Nowadays, a lot of men are using two different methods to remove their facial hair: wet and dry shaving. For them to maintain a clean and fresh look, men always have to shave every week or even a few times within a week. This is also a form of good hygiene, apart from the good look that one will get.

If you are somewhat new to shaving and is quite confused which method works better than the other, this is the right time to fully understand and learn the art of shaving. It may seem that it is just an ordinary task to perform and doesn’t need extra knowledge; but a man has to realize that it is must to know the difference between wet and dry shaving so as to prevent skin dryness and other skin problems.

Wet Shaving

wet shaving

Let us understand what is wet shaving first. Wet shaving is a method that requires water and that has been used and has been learned for many years. Although wet shaving can be a little tricky and will require a lot of time, it can definitely give a more precise and cleaner finish. With this method, you will need a razor to do the job; whether a double edged one or just single, both will do.

Lots of men usually don’t do this method especially if they are busy enough and don’t have enough time to do longer means. Just doing a wet shaving it will require at least 20 minutes or more depending on the ability and knowledge of the person doing the process. It may take more time if the person is just new to this kind of shaving method; although it can be worth the effort because of the smooth finish.

Dry Shaving

dry shaving electric razor

On the other hand, the other method is dry shaving. This became known by many; particularly those who are very busy and just have a few minutes doing the shaving. This kind of shaving method is very simple and doesn’t require water or any skin moisturizer. All you need is to have an electronic razor to finish the job and you are soon to have a clean look. However, by doing this dry method, the facial hair won’t be shaved thoroughly, and with constant use, the skin might become dry and start to flake.

Although these two methods have their own flaws and disadvantages, the final decision on what method to use is still in your hands. If we would compare those two, the wet shaving may give a smoother and cleaner finish, but if not done well and not enough care is given, a man may experience some cuts while shaving. That is why doing this kind of method requires proper care and practice; it can also be a tough job for those who want a nice finish but don’t have the time.

Apart from those mentioned, the dry shaving method can be the answer for all those men who want look clean but only have a little time to spare doing the shaving. It may be easy to do the shaving process, but purchasing an electronic razor requires money already. Mostly, the ones that are good and last long are quite expensive and can even cost more than you can think of.

What to Prefer

There are several things you have to consider before settling upon a decision. There are few down ways to both wet and dry shaving. Have a look at these and decide yourself-

  1. The biggest con of wet shaving is the urgency to replace blades on a regular interval. With straight razors, it may not cost you a fortune but, it won’t give you a close shave either. Moreover, you have to invest in necessary gels and shaving creams – altogether enhancing your personal expenditure.
  2. Dry shaving is a way better. In most cases, people pick cheap quality shavers for saving few pennies. Then, I always suggest picking up the top quality electric razors for a close and luxurious shave. The only downside of opting dry shaving is the absence of a close shave you generally obtain with a straight/double-edge razor.

In one word, I would explain the dry and wet shaving in one simple formula-

  • Wet Shaving- Straight/Advanced Manual Razors (Inexpensive) + Replacement Blades (Reoccurring Cost) + Shaving Gel/foams (Reoccurring Cost)
  • Dry Shaving- Electric Razors (Expensive) + Shaving foams (Optional)

Story of Ron and Ben

Let’s get into the insights a bit.

advance razor for wet shaving

It so happened like two people naming Ron and Ben had different opinion over wet and dry shaving. Ron backs wet shaving while Ben gives more value to the dry shaving method. After a while, Ron makes his first purchase by buying the Advance razor priced for USD 28. He was a way too happy with his purchase, delighted to discover that he saved himself 300 dollars by not choosing the dry shaving method.

manual razor refills

Quite after a month, he realized that the shaving blades needed a replacement and that led him to a shop costing him $30 for 8 counts that would last him for 3 months. He needs to invest into shaving foam and aftershave lotion that would cost him around $100-110 in a quarter of month and thus, a total of $400-450 in an year.

On the other hand, Ben picked a premium quality electric razor for $200.

dry shaving with electric razor


That’s it. His investment was one time, needed no additional elements with reoccurring costs. Moreover, it was technologically proof and provided him a variety of grooming experiences. Thus, Ben had a vision while investing in a shaver. He chose a long term profit plan as compared with Ron who stuck to a short term saving.

Whatever type of method you will choose, it is always smart to keep in mind that shaving is not as simple as may see it; it needs practice and knowledge. Improper use of razors or other equipment may cause unwanted cuts, razor burns, bumps, and other skin problems. Whether it is dry shaving or wet shaving as long as it gives you the sense of satisfaction and you feel confident, you are on the right track.