10 best indoor tanning lotionThere’s definitely no reason why you can’t keep your golden glow all year round with today’s tanning lotions, one of which is, the Indoor Tanning Lotion, which enables you to get a successful tan without having to lie under the sun. Here, we would talk about picking the best indoor tanning lotion among the top 10 in this list. Let’s move on to find the supreme participants of this list.

Aside from making you look terrific with a bronze shade, there are many other benefits of an indoor tanning lotion. For one thing, it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, doesn’t cause painful skin burns or irritation, poses no health risks like cancer and yes, it even protects the skin against aging and wrinkles.

It is no wonder therefore why many people are going for this so called trend as it’s actually proving to be a good move in keeping our skin healthy. There are so many indoor tanning lotions you can choose from department stores but to help you in your quest to get that perfect golden glow, allow us to present you with the names of the top 10 indoor tanning lotions we have gathered based on internet research. This way, you can make a good decision as to which product to go for because of our bucket list of only the best.

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1. Designer Skin Black Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin Black Tanning LotionAfter that perfect golden glow to go with the perfect bikini but don’t want to have the harmful rays of the sun touch your skin? Well, this you can definitely achieve with Designer Skin Black tanning lotion.


Designer Skin Black tanning lotion is a silicone emulsion that gives you a deep, dark and rich bronze color that others would simply die for. Lusciously smooth and soft, it practically melts into your skin. The royal flush of tanning care is definitely within this product that comes with a refreshing citrus fragrance.

The Good

  • Gives a really good natural color
  • Leaves skin feeling like silk
  • Not greasy at all
  • Gives a great tan
  • Gets you super tanned fast
  • Keeps skin soft
  • Gives a pleasant grapefruit scent which stays even after tanning
  • Goes on very smoothly
  • Okay to use on sensitive skin

The Bad

  1. No noticeable increase in color
  2. Lack of moisture
  3. Broke skin out
  4. Complaints of having a fake Designer Skin Black sold in some stores.

Should You Bag This Tanning Lotion?

Anyone whose into tanning would definitely love the effects Designer Skin Black gives. Not only does it tan fast, it tans great with a pleasant grapefruit scent that stays long. Another plus factor is it can be used on people with sensitive skin too. A word of caution though is just make sure what you’re buying is the genuine Designer Skin Black to get these desirable results. Get one from the salon as fake ones are reported to be sold on stores. Overall, this is one of the best indoor tanning lotion.

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The Designer Skin Black has garnered 134 positive reviews versus 14 negative ones but majority of the complaints are about the effects they got from buying the fake ones in stores. If you would buy this from salons where the genuine ones are sold, then for sure, you would get to enjoy all these experiences people have been raving about.

2. Designer Skin Worship Me Tanning Lotion

Designer skin worship tanning lotionWhen you’re after the ultimate tanning boost, there’s nothing to give you this better than Designer Skin Worship tanning lotion. Turn heads as you strut along the beach in your perfect bikini wearing the most exotic bronze color and awaken their senses with the trail of sweet fragrance you give off as you pass them by. This is your time to glow like a goddess while mere mortals pale in comparison.


Designer Skin Worship indoor tanning lotion has advanced Quadruple Bronzing blend of Tryostan, DHA, Black Walnut Extract, Melanin Activating Peptide and Erythrulose which bathes your skin in a luscious dark caramel color while the proprietory Melamax technology optimizes your results for that deepest, darkest tan. It’s also enriched with Opti-Glow accelerators for a more radiant appearance and a healthy-looking rose glow. Suitable for all skin types, this tanning lotion comes in a tropical sugar fragrance.

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The Affirmatives:

  • The color lasts long
  • No stain on hands
  • Pleasant smell
  • Really works by giving you a “real” dark tan, not orange or fake looking
  • One of the best indoor tanning lotion to build a base tan and at the same time, works amazing for advanced tanners too
  • Good consistency as it spreads a lot without being overly greasy
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple
  • Provides instant results

The Negatives:

  1. Bronze seems to wash off faster
  2. Some find its scent a little too strong
  3. Lotion is thin
  4. Didn’t have the expected tan result for some

Who Would Find this Product Ideal?

People who are into tanning would really like the results Designer Skin indoor lotion promises. Apart from giving the perfect dark bronze color, it leaves skin soft and topped off with a sweet tropical sugar scent. What could be more perfect? Well, actually there is as this tanning oil is also suitable for all skin types.

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Eighty five star ratings versus 7 one star ratings from users is a very big difference; hence, we can conclude that this product delivers what it promises so come one, come all and glow like a goddess with the perfect tan Designer Skin Worship Me can give.

3. Designer Skin 2017 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic

designer-skin-queen-tanning-lotionOwn the majestically-bronzed look that had catapulted Elizabeth Taylor into stardom in the unforgettable movie, Cleopatra,with Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic. With its formulation that provides a robust blend of bronzers and intensifiers for the deepest color potential and special ingredients that naturally soothe and hydrate skin, this tanning lotion is sure to give you a taste of what royal pampering is all about. All hail the bronzed queen!


Suitable for all skin types, the Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic comes with advanced 16 bronzing blend decadent cream of oil formula, containing multi-action mega melamax, to give you that long-lasting exquisite deep, dark color while its royal bee jelly formula nourishes skin with moisture and powerful antioxidants to leave it soothed and richly hydrated. With a citrus honeysuckle fragrance, this majestic tanning lotion promotes a healthy-looking glow after use, giving your skin the royal treatment it so deserves.


  • Skin never felt so soft and moisturized
  • Gives a genuinely natural looking tan
  • Non-greasy and spreads easy
  • Smells good before and after tanning
  • Extra creamy and soft on skin
  • Doesn’t break skin
  • Reasonable price


  1. Some find the scent too strong or perfumy
  2. Some find the price rather expensive

To Whom this Product is Ideal For

Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic is suitable for all skin types so anyone wanting to have a taste of a bronzed queen can use it. It’s also true to this claim as there are no reviews about having any breakouts, burns or any allergic reactions common among sensitive-skinned people. However, if you happen to be really particular about how a product smells, you may find its scent too perfumy or overwhelming for your taste.

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There are no complaints about Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic not giving the effects it promises so we can safely say that this product really does perform what it claims. However, some find its scent too strong and price rather expensive. Be that as it may, these factors are all a matter of personal preference already. If you can tolerate a perfumy fragrance and willing to pay for a more costly but with proven effects product, then you’d find this indoor tanning lotion to be a good purchase.

4. Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion

Designer skin obsidian tanning lotionWhat’s better than the perfect tan? It’s a perfect tan that lasts longer. Well, if that’s the case, then we’ve got the better than perfect tan with every bottle of Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion. Especially formulated with ingredients to prolong your tan, you’ve got the secret weapon to turn as much heads as you can!


Enriched with 30x long wear bronzing matrix, the Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion combines unparalleled bronzing power with stamina enhancing potency to give that long lasting gorgeous glow so you can strut that gorgeous tan and be the ultimate head turner just a little bit longer. Adding even more charm points is its pleasant caribbean mist fragrance which would be another reason to turn heads as you pass by.


  • Among the best indoor tanning lotion with silicone emulsion that leaves skin velvety smooth while volcanic minerals provide skin much-needed nourishment
  • Leaves a fresh peach scent with no tan odor present
  • Gives skin a rich, dark tan
  • Doesn’t stain hands
  • Lotion has a warm feel to it that goes on silky smooth
  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Quick results

Downsides :

  1. Gives a very light tan
  2. Gives a heating sensation that makes one feel warm as it lasts for some minutes
  3. Lotion flakes off
  4. Some find the scent unpleasant

Who Should Buy This Product

The Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion can be used by anyone into tanning but if you have sensitive skin, you may want to check with your dermatologist first as there have been complaints about it causing rashes and itchiness. Furthermore, be warned that due to its volcanic mineral content, it gives a heating sensation for some minutes so be prepared to feel really warm. While some find this warmth tolerable, there were also some who complained that it felt so hot, like a burning sensation already.

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The good reviews are still leading compared to the complaints. Many of the users love the tan they got from the Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion but do take into account the complaints about rashes and itchiness as this may be the reaction you’ll get if you’re type of skin is sensitive. However, if you are not sensitive skin-typed and if you can tolerate the heating sensation everyone is talking about, then you’d most likely find this product a good buy.

5. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion

Swedish beauty pink tanning lotionThe Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion certainly lives up to its name. As a tingle lotion, it does sizzle literally but the results are also dramatic, making the whole experience actually worth it. You know what they say, “No Pain, No Gain”  so this is just one of those things when you have to look like a temporary red duckling for a few hours before the beautiful bronzed swan is unveiled.


The Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion is a tingle-bronzer-hemp lotion that comes with T2 Tingleplex formula to increase blood flow and tanning cell activity. Also added are natural bronzing extracts for immediate results as well as Lipocare Blend for triple anti-aging, firming and slimming action. Each hot pink bottle comes in a refreshing green citrus fragrance.

The PROs:

  1. Instantly darkens skin
  2. Gives a rich, deep and dark tan, not orange
  3. Bronzers are not overpowering
  4. Great for first time tingle users
  5. Feels refreshing after tanning
  6. Skin feels soft and silky after tanning
  7. Easy to apply
  8. Pleasant fragrance
  9. Does leave you red after tanning because it’s a tingle but it goes away after a few hours

The CONs:

  • Some complained of the burning sensation that is far too intense for a tingle
  • Some find the red appearance after tanning splotchy
  • Caused rashes
  • Tingle didn’t have any effect for some users

To Whom this Product Best Fits

If you’re used to tingle tanning lotions, then you’d like the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion but if you’re a first time tingle user, a word of caution for the burning sensation you would feel while tanning and the red appearance on your face and body that you would have to endure for a few hours after tanning before the whole dark, bronze desired tan comes out. If however, the burning sensation you would experience is far too intense, as some of the users complained, stop using the product as its ingredients may have some bad reactions on your skin.

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People who are into tanning and well-aware of what to expect from tingles are satisfied with the results of the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion. Others who complained of the burning sensation and redness of skin after the procedure may not be aware that such occurrences are normal when one uses a tingle lotion. However, those who complained of really intense and intolerable burning may have allergic reactions to the product so it’s best to switch to another indoor tanning lotion that could not hurt their skin.

6. Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion

Millenium tanning new paint it black lotionAnybody whose into tanning or wanting to get the ultimate dark tan is sure to love the Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion. With a new unique technology that gives extreme dark tan that moisturizes skin at the same time perked up with a fresh and clean fragrance, you’re in for the perfect tanning experience of your life.


With its 50x Auto Darkening Tan Technology, the Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion is sure to give you the extreme dark bronze tan you’ve been wanting to own for ages! Also with Extreme Silicon Emulsion Blend that gives all-day moisturization, this lotion is sure to leave your skin soft and silky smooth to touch. Capped off with a fresh and clean cotton blossom fragrance, it’s suitable to use for all ages as it doesn’t contain a tingle.

Advantages :

  • Gives a rich dark tan, definitely not orange
  • Gives an even tan
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, silky smooth and moisturized
  • Non-greasy
  • Pleasant scent that smells like vanilla sugar lotion
  • No worries about skin irritation for people with sensitive skin
  • Good consistency and not watery
  • Long lasting immediate effect
  • After use, it smells exactly as it does when applied

Disadvantages :

  1. No dramatic effect/ changes
  2. Allergic reaction of itchiness, rash and blistering hives
  3. Tan is not long lasting
  4. Unpleasant after smell
  5. Watery

To Whom this Product is Suited For

Serious tanners would definitely get a kick of this product as it promises to give the ultimate dark tan of the millenium. Furthermore, it gives all-day moisturization so the Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion is also great for tanners with dry skin. As it doesn’t contain any tingle, tanners of all ages can enjoy it too.

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Two Hundred Seventy-Four 5-star rating over forty-nine 1-star ratings is an overwhelming difference and is enough to conclude that the Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion is an effective product making it a purchase that’s worth your while. If you want to own that really, really dark tan, then Millenium Paint It Black, as it name connotes, is perfect for you.

7. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Bed Lotion

Millenium tanning solid black bed lotionA natural bronze tan that leaves skin soft and silky smooth after application. How’s that for a tanning lotion? Nobody can refuse that right? Well then, if that’s the case, it follows that you won’t say no to Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion either!


Luxury meets technology with the Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion. With its 100x Ultra Advanced Silicone Bronzer Auto-Darkening Technology, this tanning lotion is intended to surpass all other competitions. Blended with extreme bronzers and ultra moisturizers to give immediate results, you’ll be sure to be wearing the perfect bronzed look in no time at all. Topping it off with an orchid blush scent is an additional perk that makes this tanning lotion leave a pleasant trail of fragrance as you pass people by.

Heads (+):

  1. Gives a nice golden brown tan, not orange
  2. This super bronzing lotion is one of the best indoor tanning lotion — when you put this on your skin for the first time and let it soak in, you can already see a faint touch of color
  3. Pleasant fragrance
  4. Leaves skin soft
  5. Non-greasy
  6. No streaks

Tails (-):

  • Left orange streaks
  • Stains hands
  • Unpleasant burnt after tan odor
  • Dries skin
  • No effect for some users

Who Should Use this Product

Anybody whose into tanning or in search of the genuine dark color (definitely not orange) is sure to love this Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion. With a great tanning technology that provides immediate results, it’s what its name says: Solid Black for a Solid Bronzed tan.

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The reviews on Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion are amusing because they are exactly opposite of each other. Like for instance, happy users say it gives a rich dark tan that’s definitely not orange but if you read the 1-star ratings, you’ll see that the number 1 complaint is the product gives orange streaks. Some love its fragrance that stays long after you applied it but then, the opposite side says the scent becomes unpleasant after. To cap it off, where the raves say it’s very effective, the ultimate downer review is it doesn’t work at all.  So where does that leave you as the buyer? Ask your dermatologisit’s opinion or try testing it out on a small area of your skin first to make sure you won’t be one of the complainants of having orange streaks.

8. Australian Gold Mood Indigo 10th Dimension Bronzers Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold Black Bronze Tanning LotionAdd a whole new experience to tanning with the Australian Gold Mood Indigo 10th Dimension Bronzers Tanning Lotion. Aside from a bronzing blend technology for an immediate dark bronze color, it contains wild indigo extracts and natural botanicals that adds a touch of zen in your tanning.


A 10th Dimension Bronzer, the Australian Gold Mood Indigo 10th Dimension Bronzers Tanning Lotion contains a potent bronzing blend with DHA for impeccable color and ColorSurge Technology which comes with a rapid delivery system that delivers immediate deep, dark color. Its Wild Indigo Extract soothes skin while Beta-Endorphins enable a positive and peaceful aura. With natural botanicals to enhance the whole tanning process and a mysterious musk for its fragrance, it’s a tanning lotion with a touch of zen for a more positive aura experience.


  1. Gives a deep dark tan
  2. Leaves skin feeling and looking moisturized all day
  3. Makes skin glow
  4. Beautiful even color
  5. Works just as great as a tanning bed
  6. Lotion texture is thick that goes on easily
  7. Great fragrance
  8. Absorbs quickly
  9. Great for indoor and outdoor tanning
  10. Worth the price


  • No noticeable difference in color
  • Sample packet distributed did not have any effect on those who tried it

To Whom this Product is Ideal For

If you’ve got dry skin out for a tan, the Australian Gold Mood Indigo 10th Dimension Bronzers Tanning Lotion would be ideal because aside from giving a deep, dark and even tan, it leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized the whole day.

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There weren’t so many reviews for the Australian Gold Mood Indigo 10th Dimension Bronzers Tanning Lotion but still, the positive comments outnumber the complaints so we can say that many of its users were still happy with its effects so chances are, you would find this product a good choice to buy too.

9. Snooki Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Snooki black bronzer tanning lotionThe completely blinged Snooki Black Bronzer tanning lotion boosts up tanning with a fierce golden color for the deepest, darkest tan you could possibly own while its vitamins and skin conditioning extracts makes skin soft, smooth and absolutely ready to party!


The ultra dark Snooki Black Bronzer tanning lotion is a blend of black walnut, henna and DHA that enables skin to darken after UV exposure to achieve the deepest, darkest tan that you could ever imagine. Containing these ingredients, it works in the following ways:

  1. Hyper Dark Tanning  Technology – prepares skin for a deep, rich golden color.
  2. Vitamin Enriched Blend of Sin Conditioners – helps skin fight environmental stress for a radiant and healthy glow.
  3. Soft Chic Moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil – hydrates skin leaving it silky smooth and sexy.

The Good:

  • Tans easily
  • Bronzes well, doesn’t turn you orange
  • Noticeable difference in a week’s use
  • No streaking
  • Has a beautiful base tan
  • Pleasant smell
  • Moisturizes skin leaving it soft and silky smooth
  • Smells amazing even after tanning
  • Pareben-free
  • Good practical price

 The Bad:

  • Allergic reactions: itichiness, burning sensation
  • StreakyDries out skin
  • Turns you orange
  • No noticeable effects for some users

To Whom this Product is Best For

If you want to be as tan as Jersey Shores star, Snooki is, you now know what’s her secret.Snooki Black Bronzer is suitable for all skin types but if you’ve got sensitive skin, better take precaution as there are complaints of having allergic reactions like itchiness and a burning sensation which may also happen to you. Just to be sure, try asking your dermatologist’s advice or testing out the product on a small area of your skin. It’s better to be safe than sorry for spending quite an amount and not be able to use it all.

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A total of sixty 5-star ratings versus six 1-star ratings is a huge gap. It looks like Snooki is on the right track in endorsing this tanning lotion under her name. What’s more, the negative complaints don’t really affect the positive reviews because apart from being a few in number, the heaviest talks about allergic reactions which could have happened only because the user has sensitive skin.

10. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer tanning lotion“The darker, the better”, so goes the motto when it comes to indoor tanning. And what better way to do this than with an indoor lotion that gets you to be the darkest you could ever be. Well, now you can… thanks to every bottle of Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion.


The Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion is formulated with an Oxygen Regenerating Tanning System with powerful antioxidant trace minerals that help  reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also with Potent Unipertan P-2–2 dark tanning technology and self bronzers, this lotion is sure to give you the darkest tan you’d ever get. Suitable for both men and women, it comes in pineapple, passion fruit and mango scents.

PRO TIP: Always use the best beard trimmer to craft various beard styles. It will keep your skin healthy and cut-free.

The Affirmatives:

  1. Noticeable big difference after just a few uses
  2. Gives an instant dark, lasting bronzing tan
  3. Leaves a beautiful, natural dark golden tan
  4. Gets you to be the darkest you’ve ever been
  5. Pleasant citrus smell
  6. Comes out as a clear lotion that goes on smooth
  7. Keeps skin moisturized
  8. No problem with streaking or orange spots
  9. Quality bronzer with an amazing price

The Negatives:

  1. Gives orange streaks and spots
  2. Leaves a funny smell after tanning
  3. Gives an unpleasant smell after tanning
  4. Stains instead of tanning skin
  5. Rubs off
  6. Color fades after 3 days

To Whom this Product is Best For

Anybody who wants to get the darkest tan they could possibly have would find the Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion an answered prayer. Hard core tanners and people who have been tanning for the longest time would get a kick of this product.

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Although there are complaints of the Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion to give orange streaks that rubs off and doesn’t last long, there are still more users who are pleased with its performance, swearing that it gets them to be the darkest they’ve ever been plus the fact that it keeps the skin moisturized and comes with a pleasant fruity fragrance doesn’t hurt either. That said, we can conclude that this product is still a good purchase that will most likely make you happy as you could get as dark as you want to be.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Buying Guide

best indoor tanning lotion buying guide

Deciding to have indoor tanning makes use of a certain type of indoor tanning lotion as going for just the tanning bed won’t give you the best and full effect. There are five kinds of indoor tanning lotions which you can choose from depending on your skin type and personal preference.

1. Basic Accelerator

If you’re a newbie tanner with really pale or sensitive skin, it would be wise to start with the basic accelerator as this contains great anti-aging elements like CoQ-10. For exceptionally dry skin, an aloe based formula with moisturizing hemp seed oil works best.

2. Bronzer

The most popular among all categories, bronzers come in two types namely immediate and delayed. Whichever you choose, the two main important things to make sure of are applying this lotion evenly to achieve your desired bronze shade and wiping your hands off as soon as you are done to avoid streaking your skin.

3. Tingle

This type of indoor tanning lotion can be troublesome because they stimulate the skin often causing it to redden and get irritated. This can last for hours and result into an itching, uncomfortable burning sensation. Refrain from touching another person and make sure you have rinsed your hands if you are using this lotion. Despite its negative side effects though, it remains to be the most effective among all kinds because when combined with a good bronzer, you are sure to achieve that beautiful dark tan.

4. Facial Tanners

Facial skin is a lot thinner and sensitive compared to your body skin. Take note that most indoor tanning lotions are not formulated to be used for face application. There are special tanning lotions designed just for the purpose of facial tanning so it would be wise to go for these products. You can also apply SPF to protect your face and dab a good makeup bronzer to get that perfect golden glow.

5. After-Tan Moisturizers

These are add-ons to your lotion purchase. Go for one that’s a non mineral-oil based moisturizer and make sure to apply it within five minutes of getting out of the tanning bed.

After making your choice of which type of indoor tanning lotion to go for, determine which of the brands fall within your budget and pick 2-3 options that meet your needs. Choose more than one brand if you want but use one at a time. It is important to let the lotion wash off before trying another brand.

It would also be prudent to get samples of your lotion choices and try each individually, following application instructions carefully. Remember that it often takes more than one application to get your desired result.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Comparison Chart

Now when you are aware with the 10 best indoor tanning lotion, choosing the best one for the daily use must be a tough task for you. Each lotion mentioned above is unique in its own, having similar characteristics. Moreover, there are few lotions that have similar ingredients and hence, one should be aware of how each performs. Fret not, here we have got you an in depth analysis to help you stumbling upon picking up the adequate piece.

1. Average Ratings

Average ratings of the best indoor tanning lotion

The first deciding factor of a product’s quality is how the buyers do feel about it. They express their words in terms of the ratings against the product page. Well, we have researched and came up with the average ratings of each of the best indoor tanning lotion mentioned above. The data is arranged simultaneously and shown up in the chart above.

2. Number of Reviews

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews

When we buy a product and find it impressive, what do we do? Well, generally we recommend it to our close friends, family and eventually, it leads into the product sales. The number of sales is directly proportional to the number of reviews of each product. In this case, we have gathered data from the sales page to show the number of verified buyers of each product. Please note that this data keep changing with the time. Although, it is a small yet important metric to narrow the huge listing of the best indoor tanning lotion.

3. Price

Best indoor tanning lotion price chart

While not a major factor, price is a big concern to few people out here. Well, here take a look at how each of these indoor tanning lotion can put an impact over your pocket. Please note that, a good product sometimes require more bucks to spend. Henceforth, keep a note of the fact that if you want a lotion with herbal nutrients, you need to keep up paying more.


As evident from the graphs above, we compared the best indoor tanning lotion listed above and after this, we came to a conclusion. First of all, we will narrow down the top 5 results based on the three factors mentioned above. Well, here are the 5 refined results from the listings mentioned above:

  1. Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion
  2. Designer Skin Black tanning lotion
  3. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Lotion
  4. Millenium Tanning New Paint It black Lotion
  5. Designer Skin 2017 Queen Tanning Lotion

Well, Moving ahead, If we take a look down the features of each of these 5 best indoor tanning lotion mentioned above, it is easy to find out the winner. Let’s take a look over the combined matrix of each of these 5 lotions.

The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Best Indoor tanning lotion comparison chart

As evident from the graph above, the designer skin obsidian 30x tops this list of best indoor tanning lotion. It is a perfect blend of price, number of reviews and possess the highest rating. The whole buyer community have awarded it a whopping 4.3 stars and thus, you can blindly trust going for this. In case, you are looking for an entry level cheap product, you can also look for the millenium tanning new solid black lotion from this list.

Customers’ opinion and Verdict

The Designer Skin Obsidian 30x indoor tanning lotion is one of the best indoor tanning lotion one can buy right now. It boasts of many features. First of all, it is a long lasting lotion with a soothing Caribbean mist fragrance. In addition, it comes out in an amazing packing that feels royal to the eyes. Moreover, the buyer community is going gaga over this product. Let’s take a look at one of the completely satisfied buyer of this tanning lotion:

First, It smells amazing. In connotation, it smells fruity when you go to the bed and come out. It pretty much covers the tanning and hides the smell after that. I’m pretty much content bagging this. For me, this is the best indoor tanning lotion. I would definitely recommend it to my close friends. – Christie

There are a lot of positive comments regarding this lotion. It is versatile and possess high end attributes. I would definitely suggest you buying this lotion. Bag it and it will never disappoint you like it takes care of the remaining skin care aficionados.

This was the exclusive guide of buying the best indoor tanning lotion. Here we have mentioned the top 10, narrowed the list down to 5 and in conclusion, chosen the best one for your daily needs. If you have got further questions, feel free to ask in the comments down below. Protect your skin and take care of yourselves. See You with the next article !!!


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