Staying clean and taking care of our health is one of the most important components of our daily life activities. How we stay clean really matters and as it certainly boosts up our hygiene, it is really important to pen down what we are doing and how that needs to be done. When you analyse things, you become able to pick out inappropriate findings, and later you may resolve it. Well, in this section, I am going to talk about few effective ways to clean face naturally using a natural cleanser.

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Nature has been the most effective guardian to us. It teaches us things and the manner to carry it forward. The only disadvantage with the Nature, worth mentioning is its ponderous rate of action. It daunts us for our mistakes and bestows the pleasure upon us for the good deeds. In terms of health practices, natural/Ayurvedic/homeopathic ways offer us an effective output, when interlinked together. Nature’s way is considered a way free from damage and negative impacts, unlike the allopathy.

Importance of Natural practices

benefits of natural practices in face cleaning

Today, people are familiar with the major benefits naturopathy provides. It makes us feel energetic, keeps us balanced, positive and boosts our immunity. Everyday new research modules begin in this niche while a number of relevant projects are already in progression.

In support of my opinion, I would like to quote Bhore Committee’s reports, that talk about various interrelated health phenomenon, including the different health treatments and their benefits. It is worth noticing that Indians, in paucity of advanced allopathic medications, still managed to cure their deficiencies. Although, it took time and in the absence of experts, a number of patients died.

Again, I would like to convey you a cogent path highly conducive for your physical and mental health. Notwithstanding chemical medications, it is worth to understand the perks of going the green way. Hereby, I thought it’d be better to list them up.

  1. Absence of Drawbacks– Going the nature’s way is always fruitful. There is no such risks of skin-tanning, or, tissue damage.
  2. Chemical Free– Today, every face cleanser comprises of many chemicals intermixed in a fixed proportion. When you would take a look at the ingredient section on the backside of your product, you will certainly find few acids and neutralisers, that can damage your skin at a slow pace.
  3. Trustworthy– Have you ever heard someone went ill by eating a banana? Well, neither did I. But, I have seen cases when a red meat lover got cancer. In this context, this itself illustrates the factual difference. You should know the ways to clean face naturally. Use what the nature has got for us and you will have no worries and a stress-free life.

Ways to Clean face Naturally

how to clean face naturally using natural cleansers

Now when you are introduced with the importance of natural phenomenon, it is the time when you should learn the way to implement it too. Though, it could take some time to encounter the glow on your skin, but if done in a regular manner, it will help you rejuvenate your skin and make you feel fresh and worn free.

Moving ahead in this topic, before you know the process to clean face naturally, you should also know that few ingredients will be required in order to accomplish that task. That’s not an issue for the fact we have chosen few natural cleanser. Fret not, these products are chemical free and comprises of vital nutrients and seaweed to help your skin glow in a natural way.

Choosing a Cleanser

Choosing a natural cleanser is quite a tedious and hectic task especially when you are not aware of the brands, their composition, and moreover the potential of herbs incorporated within. Today there are various trademarks in Naturopathic products and one needs to be remain extra careful while picking one of them all. Well, here I would recommend you two of the best natural face cleansers among which you can choose your desired one.

1. Organic Facial Wash

premium natural face cleanserWith a 4.5 star rankings on Amazon, this Organic Facial wash does depict its own success story. First of all, It is free from harsh chemicals and doesn’t even consist of any synthetic fragrance. In addition, It is formulated for very sensitive skin type and thus, it will work effectively on any skin type. Most noticeably, It is crafted with certified organic and natural ingredient that altogether improves condition of your skin pores. The organic facial wash gently cleanses your skin with key nourishing integrals. All in all, it takes less to produce more and thus, a 40 oz solution of this lasts more comparatively to the 80 oz solution of other cleansers. There are many positive feedback regarding this product and you do not have to think it more to spend USD 20 for a cleanser with a range of attributes.

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2. Coconut Milk and Honey Face Cleanser

good quality natural face cleanserAs the name suggests, this face cleanser includes the solution of coconut milk and honey in an ideal proportion. Though there are few other natural ingredients that altogether boost up your facial glow. This cleanser hydrates and restores the moisture on your skin and also softens it. It comprises of handpicked natural and botanical ingredients that help you get a wrinkle free skin. This is perfect for all skin types and you do not have to worry about the quality of this cleanser. It is rated a 4.4 star and backed by Amazon buyer protection. Most noteworthy, you get a lot of productive features with the nature’s shield. Thus, in my opinion, it is equally effective than the former, despite of the minor rating differences.

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It is very important to analyse the negative impacts of a chemical product. It makes your skin dull and adds wrinkle on your face. Lieu of cleansing your skin with harsh soap that extracts your skin’s natural oil, choose a smart way to clean face naturally.

Process of Cleaning your skin with natural face cleanser

process to clean face naturally using natural cleansers

Doing a task in the perfect manner is a pure art, and similar is the face-cleaning. To know the art of face cleaning, you also need to know various aspects and step to step guide of face cleansing. Now when you have picked up either of the above natural face cleansers, you need to know the proper method regarding how to clean face naturally. Well, this consists of three simple steps,  that if followed properly, will teach you the method of proper cleansing.

  1. Application of the face cleanser– Take out your desired face wash in a recommended proportion. You should prefer 2-3 drops of your natural cleanser. Apply it over your face and gently rub it for two minutes.
  2. Rinse that off– Post two minutes of use, you can rinse that off. After wash, pat it with a soft and dry towel.
  3. Re-apply– In case, your face is too oily, you can consider cleaning it again. Re-cleansing should also preferred if you have shaved, or trimmed your beard. We suggest you to use good quality beard trimmers, so as to protect your skin from harmful radiation in the form of heating of cheap range products.

Advantages of Cleaning your face with a natural cleanser

advantage of using natural cleansers

In Charak-Sanhita, an Ayurvedic guide of treatment and medications, written by Charak, many a positive effects of using naturopathy are illustrated. Charak was an eminent scholar from the ancient India who researched on various herbs, their implementation process and effects. His writings suggest the ascendancy of Ayurveda over any other form of treatments. In terms of face-cleaning through Ayurveda, the Sanhita declares the following benefits-

  1. Skin Rejuvenation– The frequent use of natural cleanser bestows many advantages upon you. First of all, the ingredients such as Aloe vera, Seaweed extracts, Vitamins and the added minerals repair your skin, make your skin pores tight and rejuvenate your facial skin.
  2. Prevent Wrinkles– The daily use of a herbal face wash does not only rejuvenate your skin, but also prevent dark spots and wrinkles to reoccur. It basically does so by restoring the moisture over your face and keeps your tissues hydrated. As a result, you get a wrinkle free skin and sport a younger look.
  3. Boosts Immunity– Using a face cleanser boosts up your facial skin immunity. Having said that, a herbal cleaner contains of vitamin K and fruit extracts that can help your skin prevent the harmful UV rays. Most noticeably, it provides your skin a shield without the use of any harmful chemicals.
  4. Kill Germs– The last but not the least is a factor incorporated within every face wash and harsh soaps. But the irony of the situation is their tendency of consisting baleful mixtures. In this case, clean face naturally by a herbal face wash, allowing yourself to kill germs and incandesce your skin.

Summing Up the Guide

The list of PROS is huge enough to be pen down while there is not even a single stumbling block. After being introduced with the reality of harsh chemicals and their frightening effect on our body, one simply would like to go back to the nature’s lap. Why not try the organic things up? Given the fact that you have been using the pesticide grown food and applying some chemical mixtures on your face, the herbal products deserve a chance to be introduced to your lives. Later, the positive effects would give you a delightful experience.

This was the exclusive guide on ways to clean face naturally by natural cleanser. Here we have talked in detail about the advantages, process and history of naturopathy. Most noteworthy, here we have also picked out two of the best natural cleansers. These are of superior quality and were loved by the users a lot. Furthermore, if you have any query regarding this topic, feel free to ask by commenting down below. Stay the nature’s way and stay jubilant. PEACE !!!

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