Wahl beard trimmer picking guideShaving has remained one of the most essential parts of Men’s fashion. This process is done by men of several ages and communities. Users vary according to their sole criterion and needs. Although, several changes have been brought to replace the old fashion trends. Today, dry shaving is preferred over the wet and thus, this is the evolution of beard trimmers. If you are a Wahl fan and confused over picking up the right equipment, stay sticked. Hello, this is me, Arnav and this is the comprehensive guide of finding the best Wahl beard trimmer for your daily needs.

You should choose a beard trimmer that would help you to trim your beards as per the longings. It is easy to use and can get a respectable look in working places as well as in occasions. The specialty of a clipper is it can work fast and can shave or trim beard as needed. Maintaining and using a beard trimmer is quite effortless in comparison to the manual razors. A Wahl beard trimmer works in an exact way as the manual trimmers but it has an improved technique with an advance electrical motor. It requires minimal maintenance which depends on the specific model of the trimmer. These trimmers provide the option to choose the number of speeds with slower and faster settings.


The Wahl Clipper Corporation company was established in 1919. They offer different ranges of men’s trimmers for mustaches, beards, and body. The most privilege is that they have a huge customer base in more than 150 countries worldwide. Men don’t want to acquire several trimmers for beard and head. The Wahl Beard Trimmer is an amazing trimmer to get a clean everyday trim for hair or beard, in a favored style. It is also a place saver in a bathroom or in a shaving kit.

These trimmers can provide perfect and flawless shave, with the least trouble. Wahl beard Trimmers are easy to hold in the hands. The electric trimmer blades must be lubricated commonly. Other than these facilities the battery backup lasts for a long time. It can give a variety of fashionable strategies and efficiently trim beards. Some trimmers are also useful for sideburns, cheeks area, and chin area.

Buying the best Wahl Beard Trimmer?

When you are on the hunt of the best Wahl clippers, keep a note of few points. Basically, there is a huge list but I would keep it short for you.

  1. The primary thing you have to know about the trimmer is its extraordinary features which differ from others as well as easily adaptable.
  2. You have to know about the right device whether it is rechargeable or battery operated as they both work as per requirement.
  3. The smart features depend on clean cut, personalization, and comfort. It will more helpful if it can work without the power source.
  4. Mostly, trimmers are available with different cutting heads. To ensure a neat and clean shave, you have to choose the proper one.
  5. Before you take it in your shopping cart, you just need an item review of the Wahl Beard Trimmers to obtain the best one. It can be done by searching the online reviews of different users. Worry not, I will always be there to assist you on this.
  6. Last but not the least, always prefer a renowned brand. Wahl beard trimmers fit perfectly in this category.

5 best Wahl Beard Trimmers

While there is a huge range of beard trimmers available in the market that are manufactured by Wahl, very few models are available without a flaw. Below are the best Wahl beard trimmers that are ideal for your job.

5 best Wahl clippers

1. The Wahl 9818 Grooming Kit

The Wahl 09818 Beard Trimmer is a heavy duty trimming unit. It’s stainless steel blades give a precision cutting of facial hairs. The steel body is long lasting, and it allows a firm grip while grooming your beard. Four facial hair guide combs allow users to retain their ideal beard look. The interchangeable and adjustable heads offer an immensely fast and comfortable trimming. It is powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery which gives up to 4 hours of run time and needs just an hour to be fully charged. In addition, it comes with a smart LED indicator and other fascinating features. Overall, this is a must buy for people who need a clipper with mighty power and battery efficient performance. All-in-all, it can be considered the best Wahl beard trimmer.

If you want an economic wahl beard trimmer, you may devour through the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman beard and mustache trimmer.

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2. The Wahl 9854-600 Trimmer

With a sturdy build quality and an ergonomic design, the Wahl 9854-600 Trimmer proves out to be a masterpiece. The soft touch rubber grip provides a comfortable hold while trimming. This groomer is designed along with many advanced features. First of all, It arrives with an advance rechargeable Lithium Ion battery technology. In addition, it is power conservative and gives 3 hours of juice in every single hour’s charge. It offers 13 length setting ranges to keep variations in longer beard. The sharp stainless steel blades cut each hair perfectly and adjustable head makes trimming immensely quick and gentle. Most noteworthy, it is completely washable and thus, is a must go product under USD40. I would definitely recommend you buying this as it is one of the best Wahl stubble clippers in a medium price range.

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3. The Wahl 9888-600 Clipper

The Wahl 09888-600 Beard Trimmer is lightweight and environmentally smart. It comes with different detachable and adjustable heads. This clipper boasts of six adjustable guide combs that give six different trim lengths. The rust-proof stainless steel blades are close enough to give an irritation free precision cut. The blades are round and comes with non-scratching combs for extra protection and comfort. The trimmer’s LED indicator informs about its charging status. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes 1 hour for charging and runs up to 3 hours. Technically, It has all those important specs you are seeking for. If you are looking for a clipper with the mainline features under a cheap price range, this should be an ideal Wahl clipper for you.

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4. The Wahl Groomsman T-Pro 9860-1101 grooming kit

The Wahl 09860-1101 beard trimmer offers all the facility to personalize facial hair. It is designed with silicone rubber grip which offers easy holding. This clipper is composed of multiple attachments and styling accessories by which you can fade, blend and trim. In addition, it has three trimmer guide comb and is featured with bump prevent technology. The unit is composed of detachable stainless steel blades which offer perfect trimming and non-scratching combs for extra protection and comfort. The trimmer is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which runs up to 3 hours. It is easily washable under running water. Overall, In my opinion, this is among the the best Wahl beard trimmer under the mid range price tag.

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5. The Wahl PowerPro Corded Trimmer 9686

The Wahl PowerPro Trimmer is a powerful precision trimmer, hair clipper, and detail trimmer. It is a cool-looking unit that looks comfortable in the hand. It’s sharp steel blades smoothly glide over the skin, cut hairs neatly and effectively to give an elegant look. This trimmer comes with different smart trimming attachments which give 17 trimming lengths. It provides comfortable trimming with zero pulling or nicking. The long-lasting sharp steel blade design provides a superior performance. It is a corded trimmer which gives uninterrupted power supply while grooming your facial hair. So far, this is the cheapest Wahl beard trimmer. If you are looking for an entry level Wahl clipper, I would definitely recommend you to go for this.

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Had it ever been a possibility that you stuck in picking up a king among the rooks? Well, if this is the case with you, don’t puzzle out. As you can see clearly, the above depicted Wahl beard trimmers are the best in their respective categories and price tags. But, as always there is only one winner. Similar to this, here we have a clear winner among the above stated best Wahl clippers. Here you go.

After comparing each of the above stated clippers side by side, I found out the Wahl #9818 beard trimmer a clear winner. There are various reasons behind my claim. Primarily, it comes with a mighty motor to pull off the uneven beards. In addition, it comes handy in travelling with a giant battery. Take a note that it provides the four hours of juice in every hour’s filling. Above all, it comes with additional heads and guide combs to facilitate your craft.

While this clipper has a USD 20 price hike but given the features, rest assure that you buying yourself a future proof quality clipper. Happy Trimming !!!

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