In contemporary times, if I were to name one thing that is most caressed after the basic necessities, “trend” would justify as an answer. Today, everyone either wants to be a part of the trend or, wants to know about that. Very much like the past year, beard is one thing that has maintained itself in the top trends after Trump, Bezos and Modi. Well, it’s just about the facial hair but the constituent products hiked up this trend too. Talking about that, here we have a variety of beard trimmers, best electric shavers and most noticeably the beard oils. Until now, many of us beard aficionados were aware with a beard oil simply being a matter of facial hair nourishment. But let me tell you, it’s a complete different story.

What is a beard Oil?

beard oil anatomy and working

As evident from its name, the beard oil is meant to nourish your facial hair. This is similar to what the hair oil does with the scalp and hairs. Well, there are various usage of a beard oil. Howsoever, there are some standard definitions that aren’t true. Having said that, there are many myths about beard oils that I’ll talk about in my upcoming post.

Drawing an exact description of a beard oil, this is what seems most relevant today-

A beard oil is an intelligent mixture of the essential oils and natural ingredients to hydrate, smoothen and nourish the facial skin beneath the beard.

A beard oil doesn’t only moisturises the face but also aids in transferring vital nutrients to the beard. It helps in quick growth of the grass. Also, a good quality oil would make your beard shine, managed and sober.

That’s sort of some mugged up information every brand, beard aficionados and hair labs do offer. Well, have you ever wondered about the evolution of the first beard oil brand? Any guesses? Okay, let me tell you that.

According to the journals, old writings and records, it has come up that the first known usage of beard oil relates back to 200 BC. During the historic period, Mesopotamian people used to prepare a solution from sesame seeds oil for beard softness. No wonder how they managed to nail their geeky look.

Through the time, many works were done in the field of new findings. Greeks and Romans experimented with various oils. Subsequently, they came up with particular solutions made from natural ingredients. How exactly this put an impact over modern innovations in the field of hair and care? Let’s find out.

Beard Oil Ingredients- Now and Then

beard oil ingredients

We were talking about how ancient people used natural ingredients just to imply a crest over their beard growth chart. You have noticed how past civilisations gave much importance to naturopathy and hence, creating substantial outcome with natural ingredients was preferred. During the reign, people used various natural oil like Argan and Sesame for the facial hair nourishment and softening.

If you follow the ancient natural beard oil recipe, you find how they accumulated natural oils with each other. Take an instance where greek people had a perfect blend of grape seed oil, jojoba oil and Argan oil. In this way, they had multiple advantage of natural oils, having a safe play from adverse effects of harmful chemicals.

With the entry of technology, modern science offers many researches in various areas including hair nutrition and growth. Today we have hundred of brands with thousands of products, each promising better result than the former. Less you know that many hair growth oils have sulphates and harsh chemicals that degrades you beard follicles quality. This results in patchy beard and hair loss.

The use of chemical ingredients should be very limited. Generally, synthetic scents are added to make the oil aromatic. Limited chemicals also make a beard oil antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and agile.

Need of a beard Oil

need of beard oil

Who needs a beard oil and why? This is pretty simple question that requires a detailed explanation. By the time males enters their premature stage, they often look towards various options to flaunt their gains. In this hurry, they try their hands on beard trimmers, oils and conditioners. This looks fine but isn’t always right. Remember your age and you will notice how one gets attracted towards fancy brands full of chemical shit.

Beard oil works on the formula to provide carrier oils to the body. This is similar to how our skin produces natural oils like sebum. A good beard oil would consist of carrier oils and essential oils as the major part.

If you have really dense facial hair, try having a natural oil that softens your beard. You can have coconut and jojoba oils to serve this purpose. A blend of carrier oils and essential oils like hempseed, coconut, jojoba, grape seed and almond can be used as one stop solution to common beard problems like itching and skin dryness.

Turning around, if you don’t have an even beard, check this article on how to grow a beard and fix patchiness. This is all about a focussed study on beard patterns and their relevant solutions.

However, if you completely lack a beard, a beard oil is of no great use to you. Please don’t invest your precious money on something that has less possibility to succeed. Instead you can go meet up a dermatologist or, hair specialist that can come up with hormone growth pills to get your problems sorted.

Advantages of a beard Oil

beard oil advantages

Now when you are aware of the beard oil, its evolution and properties it is high time to know about the perks. Well, the good list has numerous points but I’m going to keep it short and to the point. Here take a look at 5 biggest benefits of using a beard oil-

  1. Beard oil provide nourishment to the facial skin. It supplies essential oils to the skin and aids in restoring moisture to your skin cells and the hair follicles.
  2. Talking about the oils, a good beard ointment contains both carrier and natural oils. Thus, it becomes a good source of vitamins A, E and D. You would find traces of vital acids to aid in various functions.
  3. In connotation, ingredients like oleic acids and linoleic acids put a great impact over beard growth and the circulation of nutrients to the hair follicles.
  4. It is never bad to add a hint of chemical derived synthetic scents. An FDA approved ointment consists of scents to facilitate in the anti-aging process.
  5. Beard oil keeps your beard soft, hydrated and prevents skin itching, tangled beard and provides a shine to your facial hair.

Some good beard oils

good beard oils

Nature’s way is a great path to be followed. Howsoever, there is something you should be aware of before owning your own recipe or, getting one from the market.

Because a natural oil has no adverse effect, you shouldn’t take it granted without knowing the detailed property of each ingredient. In connotation, please mark that using essential oils alone can produce skin burns and rashes. Hence, it is advised to dilute them with carrier oils in an adequate portion for a safe play.

In this context, you can try picking up the already settled FDA approved beard oil brands in the market. These are natural plus tried and tested products. I won’t name a lot of them as this is an out of syllabus thingie from this article.


Based on the consumer ratings and my personal experiences, I would recommend you the “Honest amish beard oil (Product A) or, the Wild Willie beard oil (Purely Natural).


In case, you are looking for the cheap best alternative, choose Trumen beard growth oil.  These are completely natural and free from paraben, sulphates and phosphates.


What does a good beard oil contain?

good beard oil ingredients

Now when you are aware of a beard oil, its properties and advantages, it is high time you get a sneak peek into its prime ingredients. Having said that, it becomes important for every beard aficionado in order to detect a good beard oil.

As discussed earlier in this article, a good beard oil is one that contains adequate amount of natural oils, scent and little amount of right chemicals/no chemicals. It is also important to get the right mixture on board to experience desired results.

Talking about the natural oils, a beard oil should contain major essential oils, natural extracts along with the carrier oils. So many prototypes? Let me break it down for you.

An essential oil is basically the concentrated liquid extracts. Also known as the ethereal oils, these are used for centuries to improve skin health and to treat skin related issues. Being concentrated and volatile, dermatologist do not recommend to apply these directly on your skin to prevent irritation. Sandalwood oil, clove oil, rosemary extracts etc. are some important listing in this section.

Carrier oils play a major part as a beard oil ingredient. Basically these are cold pressed vegetable oils fetched from fatty portion of the plant. They dilute concentrated essential oils and make them usable directly on to the skin. Almond oil, Apricot extract, coconut, jojoba and avocado oils are some important carrier oils to be named in the field of Aromatherapy.

Do beard growth oil work?

Today when many people are facing beard patchiness issues, the prospects of this question becomes wide and vivid. There are very few person who expect a regular work from their oil. Howsoever, the quantity of beard fanatics seeking a magic from their oil has increased over the time period.

If you have good beard presentation, a good beard oil would definitely trigger your facial hair growth. It would accelerate nutrient supply and growth. Consequently your beard would become thick and long.

On the other hand, if you have no beard over your face and you are expecting facial hair post beard oil application — STOP. It’s worthless. Nothing can and will change the rate of your beard growth. If it’s not natural, you can go meet a dermatologist who can help you with the medications to get your beard follicles in place.

In short, beard growth is directly affected from man’s body reaction with the testosterone, a hormone responsible for growth in men. People who are more responsive, sensitive and reactive to the stimulus amongst their peer group with similar level of testosterone are more prone to hair growth. If you are a baby faced beard deficit guy, rubbing a beard oil for months and years is a complete waste of money and efforts.

Some FAQ’s related to beard oils

beard oil faqs

1.  Can I use coconut oil as a beard oil?

Ans. Yes, You can. Howsoever, please note that you are never going to get benefits similar to a proper beard oil. The reason is simple, i.e., a beard oil in comprises of various oils for added benefits.

2. Can beardless people use beard oils?

Ans. Well, If you ask me — NO. There are some people who would try to deviate you from the right suggestion. I have talked pretty much about its concept above in this article. Go through it.

3. Is it safe to use beard oil?

Ans. Indeed a critical query. Here, you need to watch out the configuration of a beard oil. Talking about that, a beard oil should consist of natural ingredients. There should be moderate implementation of essential oils as they are tough on sensitive skin. Also, there should be no chemicals/ ultra minimal chemicals in it. If your beard oil meets these specifications, it is completely safe.

4. Can I apply my beard oil on hair?

Ans. While a hair oil is created for this specific purpose, there are some choices for you in beard oil category as well. Howsoever, make sure the oil shouldn’t contain triglyceride like veggie oils. Instead, use pure jojoba oil or, Argan oil for hair conditioning purpose. These would prevent dandruff and keep your scalp nourished and cool.

5. Would my beard oil cause acne and pimples?

Ans. Yes if it contains any comedogenic oils. Please note that these cause clogging of pores resulting in acne. Howsoever, make sure to clean your face with a good skin cleanser in order to ward off your dead skin layer. Post face wash, you can apply the beard oil in order to prevent acne.

Last few words…

Today when the world is going gaga over new beard styles, it becomes need of the hour to walk step in step with the trend. To do this, you need to grow your beard. Further, you will need an awesome beard oil that would nourish and condition your facial hair. In connotation, I have listed a few beard oils above in this article. You can check that out.

A good beard oil is always on the safe side. Follow the instructions, read the suggestions and you can’t go wrong. There are few side effects of a beard oil (if you choose a wrong one) that i’ll talk about in my next post. Also, I will be writing about ten best beard oils you can use to grow a dense bush. Stay Tuned. If you liked this article, make sure to comment down below. That would be a great inspiration to me. This is me, Arnav — Signing Off.