JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer complete reviewAmong the many elements that add up to the step towards making our lives easier, usually I see two primary factors. There are a list of authority brands in every niche and then, some newcomer comes straight out of nowhere and nails it all the way. Here, in this scenario, I am talking about the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer that has rocked the american grooming industry since its manufacturing.

Normally, when you take a look over its body, it does amaze you with its white line graphics over its pure black unibody. Though there is a list of fascinating names in the trimming industry, I wondered how exactly had it survived its soul. This whole mystery made me look towards the customers and guess what, there is the single place where all my confusion finally rested. The JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer has a list of its loyal fans, aficionados who have come from its amazing features and the promises it has kept in such a low price range.

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JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer Review- A detailed Look

Though this clipper delivers some amazing features, Is it a wise decision to buy it? Well, In this post I will be talking about JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer’s complete review. This discussion features the specifications, pros, cons and the customers’ verdict column and would guide you whether to buy this trimmer or not.  Meanwhile you can take a look at top 10 beard trimmers of 2017 to get yourself a good knowledge about clippers.

Durable Quality and Ultra Fast Performance

The JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer is built with premium quality plastic and feels really good in hand. If you take a look at its design, you can easily figure out its white graphic nicely blend on its black texture. Moving on, it sports a mighty motor to take care of all your basic grooming needs. The motor is ultra quiet and produces no sound and vibration. I found no glitch even during cutting my 4 months thick beard.

In addition, the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer features an ultra edge titanium fixed blade with precision cut technology. Altogether these fast action blades efficiently trim your facial hair without cutting your skin. Along with this, this clipper comes with a comb attachment with 9 positions ranging from 1-8mm. If you have a comparatively denser beard, I would suggest you to try the Remington MB4040 Lithium ion beard trimmer instead, due to its wide trimming range and exceptional battery backup.

All-rounder in a Cheap range

With an year’s warranty, the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer is available in American market for USD 50 and for USD 29 on Amazon central website. If you take a look over its broad usage, you won’t deny having this super stuff in such a low price range. This All in one trimmer is made to trim your beard and works fine with cutting your moustache and scalp hair as well. As a surprise, it gives you an opportunity to clean off your body hair without much hassle.

During the operation, it actually felt very easy to use this trimmer. There was no sign of yanking, it was easy to control and offered a nice grip. It cut smooth edges and boasts an adjustable length comb to perfectly meet a newbie bearded guy’s needs. Overall this is a nice clipper especially for the price and I would not mind recommending you this piece.



  • Offers a battery life of 45 minutes in a 8 hours of long charging time
  • Short trimming range from 1-8mm


  • Conservative price
  • Powerful yet noise proof motor
  • Elegant design and sharp blades
  • All round cutting

Customers’ Reviews and Verdict

customers rating chart of the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer

Customer are the soul of a sale store. Here, I am going to put down the mixed up reactions of shoppers from major online stores. First of all, the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer has got a whopping response among buyers as they have awarded it with a 4.4 stars out of 5. One of the verified customer says this trimmer a “nice little surprise” while the other calls it a “great beard trimmer with an all-round performance”. However, there were few unsatisfied consumers who complained about its adjustment range that was not a problem to others.

First of all, the JTrim JPT-BTP300 Pro-Trimmer features a efficient motor crafted in an alluringly designed body. In addition, it sports a decent battery that gives you a cordless performance of 45 minutes. Most noteworthy, the blades are super sharp and you get an all-round performance in such a less bucks. Thus, In my opinion, this trimmer is a worth buying product.

If you have got any questions regarding this trimmer’s purchase, feel free to ask in comments below.

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