which is a good feature because I didn’t want something that was going to break easily.  I’ve dropped it a time or two and no damage was done.

In the past I’ve used clippers that required oiling, and it was messy and not the best choice for cutting human hair, though it’s fine for cutting pets’ hair.  I like that this clipper is completely maintenance free and no oiling of inner parts is required.

This Andis clipper has a powerful rotary motor, which means that it does a clean job of cutting hair evenly.

The clipper has a high speed that’s 25% faster for cutting heavy hair.  I don’t really see the need for two speeds, myself.  I always use the high speed, and the clipper never runs hot, though it does get warm.

Maintenance Free

Andis professional excel 2-speed hair clipper pros and consWhen the variety of professional hair clippers come with the hassle of Oiling and cleaning the groomer, the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper stands out of the crowd. Unlike its mass competitor like the Oster classic 76 hair clipper, you don’t need to worry about maintaining it every other day. This is due to the super shining blades that remains super shiny with the minor oil polishing. In conclusion, if you are looking for a professional hair trimmer that requires less maintenance, you should definitely bag the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper.

Most noteworthy feature of the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper  is its silent operation. It performs very smooth without heating and makes very less sound while operating. In this section, this USA trimming giant has beaten up its rivals.


Robust design

The Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper features an ergonomic design. It sports the break-resistant housing that is contoured to fit your hand. It comes in a shiny black body with its model name pointed out on the top. In addition, the power and length setting buttons are well placed on the lower part. Overall, it looks spectacular and feels good to operate. Moreover, the Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper sports a mighty rotary motor with detachable heads. I had conducted few grooming sessions and was delighted to see how effortlessly it cuts wet and dry hair. The high speed setting is a boom as it grooms down heavy hair 1/4 times faster than any other professional hair clipper out there.

What Buyers Think About The Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper?

Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper specificationsNow, in the consumer reviews section, we will talk about people’s reaction towards this product. Also, we will analyze those reviews in a brief and come up on a decision. Talking about the Amazon community, there are more than 50 verified purchases with a whopping 4 stars ratings. Breaking it further, above 70% customers have rated it 5 out of 5 stars and this clearly shows its worth in the hair grooming zoner. Let’s take a look of what a verified consumer has to say,

I purchased it for my wife who is a beautician and does 20-30 hair grooming per day. Choosing the Amazon platform was pretty price efficient. Moreover, this groomer works like a magic. It never had a lag and she absolutely loved it. – Kendal

There are many other people who have voted it the highest and consider it one of the best hair clippers for men. This is what an another fella got to say,

The Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper has got sharp blades and cut very well. It is very durable and clip on with a metal clip. These are probably my last pair of clippers and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues. – Karan

Talking about the dark side, the Andis Excel has very rare of negative reviews. However, few of them complained of having a delayed delivery and lacking heavy duty cords. Taking a note of that, these are very minor issues and are varied with people’s choices. As a result, you need not to take an account of these short complaints.

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  • Maintenance-free. No oiling of internal parts is required, which means no oily mess to worry about.
  • Has a good fit in my hand.  I get a lot of use out of this clipper, and it’s a nice plus that it’s comfortable to use, especially since I use it to cut my own hair.
  • It cuts well.  This clipper never gets clogged up when I’m using it on my hair or my boys’ hair.  It has nice, sharp blades and does a very nice job.
  • It has a powerful motor.  The powerful rotary motor in this clipper is the reason it does so well cutting even wet hair.
  • Supports variable blades. The Andis Professional Excel 2-speed hair clipper supports various blades. It is compatible with Andis ultra edge, ceramic edge and all detachable type blades. It is also compatible with Oster 76, 10 and 111 model blades.


  • It a bit pricey.  There are a lot less expensive clippers that you can get, but I’ve found you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to clippers.  So it’s worth the extra cost.
  • Don’t need two speeds. If the cost is a bit higher simply because the clipper offers two speeds, I say why add the unneeded feature?


Andis professional excel 2-speed hair clipper customers opinionI don’t hesitate to recommend the Andis Professional Excel 2-Speed hair Clipper because I’ve used a lot of different brands of clippers and have figured out that it’s definitely worth it to pay a little more to buy a good set.  Getting the cheaper, magnetic style clippers is a mistake.  They aren’t durable and they don’t do a good job.  The powerful rotary motor in this Andis clipper makes all the difference.  It doesn’t run hot, and there’s absolutely no maintenance required.  Even if you need clippers to keep one person’s hair trimmed, this is the clipper to buy.  In the long run, you’ll save.

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