fix a patchy beard by growing itBeard is an ornament to a man. While there are some of us who don’t adore them, you can’t ignore a plenty of men who desperately love them. Today when the trend is changing everyday, facial hair has become a mandatory asset to flaunt. The good thing is, many of us possess an alluring beard. But then there flips the coin. The negative cycle consists of a majority of people who lack beards, or have uneven facial hair. This is a much common problem in men these days. Thus, the process of looking upon the further reasons and evaluating them side by side is incumbent. Well, In this post, I will be talking about the common reasons why you couldn’t grow a proper beard so far. Also, you will discover few simple hacks to grow a beard and fill your patchiness. Let’s get started.

A Quick Analysis of the Patchy Beard

Well, if you are looking for a solution to the Beard Problem, you should first acknowledge it well. There are a lot of people, each having different prototype. When we look upon the common problems they face, we have surprisingly found the variable setback patterns involving the degradation of the beard quality. Well, now you should take a note of the common patchy beard structure in order to analyse it more precisely.

beard patchiness pattern

Take a look of the image above. It shows the singular form of a patchy beard. However, when you would take a sharp look over this picture, you may easily notice the changes. Here, this guy undergoes a multi-layered issue of the patchy beard. For your easiness, I have spotted out the three different areas on his cheeks that show different patterns of uneven facial hair. Let’s break this down further.

  1. The first spot (that I have mentioned as 1 in the picture above) is completely void. If you zoom than in, you would find no traces of any facial growth in that area. Treating that up takes a lot of patience and generally, a lot of efforts too.
  2. The latter marked area shows traces of a beard. However, they are visibly not long enough to detect on a large scale. This difficulty is due to weak facial hair growth. Growing beard in this area takes comparatively less efforts than the former.
  3. The last portion that I have marked (Number 3 in this list) has a weird pattern. This is evident with most of us when our moustache and jawline beards doesn’t match each other in a line. This results in extraction from beholding the french cut, one of some very popular beard formats.

It is not compulsory that a person who suffers from uneven beard patterns have all these three signs mentioned above. But, most of all necessarily hold one of the three beard-structure propounded above. I can correlate myself with the last deformity until I tried these hacks and got rid of it.

Etymology of the Uneven Beard

etymology of a patchy beard

An erratic beard leaves a person puzzled with absolutely no idea behind it. A lot of people google it up and gets irritated with what they discover. Honestly, there are a throng of beard enthusiasts who constantly do a lot of things to get their facial hair like the majority of french dudes. Although every person have their particular set of problems, but the majority have a customary snag. Here, I would talk about some usual sources of a non-uniform beard pattern. This would help you point out the portion dragging you away from flaunting a full-fledged beard.

  1. Facial hair growth depends upon chemical compounds called androgens. This chemical, in the form of the testosterone hormone, boosts up the production of genital hair, beard growth and further physical growth inside male. Biologically, If you lack of androgens, you may lack full-fledged facial hair or may feel problems to grow beard completely.
  2. In case, you have your androgens level boosted up and still have the patchy beard, you got to know this. Generally, the testosterone create dihydrotestosterone, that contributes to the male characteristics. However, to do so, your facial hair follicles need 5-alpha-reductase. Well, this is an enzyme that converts the testosterone into the upper level. If you have low levels of that reductase, the dermal papillae of your beard follicles would not be able to signal your hair matrices to make hair. Complicated but true.
  3. Moving ahead, the third factor is completely related to your daily habits. It completely depends upon what you eat, your eating manners and also, your exercises. It was found that teens who did cardio about an hour daily, combined with meditation had no abnormalities. In contrast, people who ate junk and processed food evolved with a greater risk of hormonal imbalance.

Hacks to Grow a Beard and fill patchiness

grow a beard and fix patchiness

Do you completely lack facial hair and feel ashamed of it? Well, here I will share few tips on how to grow a beard if you completely lack it. Though there is no quick or assured way that would enable you to grow a beard all of a sudden. Having said that, there is no any trick that would get your cheeks filled within the night. If someone promises you that with kind of a bulky product, do not trust them. Here I am going to share few of the natural ways paired up with Ayurveda (Life Sciences) that would process you towards growing a beard you’ll love.

There is a step by step process that would help you to grow a beard. Although, you must know that, because this is completely the nature’s way and enhances no use of a chemical ingredient, the visible changes may take a long duration to see. But, at the same time, you will be moving on a right path to grow a beard bold on your face, if you don’t have any.

1. Understand the beard traits

understanding the beard growth parameters

A beard growth is stimulated by few major deciding factors. The first one is genetics. According to the studies, it was found that, the growth of a beard depends upon the climate, locality and genes. For an example, you may find that people of middle east asian countries like China can not grow a beard properly. While on the other hand, the majority of Indians flaunt a trendy full-grown beard without a hitch. In addition, the natural beard colour varies from one climatic condition to the other. Having said that, an inhabitant in the cold climatic condition(Americans) would grow a brown beard in contrary to the Indians who encounter black facial hair follicles.

2.  Patience is the Key

If you have a completely filled facial hair pattern and you just want to grow a beard, you need to keep patience. I would advise you to break down your schedule into weeks. If you are serious about growing a beard, take your personal diary out and make a memo. The ideal planner consists of week-wise column. In the last, keep some space for noting down distractions you felt during each week.

grow a beard with patience

Break down your schedule into mini-tasks. Here, I would tell you about one questionnaire where a clean shaved person asked me about the procedure of achieving a whisker. He had no patchy stubble, but he had never been into these stuffs. After 15 weeks of rugged forbearance, he was beaming with a substantial beard. Like everything, I didn’t tell him any formula that worked. Instead, the strong determination was the only factor that worked for him.

During the first two weeks, a newbie can feel proud over sporting something fascinating to him. After a week, the situation changes. Over 6 of the 10 people who tried their hand on acquiring a stubble did face skin irritation, itching and other difficulties. As a result, 4 of those 6 shaved their beard by the next jiffy. Well, here you need to stay calm to join the bearded community. However, you can get yourself a worthy beard trimmer to slightly trim the edges to keep your beard in shape.

3. Apt Caring of Your Beard

The more you will care your beard, the bigger it will get. It applies to almost everything in nature. Imagine your facial hair is the grass and your skin is the soil. Accordingly, whenever you won’t supply proper nutrition to the soil, the grass will not grow in an appropriate manner. Here, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Wash your beard

wash a beard

First of all, wash your beard every day. The fact is, when you wander out, you generally expose your face to the harmful pollutants and dust present outside. Thus, shampoo your beard on the top of it, massage it so as to pull the dirt off your skin pores. After that, leave it for a minute and rinse it. It will clean the due remaining of food, dirt, lint and whatever is stuck in your beard. Keep in mind of using a premium quality natural beard cleanser that would leave no side effect on your skin.

Condition it

proper way to condition a beard

To grow a beard, you need to provide proper supplements to your facial skin. In order to do so, you need to condition it after each wash. Stubble conditioning reduces irritation, beard itchiness and the dry skin problems. Because you are providing core nutrients to your skin, a good conditioner would furnish your skin the ability to grow hair follicles. As a result, you will no longer find any patchy beard on your face.

Oil it

way to oil a beard

Post conditioning, you should look upon providing your skin pores the proper strength. Here emerges an utmost need of the best beard growth oil for patchy beard. Beard oil has many advantages. First of all, It eliminates dandruff out of your beard. In addition, a natural beard oil reduces itchiness and aids in the beard growth. Thus, if are in a firm frame of mind to grow a beard, you should not overlook oiling your beard. The best time to oil your beard is right after the shower when your stubble is partially wet. Take a few drops out and gently rub it against your beard. Make sure the oil reaches to the facial skin as well.

Trimming your beard

how to trim a grown beard

Now when you are well aware of the essentials of growing a beard, you must know how to present it in a cool manner. A huge caveman patterned zig-zag stubble has completely gone out of fashion. Today, keeping a well trimmed stubble with even beard size provides a great value to your persona. While trimming your beard, keep in mind about your face size and trim your stubble accordingly. Most of the bearded fellows stuck at a point. You might feel difficulty in finding the correct length before you start edging your beards. Well, here I would suggest you the 5 weeks rule. Grow a beard as long as 5 weeks, get a premium quality beard trimmer and then trim it accordingly.

4. Health & Hygiene

One should always keep track of their health and hygiene. The human body is interconnected to each and every part of our body through a giant nervous system. There are various health factors that are directly or indirectly connected to the beard growth. Thus, If you want to grow a beard, you got to take a note of these all.

Regular Exercise

importance of a daily exercise

A 30 minute of rigorous exercise or, an hour of cardio should be an essential part of everybody’s daily routine, Cardiologists say. This is straightly related to the weight loss and has an impact over the beard growth too. It was found that men who have IBM (Ideal body Mass), contain an abundant level of testosterone, an androgen responsible for growth in men. In addition, exercising regularly aids in blood circulation and the ability to carry vital nutrients to all the parts of our body, including the hair follicles.

I would advise you to start with Pranayama and various other asanas in Yoga. Then, few minutes of cardio followed by set of short but intensive workouts. The high intensive workouts helps in boosting up the level of testosterone and thus, enables you to grow a beard on a right pace.

Good Supplement

how a good supplement aids in beard growth

Reach out for food that provide value and nutrition to your body. Predominantly, Look for a protein and vitamin rich diet. Here, I would advise you to go for natural sources instead of taking supplements like steroids to enhance your testosterone level. However, you can opt for biotin or other multi vitamin supplement to supply vital nutrients to your body. Most noteworthy, you should include protein rich foods like broccoli, olive oil, dry fruits, spinach and milk to your diet. Always remember, a protein-rich diet in balance with other important elements like zinc, magnesium, iron and Vitamin B6 can do wonders in obtaining your desired goal. In conclusion, say a big NO to processed and junk food.

Proper Rest

how proper rest enhances beard growth

In today’s busy schedule, people are tangled so much in their personal and office lives that they get no time for themselves. This leads to many health conditions like poor appetite, hair loss and uneven facial hair growth. If you are focussed to grow a beard, you must jot down the fact that a proper sleep is necessary for detoxing your body. Reach for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each day and it will help your beard in receiving the proper nutrition and let out the harmful toxins your skin had acquired the full day.

Stress Management

manage stress to grow a beard quickly

Now-a-days, stress in a customary setback in modern life. Having said that, above 50% of Americans suffer from stress due to personal or work related problems. Anxiety plays a substantial role in the production of androgens inside your body. As a result, the production of hormone testosterone is reduced, leading into problems like patchy beard, erectile dysfunction and lack of concentration. Stress affects your body’s ability to supply proper nutrients to your beard and thus, your hair roots lack those vital sustenance.

Managing a stress is not that hard. In short, start your day with meditation and yoga, eat healthy food, exercise everyday and take proper sleep. In addition, keep your personal and official life side by side and not let the former interfere into latter.

5. Treatment for the Patchiness

complications with the beard growth

In most of the cases, the patchy beard occur to improper nutrition but, there are several cases where it occurs due to skin infections. The most common among all is the tine barbarae, a fungal infection responsible for the patchiness. In addition, bacterial infections such as folliculitis and skin conditions such as dermatitis can cause the uneven beard pattern. Here, I would suggest that you see a dermatologist before reaching out to your independent decision. Most noteworthy, there are skin areas where there are no or less hair follicles unlike the rest of the face, resulting into a patchy beard. In most of the cases, this is a normal variant and needs no further assistance.


Growing a beard is not an impossible task. However, it requires a lot of attention, supplements and most of all, the patience. But, don’t fret with those uneven patterns on your facial hair. Now when you are about to grow a beard, stay stick to the hacks mentioned above and believe that you are going to be amazed with the results. I hope for the good luck in the course of growing a beard.

This was the exclusive guide to grow a beard and fix patchiness. If you have gone through it, must share your experiences with the ShopTrimmers community. I would love to hear from you. This is Arnav, signing off.