choose best dog ear cleanerOwning a pet is like doing a favour to yourself. When we get a dog, it comes with a responsibility. Naturally everything comes with a responsibility and specially, a caring attitude is worth a friend in deed. In all the animal prototypes, only homo sapiens have got the broadest brain and hence the capability to think. In contrary to this, every other animal  is under efficient than that. Because of their inability to take care of their health, one has a duty to take care of the hygiene of their pet. In this article, I will be talking about few best dog ear cleaner for your pet.

Similar to trimming up your dog’s nails, it becomes very important to clean the dirt of your pet. Talking about a normal playful dog, a dog happens to entice enough parasites during its daily wandering. There may be some natural waste that usually are ejected from body post a natural function. Thus, in order to keep an ear healthy, the importance of a dog ear cleaner is vital. Here I would talk about 5 best dog ear cleaner that would boost your dog’s hygiene. Let’s get started.

Note: In the another post, I have done a detailed review of few best dog urine enzyme cleaner to have today.

5 Best Dog Ear Cleaner Today

1. Dog Ear Cleaner with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E

best dog ear cleaner

As the name suggests, this cleaner is embedded with aloe vera, tea tree oil and essential vitamins. It does not only treats your dog’s ear infections but also, check them from occurring again. Be it a regular cleanup or, ear aches and rashes or, itchiness- this drop takes care of it all. Minutes after its application, it provides soothing relief to your dog. The solution lacks any chemical substance and hence, it is a natural and safe way.

It contains Boswallia berrata gum and oak extract, essential to work smoothly on sensitive ear. It is safe for all breeds of any ages, claim the manufacturers. The process of cleaning is provided below. Overall, the manufacturers guarantees a cent percent satisfaction and with a 4.5 stars rating on amazon, it sounds true and legit. In my opinion, this is one of the best dog ear cleaner to go for USD 18.

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2. EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

best dog ear cleaner

The EcoEars Dog ear cleaner works on the moto of “Safe, Natural and effective”. Our internal organs are really sensitive and needs to be taken care of. Same phenomenon applies with our pets. The brand has taken ultimate care while preparation of this product. The solution doesn’t include pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, steroids or, antibiotics. It just not only soothes an ear infection but also takes care of your dog from dirt, irritation and parasites.

The manufacturers have claimed a range of cleanup using this product. The EcoEars dog ear cleaner does also eliminate wax buildup, redness and should be preferred as a weekly grooming routine. You can consider applying this post every water session of your dog. It is featured on Amazon for USD 23 and is better, for the fact it can do a wide range of dirt elimination. In my list, I keep it on second among 5 best dog ear cleaner (with a 4.5 stars).

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3. Zymox Ear Cleanser

best dog ear cleaner

This 4 ounce sized zymox ear cleanser is currently the best seller on Amazon. It is obvious for two reasons. First, it is available under USD 10 and secondly, it does a better than average cleaning stuff. It is effective, contains no harsh chemical and easy to use. Although it does contain few chemicals but, post application, the ears get clean and smells fresh. Overall, with 4.5 stars, it is one of the 5 best ear cleaners to get today if you are seeking for a cheap alternative.


4. PetPost Dog Ear Cleaner

best dog ear cleaner

This is a dog ear cleaner manufactured by PetPost. It has been named one of the most effective dog ear cleaner at blasting away infection causing parasites and microbes. It is vet proven, no alcohol formula. This is an environmental friendly solution with a hassle free application procedure. The brand is offering you a money back guarantee, in case you are not happy with this product. I would recommend you this product and should apply it on weekly basis for a basic clean. This solution is priced at USD 18 and acquires a whopping 4.5 stars rating.

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5. Noah and Tilly Dog ear cleaner

best dog ear cleaner

In my list, the Noah and Tilly dog ear cleaner is undoubtedly the best dog ear cleaner. The pro is a superb 4.7 stars rating based on 102 customer reviews. It is natural, USA manufactured and customer satisfying product. This product is efficient at cleaning ear wax, debris and ear infections. This dog ear cleaner boasts of an easy to use twist top dispensing nozzle. It is priced competitively under USD 20 and in my opinion, this is the best ever dog ear trimmer available today.

Now, its all your call. If you are seeking for a cheap alternative, you can have a look of the Zymox ear cleanser. It is to be noted that it is not a wise’s call to opt for a chemical cleanser for saving your few bucks. Overall, the Noah & Tilly dog ear cleaner stands the best dog ear cleaner you should buy today.

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How to use a dog ear cleaner

how to use dog ear cleaner

The process of cleaning your pup’s ears is pretty simple. It does not take much effort but just the right tools. Here I have tried to wrap things up in just three easy steps.

1. Have right tools– In order to clean up inner ear parts, you need to take few factors in account. This is a sensitive organ and hence, you should better take proper measures. You can have proper tools in hand like- your best dog ear cleaner, a pack of cotton balls or, a hand glove.

2.  Pour in the solution– Take a look over the pack of your dog ear cleaner. Few cleansers would do the needful in just 5 drops while others need to be consumed more than that for getting things done. Hold the ears upright while you put the drops in, so that it does not move out. You can also try to rub dog’s eardrum portion lightly to let the solution penetrate the concentrated ear wax.

3. Cleaning– 5 minutes after the solution pouring, take cotton balls and slowly insert inside your pet’s ears. Always be mindful to not to go too inside. rotate it around and take it out. Change the cotton ball. Repeat the process until you don’t see dirt on the cotton ball.

Though dog ear cleaner solve the issue of cleansing yet there are some breeds that create trouble. If you are facing issues like this, I suggest you to take your pup to some vet outside. Show affection towards your doggie. This was our guide of choosing the best dog ear cleaner and also, the process of applying it in a right manner. This was it all. See you soon with a new post. Show affection towards your doggie and he will love you back. Peace !

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