In the last article about various hair removal techniques, we had discovered about different methods that assist us getting the grass off our skin roots. Well, after that my Quora page was flooded with question requests. When you take a look at some of them, you discover how people are taking interest in natural hair removal remedies. Let’s take a dig of few common questions popped up on my timeline.

1.  What are few easy home remedies to get rid of facial hair in women? – Katherine

And this,

2. How to remove unwanted hair permanently using home remedies? – Jacob

Do not forget the Indians.

3. What are some exceptional Ayurveda home remedies for permanent hair removal? – Tanya

And here’s the last but not the least-

4. What are the tried and tested home remedies to get rid of facial hair? – Alestair and others.

Here we have listed four questions that, of course are a part of hundreds of relatable queries. Howsoever, most queries revolve around these four most common issues and thus, most of you would find one of them close to your existing problem.

The Analysis

natural hair removal remedies

Before we start, let me tell you that a home remedy makes use of the existing spices, household goods, daily grocery stuffs and veggies. In other words, home remedies are way too easily available, natural, price efficient and effective. They aid in permanent hair removal, thus saves us from the loop of salon and other expensive methods.

As you can spot out in the third question, there are people who are interested in Ayurvedic home remedies to remove hair. FYI, Ayurveda is a hindi/sanskrit word that comprises of Ayu (Life) and Veda (sciences). This is a collection of ancient Indian modus operandi to treat ailments naturally using herbs. Herbs are usually collected from the forests, mountains and if mixed in definite proportion, can do wonders.

In many ways, home remedies and Ayurveda consists of common resources. For an example, honey is both a herb and household stuff. Thus, on prioritising, we have come across few exceptional methods to save you from finding those essential hard-to-discover herbs.

In this article, I will be talking about the ways of hair removal through home remedies. For your easiness, we have made sure to add techniques that really work plus don’t consist concealed herbs. Follow any of these ways listed below and you will certainly notice the difference popping out.

Exceptional natural hair removal remedies

Today when the world is facing a setback due to falling hairs and advance baldness, unwanted hair create an equal part of trouble in people’s lives. There are way too many products, each claiming to be superior than the rest. Howsoever, you have to go through their specifications and notice consumers’ experience towards that product in order to judge it better. Here, you will find five exceptional methods to waive off unwanted follicles and guess what? These are completely natural and you don’t have to break your bank too.

1. Gram Flour and Turmeric Powder

Ingredients : Gram flour, coconut oil, turmeric powder, Rose water

gram flour and turmeric for hair removal

Steps of Application-

  1. Take a tsp of gram flour (known as Besan in eastern countries).
  2. Put 3/4 tsp of coconut oil into it. If you lack the coconut oil, you may mix pure ghee as the replacement.
  3. Include a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix it well to get a homogenous paste. In case, you find the paste way too thick, pour some rose water to get an even mixture. If the paste gets thinner, you may add a pinch of gram flour to correct it.
  4. Apply this paste fresh over your face/neck and allow it to dry properly.
  5. After the pack dries up, use your fingers to rub the mask off. Make sure you rub it off in the direction opposite to your facial hair growth. Put the right amount of pressure. Make sure you neither get harsh on your skin nor undergo a delicate touch.
  6. Wash your face with plain water after rubbing your face pack off. Do a proper cleansing to degrade hair follicles, if left.
  7. Repeat this procedure once a week for 3-4 months. Remain assure that this natural hair removal technique won’t let the grass appear again over your skin. It is permanent in nature and a secure way to get rid of your unwanted hair.

Modus Operandi-

Gram flour is not only known for its ability to supply vital proteins in our body but, it works as a great disinfectant against the skin allergies. Turmeric weakens the hair follicles while the coconut oil keeps your skin smooth and prevents it from any damage that may occur when your rub your skin to disintegrate the mask. In this way, this solution destroys the unwanted hairs from its roots naturally without doing further damage to your skin.

2. Raw Papaya with Turmeric Powder

Ingredients : Raw papaya, turmeric powder, rose water

Raw papaya with turmeric

Steps of Application-

  1. Peel the papaya, cut it into little pieces. After that, grind the pieces to prepare a fine paste.
  2. Take two tsp of this paste and add it with two pinches of turmeric powder.
  3. If this mixture is concentrated, you may add few drops of rose water in it.
  4. Apply this mixture over the desired parts and massage it for half an hour.
  5. In the last, first wash it off with plain water and then use a good cleansing solution.
  6. pat your face dry.

Modus Operandi-

Papaya and turmeric are known for their strong repulsive character. In combination, they disintegrate hair follicles and ward them off the roots. Due to the essential natural enzymes, this mixture is one of the best natural hair removal remedies. Please note that, you may need to repeat this procedure once a week for an interval of three months to see visible results.

3. Hair removal through Fuller’s earth

Ingredients: Multani Soil (Fuller’s earth), Turmeric powder, Rose water

fullers earth turmeric powder

Steps of Application-

  1. Take two tablespoon of Multani soil and mix it with two pinches of turmeric powder.
  2. Add subsequent amount of rose water to make a fine solution. Dilute the solution in order to make it easy to spread over your skin.
  3. Massage it throughout the area. Leave this paste for half an hour.
  4. Rub it gently to get rid of the pack.
  5. Wash the skin area with plain water and pat it dry.
  6. Repeat this procedure everyday for two months to see visible changes.

Modus Operandi-

Fuller’s earth, known as Multani Soil in Asia Pacific is recognised as its capability to absorb oil and moisture from the skin. It contains bentonite that is known to disintegrate dead skin cells and hair follicles. Turmeric powder is a great add to the Multani soil as it doubles up the action in clearing up the unwanted hair follicles from their roots in a quick and safe demeanour.

4. Sugaring

In this list, we have Sugaring as one of few most dominant natural hair removal remedies. Talking about the efficiency first, this hair removal technique is more like waxing. In both the cases, hairs are removed from the roots but sugaring is much kinder to the skin. Additionally, it doesn’t create a paining sensation that is much obvious with waxing procedure.

Here we have the recipe to make a sugaring paste at home. In case, you don’t wanna give it a try or unsure about its consistency; don’t hesitate to order one from the market. They are cheap and are prepared in a right concentration.

Ingredients: Granulated sugar, water, lemon juice

sugaring natural hair removal remedies

Sugaring is one of the dominant natural hair removal remedies

Steps of Application

  1. Take 2 cups of granulated sugar, 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Intermix all these three in a proper format.
  2. Boil this solution. Keep the heat supply intermediate. Stir it until the solution becomes thick and the sugar is fully dissolved.
  3. After you find no traces of granulated sugar, pour the mixture in a jar. Allow the paste to be cool over the period of time.
  4. Take a small amount of it, knead it well until there appears a pearl tint. Apply this paste on different areas of your body and allow it to stick to hairs.
  5. Remove unwanted hairs in the direction of hair growth. Strain the skin area for pain reduction and sharp movements.
  6. Clean the skin with water and allow it to dry completely. Apply a proper moisturising cream for moisture supply.

Modus Operandi

Sugaring is an innovative hair removal method you can look forward to get rid of short follicles. It is a great replacement of waxing until and unless you have hair shorter than 3-4mm. If you are preparing a sugaring wax at home, make sure you have dry hands as any hint of moisture can exploit the tendency of the paste. You can use it on your arms and legs, armpits, bikini area and face. Fret not, the side effects of natural hair removal remedies are minimal.. Although, I would advise people with thin or sensitive skin to stay away from it.

5. Neem Powder with Cyperus rotundus

Ingredients: Turmeric powder, Neem powder, Cyperus rotundus, Fuller’s earth

This is one of the oldest but efficacious way to slow down the hair growth. In this procedure, four ultimate herbs and homemade substances are intermingled in a right proportion. The paste, altogether consists of antibacterial and skin moisturising properties to keep your skin hydrated while doing the requisite task of hair follicles removal.

Steps of Application

  1. Take 1/4 cup of turmeric powder and similar proportion of Neem powder and cyperus rotundus. Pour very little amount of water to make a thick solution.
  2. If you have an oily skin, try adding 1/6 cup of fuller’s earth (Multani soil). Otherwise skip adding it to the solution.
  3. Now when the paste is prepared, apply this paste all over your body post taking the shower. Leave it for half an hour before washing it off.
  4. Add it to your daily routine for 4-6 weeks until you start visualising the noticeable difference.

Modus Operandi

This paste works upon the principal of depletion and decay. It doesn’t take out your hairs all of a sudden but modifies through a valid transformation. Eventually over a period of time, the hair lost through this procedure will be semi permanent in nature. Talking about the paste, the turmeric powder adds to the Cyperus, known as Nagarmotha in India to weaken the hair follicles. Altogether, they suck the moisture and nourishment from your hair follicles and the surrounding skin areas. Here, the neem powder comes to the rescue as the Indian lilac is known for its ability to protect the skin and soothe irritation. Altogether, this paste leads in hair loss in a safe and natural manner.

PRECAUTION: Make sure you don’t wear your formals without proper natural cleansing as there is a high chance to get stamped by the yellowishness of the turmeric powder.


5 natural hair removal remedies

In this post, we have listed 5 exceptional natural hair removal remedies. You can analyse each of these, assess them based on the availability of the materials. Also, choose a method that seems comfortable. There are certain factors viz., some people have skin allergies and skin diseases and here, they should not overlook their health.

In case you are looking to get rid of your unwanted hair in a jiffy, here’s the comprehensive list of hair removal techniques that would make your work easy.

Now when you have picked a homemade hair removal procedure best suited to you, wait a second. Understand the fact that you are not getting some quick results. In fact, no natural process can beat chemical treatments on a time scale. Howsoever, natural methods are more permanent and superiorly safe.

Last but not the least; you need to have a lot of patience. Following a natural treatment in a routined manner is not easy. You need to set yourself in the right positive mindset. Results may appear in a matter of 2-3 months. You need to check yourself from skipping a single day. After all the hassles, you’ll be certainly content with the results.