5 best remington beard trimmersWhen it comes of picking something, a person has to remain focussed towards his desires. You should take extra care in creating your priority list, and then to choose things according to it. Today, when the grooming industry has reached the billion dollar assets and is still growing, it is a wise’s play to get the king out of the rookies. Remington has an authority in producing predominant beard clippers and here, I would tell you about 5 of the best Remington beard trimmers.

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Why to choose a Remington Beard Trimmer

best Remington beard trimmersRemington was founded in 1816 and later, began to try their hand in personal care products. Though Philips is a tough competition for the former brand, today “Remington” is the most trusted brand in the USA. “Older is better” is an old saying that perfectly suit this brand’s reputation. Today there are a lot of products like electric shavers and good quality beard trimmer manufactured by Remington and that undoubtedly proves its virtuoso in the grooming industry.

5 Best Remington Beard Trimmers

Well, this comprehensive list of best Remington beard trimmers is crafted to support sporting a clean and stylish beard. Scientifically, the semi-trimmed beard helps you to get rid of irritation-prone skin. Now when you gotta do some cutting and sharping works, why something else than Remington? Below are the finest Remington beard trimmers that offer complete value to the money. Let’s get started.

1. Remington PG6171- The Crafter

best Remington beard trimmer

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Best For- All-round trimming from a feature packed trimmer

Verdict- The Remington PG6171 Crafter tops this list of best Remington beard trimmers. First of all, it provides you a 11 piece kit with self sharpening blades that meet your requirement of clean shave. In addition, it is featured with the quick charge feature that lets you charge this clipper in just 5 minutes for a complete grooming session. Most noteworthy is its specifications including the complete waterproof feature, a turbo mode to pull out beard more effectively and a 3 hours of machine on time once completely charged. Due to its versatility, it proves out to be an ideal beard clipper for people with different lifestyle habits.

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2. Remington MB4045B, The Beardsman Beard Boss Full beard kit

Best Remington beard trimmers

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Best For- High Performance Cordless cutting

Verdict- The Remington MB4045B beard boss clipper works on the mechanism of “simple yet outstanding” cutting. It is packed with 3 length combs, including a xl-length comb to let you do a variety of beard jobs. There are some other features such as zoom wheel to adjust the position of combs, and quick release blade for easy cleaning and maintenance. It provides a 2 hours runtime on a single charge that seems legit, given the powerful motor it has. Personally, I would miss some important features like waterproof, quick charge and the turbo mode. But, if you are not the kind of a person who is more out and less in, you can opt choosing the Remington MB4045B beard trimmer.

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3. Remington PG6025 All-in-One Beard Trimmer

Top Remington beard trimmers

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Best For- Efficient Cutting in a Budget Price

Verdict- The Remington PG6025 beard trimmer comprises of self sharpening, surgical steel blades that provide long lasting durability. It has 8 attachments to fulfil your grooming needs, has washable attachments and provides a sufficient 65 minutes of runtime in a single charge. And all that under the USD 20 price tag- bestseller for a reason !!  If you need an affordable trimmer with basic set of amenities, I would suggest you go buy this piece.  In case, you are a travel buff, you will be provided with a storage pouch with this clipper. Though it lacks some major features like quick charge and turbo cleaning, this trimmer still provides you a range of basic features and excels among clippers at this price range.

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4. Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer

Best beard trimmers by Remington

Best For- Heavy Duty beard and scalp hair cleaning

Verdict- The Remington HC5855 is kind of a power packed trimmer that could top this list of best beard trimmers. The only reason I didn’t place it atop was its impotency to work as a dedicated beard clipper. Well, talking about its major features, the Remington HC8555 clipper boasts of the 15 piece kit along with the power cut blade system. The power cut blade system is a unique feature especially relevant to check the accidental pulling of hair. Furthermore, it has a super magnet motor to increase the performance 2 times higher. Consequently, you usually get your job done comfortably with its precision ground blades. If you need a trimmer that would conclude your demand of 2 in one cutting, this would be a great fit to your pocket.


5. Remington MB4900 Beard Trimmer

best Remington beard trimmers

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Best For- Basic trimming with portability

Verdict- The Remington MB4900 beard trimmer is a compact, cordless and reliable trimmer. It features the self sharpening stainless steel blades with 6 length settings and operate on a recharging process. It requires an hour of charging time and there is no hassle to face issues like the paucity of battery life. In addition, it is completely waterproof and provides you a turbo boost option. This trimmer is best suitable for travel aficionados who do not have enough time to charge their clipper. It provides you a complete 4-5 hours of juice in every single charge. There are 90% of positive reviews about this very trimmer on Amazon. Also, my clients’ feedback was exceptional regarding this clipper. As a result, I award it one of the best Remington Beard trimmers from the travellers point of view.


Summing up the guide on Choosing the best Remington beard trimmer

This was the comprehensive list of 5 of the best Remington beard trimmers. Given the categories and features specified, it should be an easy task for you to pick up your favourite beard clipper. In conclusion, let me remind you that the first one in this list is superior to the remaining four clippers in terms of all around performance. In case, you need a Remington trimmer that truly supports your lifestyle, you may go for either of these five. Probably if you face any difficulty in comprehending this guide, feel free to comment below. If you are looking for a beard cum hair trimmer, go for the Remington HC5550 haircut and beard trimmer. This is me, Stephen and see you soon with the next review. Happy Trimming !!!

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