best hair removal methodsThe evolution of Homosapiens is based on upbringing some traits, transfer of various characteristics, gene ideologies and mutation. This is what a group of biologists including dalton nod upon. Among the few signature traits, one directs to identify human from their hairy body. This is much similar to a monkey and chimpanzee. Howsoever, today people differ on the basis of their tribes, location, heredity and lifestyle. If I were to trust the colloid of science and history, I wouldn’t ever agree to our so-hairy past. Then It is not a surprising deal to opt for the best hair removal techniques.

Growing Need of Hair Removal

Since we progressed with the cleaner look, our traits slowly started changing. This took years and generations till we finally achieved a significant difference in comparison with our ancestors. Like Eastern Asia and Greek people do still have a hairy body that British and Americans usually don’t. Today, the fashion trend is to look clean, amicable and minimal. Therefore, It becomes the need of the hour to adopt the ways to hair removal and say goodbye to the curl cultivation.

Who doesn’t want themselves to look lovely, delicate and smooth? While a man would love to leave everything except their mane, women would cut them either. The growth of hair across our body and face is completely normal. Although, when they grow abundantly, it becomes a deal of humiliation and questions the certainty of the individual. Ladies always fight with their facial hair and men have to undergo a lot of pain to get rid of their body hair in order to look voguish. In support of this, today we have a lot of options to polish ourselves. Well, In this article, you will come across a number of best hair removal methods. Let’s commence.

Best Hair Removal Methods

Modern innovations get us new technologies. In the field of grooming, today we have the latest equipments and processes that help us to acquire perfection with utmost ease. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hairs. Here’s the condensed bumf.

  • Electric Razors
  • Epilators
  • Hair Removal Creams
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Home Remedies
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Bikini Trimmers

It is always better to know each of these ways, their comparison and modus operandi. We have analysed each of these methods and compared it with each other on the basis of their price point, ease of using and viability. Any guesses what are you gonna like?

1. Electric Razors

Philips Norelco 6940LCAfter years of superiority of the manual razors, electric razors manoeuvred through the grooming market like a BOSS ! They are feasible, have less recurring cost and most of all, works super smooth. Their entry level versions come up with plain cutters and if you have few more bucks, you may take home the one with a sideways trimmer option. Along with this, you get the freedom of either using it with most apt shaving creams or even without that.

If you are looking for a painless options to look modish, this would suit you better. In lieu of the fact, you can’t clean small follicles from your eyebrow and lip section. This is great for men to slash down their chest and beard roots. Today there are a wide range of electric razors available in the market. In case, you want one to shave for the office clean look and are confused over what to buy, we have already done the research for you.

CHECK : Most apt electric razor for your needs

In case, you are a woman or, a man looking for the tiny facial hair removal options, bunk this part and proceed forward. Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will take home the equipment or, know the method that would best meet your requirement.

2. Epilators

Epilator is a device that cuts small hair follicles discretely. It consists of a sub range of small rotational blades that run on electricity. These are necessarily a boon for people who have to deal with reoccurring unwanted hair. An epilator runs on chargeable battery and are low maintenance, thus would help you in a long run.
Women who develop tiny moustache in their later period can look to opt for an epilator.

Epilators are quite useful in chopping the tiny follicles around the eyebrows and chin area. In case, you are looking forward to grab one for your hair removal needs, make sure you buy a premium piece and look upon the length, rpm and battery backup section of the product. If you need assistance, follow the guide below and you’ll definitely love it.

Insights to the Braun 7681 silk-epil Epilator

3. Hair removal creams

hair removal creams

Many people have trouble using the hair pullers, or are looking forward to the ways that cause less pain. The best and contemporary method of hair removal is – depilatory creams. Depilatory ointments deliquesce the follicles below the skin surface. That provides you a clear shorn skin for more than 4 days until the derma tissues start producing a new hair. A common grooming survey report suggests that 4 out of 5 women prefer hair removal creams that is significantly greater than men who have still not given upon the pain quotient.

“Hair dissolvent creams are the best hair removal methods for cleaning up the legs, arms/underarms and bikini area. Apply, wait for 4 minutes and clean off- easy and painless.”

Moving ahead, we have a wide variety of hair removal creams available today in the market. There are different brands available today. Although, you need not to run behind the brand taboo. Just remember the fact that, the magic of ingredients make a dish piquant. Before you engage your brains into finding the most apt emollient for hair removal, pay attention to these tips first:

PRO Tips:

Always be heedful to the product confinement, brand and the chemicals used. There are some natural ingredients that would do the same work. Although, nature’s way is a little slow and hence, a handful of chemical integrants are added. Howsoever, make sure there is no harsh acid or base is added. Pay attention to the concentration of any harsh component, if used as they can degrade the growth of your skin tissues.

  1. Do not apply a hair removal cream on your face. For the face part, go for natural or, mechanic methods.
  2. Make sure you don’t use a soap or any cleaning agent for a day post hair removal.
  3. It is better not to expose the shaven skin in the direct sunlight for 48 hours. This can partially blacken your skin or, produce rough red spots.
  4. Post application of the hair removal cream, wait for few minutes. If hair is not coming out easily, put few droplets of warm water followed by more ointment. Do not scratch your hair off.
  5. The best hair removal cream is the one that involves an ideal combination of natural and chemical ingredient. To assist you, here we are referring to a cleaning cream that would fulfil your needs.

4. Waxing

hair removal through waxing

Waxing is one of the most painful method of hair removal. In this way, wax is poured over the skin and either a cloth or, strip is pressed hardly over the skin. After that, the piece of cloth is pulled quickly against the direction of the hair growth. This process can be extremely painful depending on the skin type you have. Generally, there are three types of waxing.

  • Cold wax– In this process, wax is poured over the skin and a strip is firmly pushed over the wax. That allows the wax to make an intermediate bond between the strip and hair. Later, the strip is taken away with a jerk- allowing the hair goodbye their source. This process is most excruciating amongst these three.
  • Hot wax– Hot wax is comparatively less painful than the former. Hot wax spreads more quickly and makes the hair follicles weak. Thus, pulling them off creates less distress.
  • Hard wax– Hard wax, also known as stripless wax is poured thickly over the skin. Clear from its name, this method contains no cloth or paper strips. Few minutes after application, the wax gradually becomes hard and then, it is removed without the use of strip. It does not adhere to the skin and is good for people with sensitive skin. Most noticeably, it is the least painful waxing technique.


Because a wax doesn’t let the hair come back for a couple of weeks, it is worth taking the gut-wrenching feeling. Although the first two waxing mechanisms include a thin wax and you can find pre made wax strips on the counter, the latter one works the best. If you are in a mindset to get the wax done, go to a derma therapist and attain the task accomplished. For the self job, you will find the pre-waxed strips over the counter in different sizes.

5. Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal technique

Laser hair removal is one of the most advanced methods of getting rid of the unwanted hair. There are multiple benefits to opt for the laser therapy. First of all, you don’t have to pay a regular visit to the parlour for shaving purpose. In addition, you get an extra benefit of the painless treatment in a go. Moreover, there is no reoccurrence of hair and that’s why the laser hair removal technique is considered the supreme amongst all.

In this modus operandi, a beam of highly concentrated light enters into hair follicles. Pigment in the roots absorb the light. In this way, it destroys the hair with utmost precision. In most cases, you need around five to ten sessions to get rid of the hair permanently.

If you are unhappy with either of the painful or painless methods that makes the hair reoccur, opt for the laser way. It gets your job done in a flash and gives you a permanent solution to the unwanted, messy hair. Howsoever, this treatment is apt for areas like upper lip, back and legs. This is most extortionate among all but, taking a look at its features, it is all worth the investment.


Because a laser manipulates the original skin configuration, you are left with bloated and red skin post the therapy. Your skin may look like if you had a sunburn. In such a case, we highly recommend you to cover the affected area with adequate makeup for first few days. If you have a sensitive skin or other health complications, please avoid the laser hair removal technique.

6. Threading

threading hair removal

Credit- Mupix

Threading is one of the most obsolete grooming methods we are ever introduced with. In the mid 17th centuries, threading was a prime part of parlours and salon. Howsoever, it works like a charm for setting up the eyebrows, cleaning small hairs around chin and upper lips. There is a minimal amount of pain for the first few sessions and thus, it is worth stepping in.

In usual threading methods, beauticians take out cotton thread, make it elliptical, trap small hairs inside and then pull it. This results in breaking up the hair from the skin surface. In this way, hair does reoccur after 5-10 days. This process may feel a bit painful for the first few times until the hair gets weaker and your skin gets used to it.

Howsoever, constant threading results in the production of dense and comparatively black hair on the skin. It doesn’t break the contact of the follicle from its root and hence, the reoccurrence haste, if collated with the waxing methodology. Howsoever, a threading session is cheap and cheerful. If you can constantly stick to a threading schedule per week and are looking for an affordable way to keep your face clean, this is definitely worth your attention.

7. Hair removal through home remedies

hair removal via home remedies

As I had already talked about in the “electric razor” section, one must respect its roots. We are the part of nature and we must respect it. Nature bestows a variety of ingredients upon us to fulfil all our basic needs. This statement applies well for the hair removal part as well.

Sage Charaka, in his book charak samhita, talks about various herbs and their varied usage. Here, I am going to keep things short. Taking a note of various herbs that aids in follicle disintegration, turmeric comes first. There are a handful of spices and natural extracts that, if taken in combination well aids the hair removal process.

If you apply two teaspoons of turmeric with rose water or, milk; leave the paste for 20 minutes and then rinse it with warm water- it defoliate your hair gradually. You can also try papaya with turmeric or, lemon with honey for the same purpose. In many cases, egg white mask is counted effective in natural hair removal techniques. On the other hand, a mixture of wheat bran and gram flour can save your purpose well. Want a homemade natural wax? You can also try the procedure depicted below.

How to prepare a natural wax

  1. Add equal amount of sugar and honey followed by some drops of lemon juice to the water. Boil this mixture until honey is diluted equally. Avoid honey if you possess extremely harsh or dry skin. Apply this solution over your face to wipe the tiny hair follicles.
  2. Now add four tsp of organic turmeric powder to 100ml of rose water. If you have a dense hair growth, try mixing a tsp of gram flour to the mixture. Apply it four times a week.

Going the natural way is optimum as you don’t have to compromise with your skin health. Howsoever, home remedies works slowly and gradually and thus, it takes a lot of patience until you achieve the desired results. For a long go, they can prove to be  the best hair removal technique.

8. Bikini Trimmers

bikini line hair removalBikini trimmers are usually the best hair removal method for ladies who love a painless way to shave their bikini line with perfection. Having said that, you can use it to remove hair from your legs, hands and waistline. This method is widely used and adopted due to the ease and comfortability.

Bikini Trimmers usually cut hair as short as 1mm. Because the hair is cleaned off the skin surface, reoccurrence usually takes place in less than 4-5 days. Quality bikini shavers come with a cushion pad for comfortable grooming purposes. Although this technique is not as sharp as waxing and laser hair removal but, it is comparable with epilators as they both deport hair from the skin surface. Here a big thumbs up to bikini cutters for eliminating all the pain epilators usually gift.

If you are not lazy enough to trim your hair on a regular basis, get one for you. Keep an eye over its length settings. For further assistance, take a look below:

Comparison of the above illustrated hair removal processes

In this section, you are going to analyse the various hair removal techniques illustrated above. Now when you already had an introduction with various methods, it is the right time that we compare each of them side by side. In this comparison chart, we have gathered data related to average cost (price), user ratings, reliability, gender based consumer experience and times these services were used. Various analytics will be kept side by side and in this demeanour, you can decide the best hair removal method based on their accountability and user satisfaction.


hair removal methods price vs service chart

While buying goods, the first thing that ever appears in one’s mind is its price. It so happens like you go out for shopping, notice different items and judge them on their economic grounds. In connotation, the above illustrated hair removal methods are varied on their price section. Here, we will make an estimate of the average price per session. Let’s take a close look.

As shown in the chart above, laser therapy is most costly among all. Generally, it takes three to five session to get rid of the hair from a particular skin spot. A brief calculation would return you with an expenditure of USD 1000 for the permanent hair removal. Also, you can’t use it on your sensitive skin parts. Please note that, using a laser hair removal process blocks hair growth forever.


On the other hand, one waxing session costs around USD 35 while depilatory creams cost around USD 18. Electric razor/bikini trimmer, epilators, threading and creams remove hair from the skin surface not from their roots. Among these, its better to opt for electric razor as that cost around USD 9 per session. You can buy an epilator for the tiny facial hair removal. Use a bikini trimmer for chopping your body hair. Again, threading costs USD 15 and it is neither economical nor painless.

Body hair waxing may cost a huge 35 USD per salon sitting, but if you are good at holding pain- Go for it. Self wax pads takes only 15 bucks and it eliminates the hair from its roots- thus, giving you a prolonged grassless skin.

2.  User ratings and reliability

users vs. services chart of hair removal methods

We conducted a survey to note down the grooming preferences of people living in the USA. This report consists of figures depicting the common favourite hair removal technique. We had consulted salon, raised polls and tracked forums to pen down these statistics. Let’s take a dig of this.

Throughout the survey, electric razor stayed top in the list of hair removal methods with a leading 22% votes. It shows how men primarily use razors to clean their facial and body hairs. Howsoever, women showed an interest in bikini trimmers. If you take a look at the figures above, you find how epilators and bikini trimmers are in a neck to neck fight as these both possesses 19% votes.

Most noticeably, depilatory creams and waxing techniques sit on the fourth and fifth spot. This shows the common trend in which people like going the painless way. Moreover, there are 12% users, mostly men who opt for waxing sessions, neglecting the pain quotient. Around 8% people thread their eyebrows while 4 out of 100 are devoted to home remedies for hair removal. It was surprising to see how only 2% crowd agreed on using the laser hair removal.


best hair removal technique

Now when you have gone through these 8 hair removal methods illustrated above and their comparison based on price and user reliability, it is high time to conclude this post. So, what is the best hair removal method available today? If you ask me, well there is not a single way to get rid of your unwanted hairs. Having said that, you need more than one instrument in order to remove your sticky hairs.

For Males

If you are male, you can make use of three or more techniques such as waxing, razors, epilators and/or threading. Use an electric razor to clean your stubble and your body in case you can not assimilate the waxing pain. For the area around your eyebrows, use an epilator or, threading mechanism as both slice tiny hair from your skin surface. Here, I will suggest you to go for an epilator to save the reoccurring cost of threading sessions in a salon.

For Females

To all the ladies in here, a Bikini trimmer should be your prime instrument. You can also make use of a depilatory cream to snip the hair off your body. Use an epilator on your face to chop tiny follicles. For an occasion, you may want to use the wax strips. It is a guaranteed way to remove the shortest bush on the ground.


Laser therapy is what I usually don’t recommend for the high cost and complications it comes along. Home remedies can be a very smart way to protect your skin from chemicals and mechanic radiations. Because it takes a lot of patience to see the results, people don’t choose the natural way.

Well, this was sort of everything about the best hair removal ways, in detail. In case you have a question or any valuable suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment down below. This is me Stephen from ShopTrimmers – Signing Off.

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