Conair corded beard & mustache trimmer reviewFacial hair are like an ornament to men. The first thing that differentiate men with their counterpart, by nature is something to flaunt. If you are a man, you gotta do two things. First, to manage your ultra long beard and second to look manly by maintaining a right length beard. A long beard may fascinate you but you know this well that it keeps a lot of maintenance. Now, when you can look good by posing in a manageable yet not that short beards, it will be a geek’s thing to put on a groomed beard. Now to do so, you can try taking a look at the Conair corded beard & Mustache Trimmer review.

Conair corded beard & Mustache Trimmer : Overview

Imagine what if you get a device which can help you to sport fashionable, in trend beard and moustache. Also, you would want a clipper that can take care of your rest of hair efficiently. The Conair corded beard & mustache trimmer can take care of your body hair and help you design your beards in a smart manner. So, let’s get started towards having the first look and the complete overview of the Conair corded beard and Mustache Trimmer.

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Design and working

Conair Corded Beard Trimmer featuresThe Conair corded beard & mustache trimmer is crafted from plastic and you do not get a premium feel while holding it. It’s blade is of sharp stainless steel and can be removed to give you a comfort for easy cleaning. The classic model comes in shade of red that looks quite distinguished from other brands in the clipper industry. Towards the lower end, you get a volume switch placed over it. This is a full size corded trimmer and here the Conair has tried to provide you as many features and looks as it could manage in this very competitive price range.

It works with a 120 volt motor and hence does not compromise in manoeuvring the toughest task provided. It has a small head and you get some additional combs. Talking in detail, you obtain two jawline combs and 5 additional combs for crafting your beard and mustache design. It doesn’t support charging or rechargeable batteries that is by far, both its pro and con as well. It doesn’t heat that much given a plastic made device. Overall, design wise it falls a bit but, in this competitive price range, you will be holding an advantage if you buy this clipper. In other case, you may take a look on Wahl Groomsman Pro rechargeable Grooming kit 9860-700 review if you want a low priced all-in-one trimmer.

Price and features

The biggest pro of the Conair corded beard & mustache trimmer is it’s very competitive price. I mean, you are getting a powerful motor, additional combs and an efficient cleaning and that too at a price of USD 9.  Whoa! If you take a dig at the huge brands you will be amazed to find they are not even offering additional combs for this price. Plus, they are providing you a 2 years warranty (unlike big brands like philips and braun that give a 1 year warranty).

Honestly speaking, you will not get premium features like waterproof unibody build, recharging or, cordless specification in this device. But given its powerful motor and performance, it is undoubtedly one of these best beard trimmers you can purchase under USD 10. Although it is priced at USD 13 but currently it is selling with a 4 USD discount.


  • Economically Priced
  • Added Accessories
  • Powerful Motor
  • 2 Years warranty


  • Not waterproof
  • Plastic Built
  • Not rechargeable


Conair Corded Beard Mustache Trimmer ReviewIf you are someone who loves to fetch best at some cheap price point, you need not to think twice. If a corded piece doesn’t affect your life, you can opt buying this trimmer. Though it is plastic built, it doesn’t get heated up and remains quiet during the application. It is not rechargeable and hence, direct power supply gives it an open license to use a powerful motor that can work efficiently. It is lightweight and yeah, when you are getting so much care from the manufacturers, you need to show some affection to this device too. Keep it away from water and use dry brush to clean hairs off the blade. Thus, in my opinion, you should definitely bag the Conair Corded beard & mustache trimmer. And, that’s not just my opinion. Overall, you can notice its mighty presence as the huge buyer list over Amazon has awarded it a 4.3/5 stars. In case, you want a superb stubble trimmer with better features, I would advise you to go for the Conair GMT900 i-Stubble Trimmer.

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