best shaving creamsShaving creams are one of the most ancient grooming accessories. They were widely used as the primary shaving aid and helped men get a smooth shave back then. Howsoever, now a days, shaving creams are replaced by the new innovations of the gels and foams. Today the wide majority of beard holders fascinate using the shaving foams. Most noticeably, the latter is mostly used because they are widely available. On the other hand, shaving creams are better and useful. Here we are going to suggest you 5 best shaving creams. Also, we will tell you the benefits of using a shaving cream. Let’s begin.

Things to avoid while buying a shaving cream

things to avoid while buying a shaving cream

When you type “best shaving creams” in the search bar of an online platform, the webpage returns with thousands of products. Every product seems legit and similar to other. Most people confuse products with their labels and packaging graphics. Let me tell you, don’t judge a product on its outer exposure. In case of buying a shaving cream, pay a closer look to its integral parts. Here I am going to talk about the ingredients that you should completely avoid. The reason is simple- each of these constituents are known to produce adverse effects and to degrade the skin haleness.

a) SLS

SLS stands for sodium laurel sulphate. It is mixed with SLES (sodium laur-eth sulphate) to produce thick lather. SLS contains sodium and sulphur that produces a number of health complications. It doesn’t just aids in skin irritation but also affects the working of the brain, lungs, liver and heart. SLS is used as an ingredient in toothpaste and inferior shaving creams. Our skin absorbs it through the skin pores and can give birth to many skin diseases. Thus, make sure your shaving cream has no trace of SLS.

b) Parabéns

Parabens are basic stimulators that affects the natural working of body cells. They stimulates the automatic cycle of body cells that is pretty similar to estrogen. In several studies, they are regarded as cancer causing elements. Thus, it is highly admonished to keep a safe distance from Parabens as these can enter your body through the skin pores and cause many health complications.

“Methylparabens, ethylparabens, propylparabens and butylparabens are some common Paraben chains found in a cosmetics including various skin and shaving creams. These are considered pernicious for overall skin health.

c) Amines

Shaving creams also include various types of amines. When you take a look across its structure, you would find triple tree structure of amines. A shaving cream includes Monoethanolamine(MEA), diethanolamine(DEA) and Triethanolamine(TEA). TEA covers a greater portion of these three. Because their formation is directly linked with nitrates (Amines are the mixture of Nitrogen and hydrogen) and nitrosamines, you should refrain from using creams that include amines.

These are widely used in various creams due to their ability of producing foam at a cheaper price. Although, various studies have shown how these are secondarily linked to cancer causing nitrogen products.

d) Other harmful ingredients

You should take a note of the harmful acids(not all acids are harmful), phosphates, synthetic fragrance, palmitic acid, Isopentane, glycols and toluenes used across wide range of shaving creams. A good shaving cream remains clear of these baleful contents. Wonder what constitutes a sterling shaving cream? You gotta read this-

Things a good shaving cream includes

beard oil ingredients

Now when you have undergone what contents make a bad shaving cream, it’s high time to know about the ingredients to look for. Here, I’m going to talk about few elements that aid to your skin health and nourishment.

a) Natural Extracts

Natural extracts are basically the summarised form of plant contents, containing all its natural goodness. For skin health, you should look after chamomile, witch hazel, aloe vera, calendula and lavender extracts in your shaving cream. The addition of each in a cream would hike up the price to a hundred dollars. Thus, even one natural extract would do the needful task of killing the bacterias and supplying vital nutrients to the skin pores.

b)  Essential Oils

Moving ahead, essential oils are concentrated form of hydrophobic liquid. It contain aroma compounds from the plants. Thus, it is completely responsible for creating natural scent within a cream. For skin health, Sandalwood oil plays a great role. Thus, look for a shaving cream that contains either sandalwood oil or, one among the jojoba, rose and lavender oils.

c)  Organic Acids

Like I said earlier, not all acids are harmful. There are some vital acids that help your skin cells with nutrition supplement. They also provides strength to them, saving your skin from fungal infection. Make sure your shaving cream includes one or more among these compounds. This list includes Hyaluronic acid, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Retinoic acid, Abscorbic acid, Oleic acid and others. These are known to prevent acne, empowering your skin nutrition and making your skin glow.

d) Other vital elements

The good list doesn’t end here. There are hundreds of good herbs and natural materials on the list. It is practically impossible to list them all. Howsoever, make sure your shaving cream includes a multitude of compounds derived from the natural sources. Take a look of my article on few exceptional natural hair removal remedies to get an idea of how herbs work.

Now when you are done knowing what to welcome and what to ban, wade through these best shaving creams for men to get a super smooth shave.

5 Best Shaving Creams For Men

 1. The Art of Shaving Cream

the art of shaving cream overview

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For an easy and comfortable shave, you basically need a cream that will take care of your facial skin. As explained earlier, the best shaving creams constitute from natural ingredients. As a mandatory measure, one should always look for paraben and chemical free cream.

The Art of Shaving shaving cream ticks all the boxes right. It is crafted from pure glycerin, coconut and other essential oils that altogether soften your beard. First of all, it consists the sandalwood essential oil that is beneficial to keep your skin wet and glittery. In addition, the Art of shaving cream does smell awesome and provides a rich lubrication. Most noteworthy, it excels in providing you a quite clean, close and comfortable shave. Although, it is a bit pricier but, the way consumers have applauded this product, it is indeed a no brainer to pick it up.

“ At the price segment of USD 25 (Rupees 3000 for a larger pack) , there are only two shaving creams to prefer. Based on our previous experiences, we would claim that the Edwin Jagger sandalwood shaving cream is equally satisfying. Howsoever, the Art of Shaving cream contains a high percentage of sandalwood oil that is beneficial for nourishing and protecting your facial skin. Although both are good at their relative places, but in comparison, pick the latter and you won’t be disappointed.

2.  Pacific caffeinated shaving cream

pacific caffeinated shaving cream-overviewMost of us love the scent of a brewing coffee. Well, there is quite a rare possibility that you become a regular customer of this shaving cream. First of all, you need to be a coffee aficionado. In addition, you must possess the courage to wipe off your beards- that is a man without a mane. Most noticeably, you should have the intelligence to choose the cheapest among the best. If you tick all boxes right, that’s a go green signal for you.

Pacific caffeinated shaving cream comprises of naturally derived caffeine. Caffeine is an natural ingredient that doesn’t only cleans your dead skin layer but also softens your skin. Here, the modus operandi is to shrink the skin pores. As a result, you get a hassle free shave without any fear of cutting your skin.

“ This shaving cream got me a smooth and comfortable shave.  I only used a pea size of this shaving cream and there was no concern using a regular blade over and over again. Don’t expect a full billowy lather though. It produces a pleasant scent and its ability to create low friction skin saves you from further cut. – N. Mark

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Talking about its price, the pacific shaving cream is very cheap at rupees 1200 (USD 6) rather than art of shaving cream which is priced for more than its twice. It has got a 4.4 star ratings over Amazon India and global platforms that shows the popularity and trust of users towards this product. If you want your skin healthy and shining, don’t forget to add the goodness of coffee to your shave.

3. Cremo Astonishingly superior shaving cream

cremo astonishingly shaving cream overview

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As the name suggests, the Cremo shaving cream is an astonishing part of the men’s grooming section. The product itself comes in a standard pack containing 6 FL OZ or, 177ml of the solution. Wonder what makes it different from the rest of the league? There you go.

Modus operandi of the cremo shaving cream is its super thin molecules that stick to your face and create an air gap. As a result, it delivers you a close shave without skin irritation. Unlike the former cream, Cremo forms a good lather base too. It doesn’t stresses out your pocket as it is priced very competitively for Rupees 1000.

“The Cremo shaving cream contains various oils like macadamia seed oil, olive oil, aloe extract, papaya extract and lemon. A wide submission of citrus helps in dead cell removal and skin softening properties. Most noticeably, there is no trace of Paraben and sulphates and you don’t have to worry about skin degradation issues.

There are few reasons you should buy the Cremo superior shaving cream for men. First of all, it boasts of advance chemical mixture containing superior slick water activated molecules. These molecules are claimed to reduce nicks and razor irritation issues on a large scale. In addition, this shaving cream provides you very close, comfortable and long lasting shave. Most noteworthy, its foamy output wets all your facial hair follicles. As a result, you get a superiorly closer shave, resulting in a soft and smooth skin.

“The Cremo superior shaving cream pack is designed to last for a span of two months. In case, you feel issues like razor clogs, add more water over your face to reduce the density of the foam.”

If you take a look at the user response, you would be amazed to see its popularity over major selling websites. By the time of writing this article, the Cremo shaving cream has gathered a whopping 4.7 star ratings from thousands of happy customers. After all, it’s awesome and super economic.

4. Axe denim shaving Cream

Axe denim shaving cream overview

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This is a quite an addition to the Indian grooming enthusiast who have been looking for a shaving cream that is crazily economic. Well, if you put everything on stake and are just looking for a lather rich cream for shaving purposes, this should be it. The Axe denim shaving cream stands atop after park avenue and old spice shaving cream in middle salon businesses in India. FYI, I have been questioned on Quora many a times regarding this very product. Well, here’s what I’ve found.

“The Axe denim shaving cream is priced very aggressively for INR 95 per 60g that is 35 rupees less than the price of the Bombay shaving company shaving cream. Both are extremely popular in street shaving shops for cheap shaves. Taking every perspective in mind, former is the better buy from economic perspectives.”

If you don’t want the goodness of essential oils, herbs and vital natural skin cleansers; go for it. It is very obvious that you won’t find a shaving cream with the goodness of natural ingredients at this price point. All you get is the ingredients of chemistry that would degrade your facial skin in the long run. If you think you are totally okay with it and your top priority is to save few pennies- Don’t look beyond the Axe Denim !!

Trying hard to remember good things about the Axe, I would talk about how it is better than the shaving creams that fall under this price segment. Here, you would find the likes of Dettol, Old spice and Bombay shaving. Howsoever, the Axe is the most sought after brand. It is so due to its rich lather formation and the pleasant unique scent that remains on hours after shaving. Howsoever, I found the Bombay company shaving cream quite fantastic during my review of the Bombay shaving cream with the whole Kit.

By the time of writing this post, the Axe denim lather shaving cream has got a 4.1 star ratings on Amazon India. Buyers have given mediocre reactions. If you are looking for a product in this price range, the Axe would never cut your expectations.

5. Taylor of Old Bond Shaving cream

taylor of old bond shaving cream overviewIf you are a grooming enthusiast who looks after his skin health and wishes to invest in top quality shaving products, you are home. The taylor of bond street sandalwood shaving cream should be your bet due to its ray of features, fantastic quality and completely natural ingredients. It was always in talk and will manage to do so – After all it stands atop of this list of best shaving creams. Wonder why? Take a sneak peek.

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Let’s talk about the ingredients of the Taylor of Old Bond shaving cream. Sandalwood is its primary and major constituent in its making. Sandalwood essential oil is known for its anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it has a pleasant smell that would keep you relaxed and calm hours after the shaving. Moreover, it is a natural aphrodisiac and expectorant. Thus, it also takes care of your skin- making it smooth and bright.

The TOOB shaving cream contains a blend of various natural elements. Apart from sandalwood, it boasts of cedar, lavender and rosemary that altogether make this cream an alluring, dynamic, fantastic grooming addition.

“This vivacious shaving cream excels in its niche. First of all, it is completely of the premium quality. It moisturises quite well. A pea size of the cream explodes into a huge amount of creamy lather. There is no trace of breakouts, razor burns or, nicks and cuts. A complete value for money.”

By the time of writing this article, the Taylor of Old Bond shaving cream has received a whopping 5 star ratings across major sellers across the globe. It seems to break the prototype that “No product is perfect”. Howsoever, it is priced on a higher side of Rupees 2300 ( $17) for a 150 gm/5.3 ounces bowl. But taking a look at its features and the rabble of customers after it, this is totally worth bagging it. I would suggest it to those who don’t want to compromise with their skin health.

A quick comparison

Enough stating the features, pricing and the wordplay. This is the high time we compare each shaving cream side by side. We’ll do so by taking out the demographics of each of them side by side and look what stands out as the winner. Before you proceed, please note that each listing above is a winner in its specific category. Based on the constraints, you should pick one that best fits your category.

a) Ratings

shaving creams ratings

Take a look at the ratings of these 5 products listed above. There is a stiff competition between each shaving cream in terms of ratings. As you can see, the TOBB stands atop in terms of ratings, all thanks to its premium quality and customer satisfaction. All these 5 shaving creams are rated 4 above 4 stars. It shows how these excel in their respective field.

b) Number of Buyers

shaving creams and buyers

Here, I am not going to talk about the number of approximate purchases. Instead, I will be talking about the number of verified purchases, i.e., the number of verified buyers who actually rated this product. Here, there is a huge difference among all products. The TOBB is the most purchased product with more than 8300 verified buyers across the Amazon central platform. The first two products in the current listing have got the buyers too. The third shaving cream in this list is costly and hence it got less purchases. Axe has its targeted buyers and it has more offline purchases. Thus, TOBB justifies as the winner.

c) Pricing

price comparison of shaving creams

Pricing is the last parameter to judge these shaving creams side by side. Here, we have each of these 5 products lined up against their Indian and American price. As explained above, the first product is costliest among all. The second and third listings are quite economic. In this list, Axe denim is the cheapest product. The last product finds second spot in the most expensive shaving creams in this list.


Taking these factors in mind, I am going to analyse these best shaving creams. The ultimate combination of their price, ratings and number of buyers are intermixed in order to reach to the conclusion.

You can go for the PCSC and CASSC if you want to reach the junction of low price and good quality in a shaving cream. AOSC finds its customer in people who adore its scent and for whom price is not a concern. Axe is not recommended for its SLS and chemical contents; but to grooming aficionados who are pocket tight and wish to compromise with their skin health can opt for the Axe denim shaving cream.

TOOB (Taylor of old bond) shaving cream tops this list of 5 best shaving creams for men. There are few reasons that back this decision. First of all, it has got the highest rating over Amazon India and central platform. In addition, It got the highest number of sales (4 times the CASSC and 5 times the AOSC shaving creams). Although it is second most expensive shaving cream in this list; but it is worth paying for this top quality grooming bowl.

Which shaving creams do you prefer? You can either revert with your opinion in the comments down below or, ping me over my Quora Page. You can follow me there in order to shoot your queries related to grooming and skin care niche.

Advantages of using shaving creams

advantages of using shaving creams

There are a lot of reasons to go and take the side of a shaving foam/gel but there are quite a lot of reasons to support the implication of a shaving cream in your daily grooming needs. These might not sound a premium option but add a great value to the personal day to day grooming. Here’s why?

1. Supplies lubrication and protects the skin

Facial skin is the most sensitive and exposed part of the human body. It is mandatory to use a chemical free product that enhances the nourishment and adds extra nutrients to the skin. Here, the shaving creams play a vital role. A premium quality shaving cream contains a high fat concentration in the form of natural oils. A combination of natural oils protect the skin in the form of lubrication. As a result, the razor blades easily glide across our face, cutting down the risk of skin cell damage and further scratches.

2. Contains great moisturising properties

The goodness of a shaving cream is not just limited to the natural oils. In addition, shaving creams come with the properties of glycerine derived from the oils. As you know that glycerine sports the humectant property. This results in locking down of the moisture to keep the skin hydrated. Henceforth, you get a wet environment around the facial hairs, making it easier to cut.

3. Emolliating the skin to recover

There are a lot of shaving products that contain artificial colourings and chemical preservatives. The synthetic components usually irritate and dries the facial skin. Howsoever, good shaving creams are usually paraben and SLS free, making the skin soft. Additionally, you get a quick recovery from the scratches formed during the shave.

There are a lot of other perks a shaving cream offers and hence, it is a no-brainer to pick the best shaving creams available on the market. First of all, it supplies lubrication, protects your facial hair getting dried and skin from scratches. In case you get some dragging up done, a good shaving cream will also heal it – thanks to its natural oils and added constituents.

Now, you know the advantages of picking up a cream, you would be surprised to know that the market is filled with duplicate shaving creams that use chemical ingredients on a wide scale. Take care of this and Beware before choosing out the best shaving cream for your daily grooming needs. We have done the homework for you and you can evaluate and grab any of these fantastic shaving creams available today.

How to Apply a Shaving Cream Correctly

applying shaving cream correctly

There are various ways to apply a shaving cream. In this section, I’m going to talk about few most common techniques and methods that are used widely across the globe. Generally speaking, you can either use a shaving brush or may apply a shaving cream directly to your face.

A shaving cream is used to moisturise your beard in order to soften it for an easy shave. If you are using a brush, there are few things to keep in mind-

  1. Leave your shave brush in warm water five minutes before shaving. This helps the badger hair to absorb moisture and would result into rich lather formation.
  2. Never rub the brush harsh against your skin. It can produce skin irritation.
  3. Don’t share your shaving brush with others as it may encourage fungal and bacterial diseases.

Now when you knew what factors to keep in mind while using a shaving brush, it becomes important to know the shaving procedure with a shaving brush. There you go.

Modus operandi of shaving with a brush

  1. First of all, get a ceramic bowl full of warm water. Dip your brush in it for 5 minutes. This would allow the brush to retain moisture and make it exit its dry state.
  2. Sprinkle some normal water on your face in order to supply moisture.
  3. Slightly pour out the water from the shaving brush. Make sure you don’t pull out the water soaked by the brush completely.
  4. Take out very little amount of shaving cream and apply it on your face. Slowly brush it along your face you get a rich lather.
  5. After you have formed a dense lather, carry on with the shaving procedure using a razor.

How to shave without a shaving brush

shaving without shaving brush

  1. In case you want to shave without a shaving brush, the first step would be to get a bowl of warm water.
  2. Slowly pour water over your face. This would smoothen your facial hair and supply moisture to the skin.
  3. Take out a pea size of shaving cream to the tip of your hand. Gently massage it on your face. Rub it smoothly in a circular manner until you form an acceptable lather.
  4. Carry on with the shaving procedure.

Precautions and Safety Measures

precautions of using a shaving cream

Skin Prototype

Before you choose your desired skin cream, you should first know about the type of skin you possess. Generally, we possess one among the three basic skin prototypes. So, what is your skin prototype? Sensitive, dry or oily?

If you possess a sensitive skin, you need to avoid shaving creams that contain astringents. Astringents are known for their oil soaking properties and thus, they are good for oily skin. Astringents also check clogging of the pores.

If you are one with dry skin, try picking up a shaving cream that has a glycerin base. Glycerin doesn’t only provides a foundation to your face but it also smoothens your skin surface to allow a smooth shave.

“Did you know? People with dry skin are more prone to skin irritation, nicks and cuts during shaving due to the lack of moisture on their face.”

Moving ahead, if you have an oily skin, pick the shaving cream that possesses astringents as an ingredient. Astringents reduce oil from your face and keeps your skin pores open. It helps you with skin cleansing and reduces the chance of infections.

Use a clean razor while shaving

To maintain your facial skin health, run a razor blade over as much of it as you can gently in the shower. Even if you’re not on a shaving day, the process can act as a minor exfoliation. It removes dead cells. In addition, it unclogs your skin pores and removes dirt and debris.

Always use clean razor blades when you are shaving your face, underarms, legs and other body parts. Never share a razor with somebody else. A dirty, rusty razor blade contains millions of bacterias which can enter your body through the skin pores while shaving. This results in skin infections and improves the chance of attaining a patchy beard. Sharing razors is not a good idea as infections can be transmitted to others through the blades.

Avoid skin irritation

Do you often feel skin irritation during the shaving sessions? Well, a sharp blade is the ultimate key to shaving without irritation. Shaving can be one of the most precarious parts of skin care. A sharp blade minimizes major skin problems by cleanly cutting hair and passing smoothly over the skin without nicking and scraping. I would recommend you to use cheaper blades. One can replace low price razor blades  more frequently than costly razors that tempt the user to economize by shaving with a dull edge. Instead, you can try buying a good quality electric razor for the long journey.

Read the case study on why electric razors are more economic than cheap manual razors.

Never ignore shaving your underarms. You may think your underarms to be a place that needs no skin care. Howsoever, they are just as important as any other part of your body. Underarms gather more sweats resulting in a hub of bacterias and other harmful microbes. Make sure to use a clean razor with gentle strokes in order to protect the sensitive areas from irritation.

While you have already known few useful tips about shaving, we hope that you have either reinforced your present knowledge, or learned something new. Develop a good skin care habit to have great, healthy looking skin.

How did I choose the best shaving creams for Men

how to choose a good shaving cream

Now when this article is going to end, it’s high time we talk about how we have created this list of best shaving creams. Well, there are some of you who may have an another shaving cream in mind. Some grooming aficionado may favour a cream that is not in this list. But let me tell you- we can’t feature all ducks in the herd of crows. Instead, we can try to put the best outta them.

The whole story started with continued Quora queries. There I was asked about what shaving creams to prefer and what factors to keep in mind while picking up a cream. Because it was impossible to satisfy a continued query, I thought it was better to create an article that would serve all their queries.

I analysed few constraints that play a vital role in choosing a shaving cream. I shortlisted products based on their quality, pricing, number of buyers. Because not all customers have similar choices, I put variable products in this list. There are customers who prefer economical products over price. For them, I put two products that best suit their needs. Now for people who are seeking for quality premium products, there are three shaving creams in current listing.

FAQ’s related to shaving creams

Let’s move further to few frequently asked question related to this niche. Here I am going to include few common questions I was asked on various social platforms. Let’s begin.

FAQ's related to shaving creams

Q.1  Should i choose a shaving cream that has a fragrance?

Like I have explained earlier, not all shaving creams that have fragrances are bad. There are natural fragrances too. You can choose a cream with nature derived fragrances. In this case, you can pick the Art of the shaving cream or, the Taylor of the old bond shaving cream. Both of them have sandalwood oil and lavender fragrances. Howsoever, make sure your cream doesn’t have artificial and chemical oriented fragrances.

Q.2  Which is better- a shaving cream that produces a dense lather or, one with the less lather?

What produces a rich lather? Of course, it’s the cream base. You should not judge a shaving cream on its ability to form lather. Having said that, some creams include amines to form a rich foam. Howsoever, it is dangerous for overall skin health. All you have to do is to get necessary lubrication from your cream; doesn’t matter the quanta of lather you get.

Q.3 How to get a good lubrication while shaving?

In order to get a good lubrication, you need to spread the shaving cream evenly on your face. Pour a substantial amount of water with the cream in order to dip your beard in the foam. In addition, you need to leave the foam for 5 minutes prior to shaving. Make sure your foam doesn’t becomes solid enough to check smooth action of the blade. If it happens, use water to loosen up the foam density.

Q.4 Which is the best shaving cream within a price range of 5 USD?

If you are searching for a shaving cream within such cheap price range, you won’t find a quality product. Do Not play with your skin health. If its the matter of few bucks that can save your skin, it’s better to spend it. In case you are still aligned of finding a chemical product under this price range, go with the fourth product in this list.

Q.5 Should I use similar shaving cream with my manual and electric razor?

A shaving cream would work best with manual and straight razors. However, if you have an electric razor, just spread the cream evenly on your face for lubrication purpose. If you are using a premium quality electric razor, you won’t need a foamy product. For example, here you can bag the 5th product in this list. It would work great with both manual and electric razors.

Q.6 Are shaving soaps better than shaving creams?

NO. A shaving cream is always better than a shaving soap. First of all, a shaving soap doesn’t provide requisite nutrition to the face. However, it takes more effort to get the required cushion and lubrication from a shaving cream. But if you take a look at the ingredients and overall value to the money- a shaving cream always excels over a soap.


Shaving creams have been around for more than a century and there have been many improvisations through these years. In recent years, manufacturers have put more efforts in the research and returned with addition of more natural content. It has enhanced overall skin health and the quality of shaving.

Now when we have covered pretty much everything related to best shaving creams for men, it’s high time to conclude this post. Have you used any of these cream listed above? If you did, please comment down with your opinions. In case, you have a question, feel free to ask using the comment box below. We are eager to hear your opinions. Happy Grooming.