Best Philips Norelco Electric Razor ReviewedIf you are not using a Norelco electric razor for your daily shaving, then you are missing out a lot. Although there are many men that want to look their best, a lot of them do not look forward to shaving. The thought of cutting yourself makes shaving an unenviable task. But fortunately, the Norelco electric razor was designed to address these very issues. Quite simply, the Norelco electric razor does the job quickly and comfortably. Also, these are very easy to use and take care of. If you are planning to invest in an shaving equipment, have a look at these Norelco electric razors.

The Norelco electric razor is a product of the Royal Philips electronics company. The company, diversified in health and well-being, is based in the Netherlands. Philips integrates technologies and design into its electric shavers and male grooming products. They are focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations, based on fundamental customer insights, as well as lifestyle products for personal well-being and pleasure.

The History of Shaving – What is Shaving?

Just what is shaving? Well many people simply consider it a big pain in the neck, but of course there is a lot more to it than that. By looking back at the history of shaving we can learn to appreciate the extent to which it has evolved.

Shaving is the method by which people remove hair that is usually unwanted. This is performed with the use of a razor or some other type of instrument with a sharp blade. Generally the intent is to slice the hair down to the level of the skin. Most commonly, Men practices shaving to remove facial hair. Women generally shave to remove leg and underarm hair. A man is considered completely clean shaven when he has his facial beard fully removed.

Shaving Prototypes

Both women and men may on occasion shave other body areas such as chest hair, abdominal hair, leg hair under-arm hair, pubic hair.  Shaving of the head is much more common for men to practice and has increased in popularity in recent years. It is sometimes associated with one’s religious practice. It is also common in areas such as the armed services and competitive sports like running, swimming and extreme sports.  Shaving of the legs is another common sports application for both sexes in high level competitive cycling.

Various Purposes

man shaved with electric razor

At times shaving of the head has been used to humiliate, show submission or punish people. Today, people also use it for charity fund raising purposes. For an example, cancer patients shave their head as their cancer treatment results in hair thinning or partial loss of hair.  Men with male baldness also may completely shave the head.

The Battle Against Facial Hair is in need for a couple of reasons. First, the average face has about 25,000 hairs. It is hard to believe that there are that many but that is the common estimate. Secondly the average growth rate is one third of a millimetre per day. This will vary for each individual with some growing the beard faster while others grow at a slower rate.

The History of Shaving – The Beginnings

Before the invention of the razor,  people would believe that hair would sometimes be removed by utilizing shells clamped together to pull hair out or with water and a sharp object such as the broken edge of a rock. It is believed that flint was used as an early form of razor. While broken flint can have a very sharp exposed edge but there was no real way to make the edge straight so using it to shave with would be precarious at best. Around the time of 3000 BC copper tools were developed. This was a major development in the history of shaving. This lead to the invention of the copper razor.

It is also believed that the concept of an aesthetic approach to a person’s hygiene could have also developed at this time.  As the use af other metals and sharpening equipment evolved, razors became known as a relatively thin and very sharp blade, hence the term “razor sharp’ which is often applied to other sharp objects as well. The famous commander Alexander the Great was a strong promoter of shaving when he reigned in the 4thcentury BC. He believed it would help avoid “dangerous grabbing of the beard during combat.”

Traditional Method


There are two styles of manual razors. These are the straight edge razor and the safety razor. The safety razor is sub divided into single edge, injector, cartridge razors, double (or more) edge razors and disposable razors. A look at the history of shaving shows us that the safety razors are a relatively new tool having only been around for about 100 years.

The straight edge razor became the normal way of shaving in the early 1700s. Often this was a service provided by barbers and was actually a significant part of their business. Straight edge razors began to fall out of favor after WWI with the introduction of the safety razor.

Wet Shaving

Shaving developed into the method of “wet shaving” which involves using a safety razor, shaving soap and a shaving brush. Use the brush to create lather with the soap.  To begin wet shaving, wet the area with warm or hot water and cover it with a warm and wet towel. You require to do so to make the hairs soft enough to be cut during the shave.

Lubricating and monitoring of the skin is helpful to prevent razor burn and irritation. Follow it by applying cream, soap or relevant skin care products specifically for shaving purposes. You can apply the soap with a shaving brush after dipping it a shaving cup. This has mostly been replaced with shaving creams available in cans. Pass the razor gently over the desired area multiple times, removing the unwanted hair in stages. This will remove the hair in stages which will reduce the chances of cutting the skin, soreness and ingrown hairs.

Electric Razors

shaving a caveman beardOver the last fifty years or so the electric razor or electric shaver has become much popular and as with technology in general the design has been greatly improved since they were first introduced.  Electric Razors are designed with either oscillating blades or rotating blades. These are held in place by a perorated ‘foil” usually made of metal. The foil prevents the blades from contacting or cutting the skin.

The whiskers will poke through the openings in the foil where they are cut by the blades, which are obviously powered by electricity. There are various designs that involve oscillating blades or multiple rotating disks.

Electric razor manufacturers usually provide detailed instruction on how to use the device to get optimum shaving results. Generally this involves a circular motion for circular blades and up and down motion for oscillating blades. The first electric razors is believed to have been invented by Jacob Schick in 1928.

The most recent developments in electric razors include the option to use them to shave wet or to shave dry. With safety razors there are disposable razors. Moreover, there are and razors with multiple blade design to increase their efficiency.

Regardless of the shaving method a person should keep in mind that we have come a long way from the days when cave men would rip hair off the face by clamping it together with sea shells! That would certainly be more of a pain in the neck than any shaving method one uses today.

Prefer Electric Razors over Manual

The electric razor, also referred to as the electric shaver, has a series of blades on a rotating head that shaves facial hair without having to use shaving creams or lotions. It possesses a small yet powerful electric motor that usually run on a rechargeable Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery. The electric shaver is much easier to use than a disposable razor and takes less time.

Shaving is one of those things that a man just has to do, if he wants a clean-cut look, but that does not mean that he has to dread the process. You can say goodbye to razor burn and uncomfortable shaves by switching to an electric razor. By upgrading from an old razor (whether it is an antique electric model or disposable plastic straight razor) to a Norelco electric razor, you can get a better shave every time.

Manual Razors Vs. Electric Shavers

electric razor pays for itself

Lots of men buy disposable razors because, they either do not want to take the time to shop around for a good quality razor, or they do not want to pay the price for one. A good electric razor is well worth the investment of both time and money and it is something you should definitely consider.

You may have to pay more money for one upfront, but that one electric razor may last you a decade or more if you use it correctly. If you spend the money on good quality, then you do not have to constantly replace what you buy.

Ever thought about the money you spend over a disposable razor? After analysing, you will find that an electric razor pays for itself in no time. Some may say that electric razors waste electricity, but they actually use very little electricity to function and most have quick charging rechargeable batteries. By using an electric razor, you also cut down on plastic waste.

A Good Electric Shaver Eases Your Work

A good quality electric razor will provide a really close shave from all angles. It will have blades that gently lift hair away from the face and shave it off. You can also avoid the bloody nicks that often happen upon using a disposable razor. Many electric models offer a pivoting head, so you no longer need to twist yourself into all kind of strange positions, in order to get a close shave. With a Norelco electric razor, you can say goodbye to stubble, even in hard-to-reach areas.

There are a variety of Norelco electric razors and other body grooming products available. Some of them include the SensoTouch and SensoTouch 3D razor models, for wet or dry shaving. The extensive line of dry shavers includes the 6000. 7000, and 8200 series. They also have several types of body groomers to choose from, all of which offer advanced technology and easy cleaning.

So, if you are still using those plastic disposable razors, now may be the perfect time to switch to an electric one.

To help you find the best Norelco electric shaver for you, take some time to look through our Norelco electric shaver reviews. Discover the variety of options and features available for Norelco electric razors that will fit any budget.

Philips Norelco Electric Razor 8260 CC Mens Shaving System

Philips Norelco Electric Razor 8260 CC Mens Shaving System

The Philips Norelco Electric Razor 8260 CC Men’s Shaving System gets you that smooth close shave that you want from any electric groomer. This is made possible with its precision cutting system that allows you to cut long hairs and short stubbles, making short work of all shaving surfaces that you need to shave.

Aside from that, its independently floating shaving heads lets you follow the contours of your face with ease. Therefore, it avoids any chances of skin irritation or cuts. This Norelco electric razor has a patented Jet Clean System that allows you to clean and wash away any debris. Moreover, its dual blade system lets you cut even those flat-lying hairs that are well below skin level.

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Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100Although the Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 is considered to be a basic Philips Norelco shaver, it exceeds your expectations. This corded Norelco shaver delivers a close smooth shave each and every time you use it.

Like most Norelco shavers, it comes with three independent floating heads. In addition, it has a multi-directional flexible surface that follows the unique contours of your face.

The great advantage to Norelco shavers is that they automatically adjust as they move over your jaw lines and cheek bones and this Norelco shaver is no different. In addition, it lets you to trim short stubbles and long hairs in a single stroke, significantly reducing your shaving time.

Over all, this shaver doesn’t get the accolades that many of the other Norelco shavers receive, but it’s performance can match any Norelco electric razor.

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Philips Norelco 6940LC Reflex Action Men’s Shaving System

Philips Norelco 6940LC

There are many options when it comes to Noreclo shavers. If you are after a precise and comfortable shave, opt the Philips Norelco 6940LC. In comparison, it stands ahead of the razors under this price segment.

It boasts of a super lift and cut technology that allows you to achieve a smooth and close during every usage. Like the other Norelco shavers, it’s independent floating shaving heads grooms your beard with ease. Therefore, it gives you the closest shave ever possible.

It follows the contours of your face. Hence, it gives you the most comfortable shaving experience of any Norelco shavers. Aside from that, its sleek and ergonomic handle design allows you to handle it with relative ease and comfort. All these features make the Philips Norelco 6940LC our top pick of all the Philips Norelco shavers.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721/84 Standard packaging

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721/84 Standard packagingNorelco shavers come in many designs with many different features. But everybody wants to own a shaver that will give them a smooth close shave with just one stroke. Fortunately, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721/84 can offer you just that. Like many of the Norelco electric razor models, its precision cutting system allows you to cut your hair easily. This is irrespective of long strand of hair, or just a short stubble.

This Norelco electric razor also has the ability to lift flat-lying hair, specifically those that lie below skin level. Thus, it makes sure that you get a smooth close shave each and every time. And with its comfortable grip and ergonomic design, handling this shaver is a breeze. As a result, It gives you more control with your shaving. All Norelco shavers should strive to be as effective and convenient as the S9721/84 Norelco electric shaver 9700.

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Norelco Electric Razor Advantages

Shaving with a regular razor blade, you understand the mess that comes with it. Norelco electric razors are technologically advanced and allow you to instantly shave. This can save you loads of time and eliminate the hassles that shaving foam and regular razors can cause.

  1. With a cordless electric razor, you don’t have to mess with the soapy mess.
  2. Use your Norelco electric razor to shave anytime you like. This is a great convenience for men who don’t have a lot of extra time.
  3. Most Norelco electric razors include a rechargeable battery that makes it very convenient to take your portable electric razor anywhere.
  4. These rechargeable Norelco electric razors also feature a battery life indicator that will alert you when the battery is low.

Although there are several well-known brands of electric razors, the Norelco electric razor stands out from the rest. As a result, there are thousands of men who enjoy the convenience of Norelco electric razors on a daily basis. The reason for this is simple – Norelco electric razors produce excellent shaving results.