best dog nail trimmerDog is not mere an animal. A dog signifies an emotion, a real sense of friendship and also a quanta of love. Since the evolution of mankind, dog happens to be the first animal that matched very well with human. Today, there are many people who possess a dog, not as a pet but a family member and true companion. Taking responsibility of a family member is necessary. A dog seeks an adequate affection and one of those regular care needs require nail clipping. Alright, this article is nothing but to suggest you the best dog nail trimmer that will keep your dog scratch free.

A short and managed nail is considered a hygienic practice. Having said that, It does not just help your dog to get their nails dirt free but also keeps you infection free. According to a survey conducted in 2014, on an average, 30% of everyday infections come from a dog scratch. Specially if your dog goes cozy with you, there are chances of getting unintentional scratches. Thus, the importance of a dog nail trimmer possess very importance for the health of your dog and family.

Finding the Best Dog Nail Trimmer

best dog nail trimmer

Hello everybody, this is the list of best dog nail trimmers according to their size. I understand the importance of the product quality and thus to assure you with the real best stuff, I have got Jason Root with me. Jason Root is a product analyst and runs a dog healthcare unit. Thus, here you get both things- first, the accuracy and the preciseness being the latter. So, Not wasting enough time, let us get straight to the top 10 best dog nail trimmers money can buy.

Best Dog Nail Trimmer For Small Dogs

While purchasing a trimmer for your dog, you need to make it sure to have the specific clipper for your kind of dogs. There are a variety of dogs and their fingers and nail differ according to their respective breeds. If you have a dog that is small in size, you should consider having a dog nail trimmer that would suit your pet mate. For this category, here I would suggest 3 best dog nail trimmer you should buy without hesitation.

Resco Professional Piler Style Dog Nail Trimmer

best dog nail trimmer guideResco is an American based grooming brand that manufactures healthcare products for animals. This very particular product is focussed for small and medium sized dog and cat nail grooming. It was crafted back in 1937 and the company has continuously been updating its design to function more efficiently. This is a professional dog nail trimmer with the Scissor style design for easy precision trimming. The brand claims of deluxe soft rubber grip for a better performance of this product.

It is boasted with double lock pivot screw for tight cutting operation and has been used by veterinarians since very long. It is priced at USD 21 and proves out to be one of the best dog nail trimmers for small dogs. Kindly Note that this product is rated the best (4.5 star) and leaves its competitors far behind. In my opinion, this is the best dog nail trimmer for small dogs.

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Best Dog Nail Trimmer For Medium Size Dogs

Safari 770045 Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

best dog nail trimmer guide

The safari 770045 dog nail trimmer is made up of pure stainless steel with a guaranteed quality. The brand claims it a sharp and durable trimmer for proper pet grooming. It features a sharp stainless steel cutting edge technology that would last for a long time. This is an ideal dog nail trimmer for medium sized dogs. It boasts of rubber coated handles for easy gripping and the locking blades would let you groom in a professional way. At a very less price range, the Safari Dog Nail trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best dog nail trimmers for medium size dogs.

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Best Dog Nail Trimmers For Large Dogs

Professional Dog Nail Trimmer by Coco’s Closet

best dog nail trimmer guide

Every dog is different in its size and have different lifestyles. When the size of a dog is different, they need a different set of accessories. A large dog generally has a long foot and broader nails. Thus, there has to be a different nail clipper for them. Here, In this range, the professional dog nail trimmer by Coco’s closet is simply superb. It looks elegant, possess a curved design and has sharp blades. First of all, it offers a smooth grip and is efficient for nail trimming, manicures and pedicures. Secondly it is made up of medical grade steel that is dust and rust proof hence, protecting your pet from further infections. Most noteworthy, the manufacturers have a firm belief upon their product and hence they offer a money back guarantee. Thus, in my opinion, this is one of the best dog nail trimmers for large size dogs.

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Things to keep in mind while using a Dog Nail Trimmer

  1. Protection– While these trimmers are extremely safe for the particular dog types, there are chances of a minor cut. Thus, in that condition, I would personally recommend you of getting a Styptic powder along for the latter case. That would not cost you much and offer more security against your pet’s nail infection.
  2. Correct Equipment– Here we have listed the expert’s opinion and hence suggest you to buy the specific trimmer suggested for your particular dog type. These dog nail trimmers are highly rated, professional and offer great value to your money. Stay away from cheap clippers that are very unhygienic.
  3. The Correct Way– The proper knowledge of a procedure is very important. After you get the best dog nail trimmers, equip yourself with proper information. There are many a tutorial that would guide you towards the right way of dog nail trimming method. This would help you to furnish your task in a professional manner.

That’s it from me, Stephen John. Thank you for going through this guide to the best dog nail trimmers. Pick one up and groom your mate well. If you have got any question, shoot at us in the comment box and it will be taken care of.

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