Panasonic ER430K nose ear trimmer reviewThe Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear, Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer is an excellent design and shows the level of thought and care that went into it. Using a nose trimmer is not the same thing as a beard trimmer. They both trim hair. Yes, and that’s where the similarities end. Unlike beard trimmers where the shavings don’t cause too much of a problem, shavings of nose hair can aggravate a bout of sneezing. The Panasonic’s vacuum solves that problem easily. The Panasonic ER430k makes fine grooming effortless and precise.

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The Inside Story with the Panasonic ER430k

Panasonic er430k trimmer review

A trimmer is just a trimmer, right? Wrong. Well, at least not in my experience. You haven’t felt pain till you’ve been on the receiving end of a trimmer that yanks out nose hair rather than cuts it. The Panasonic ER430k has overcome the problem of that and redesigned the blades in such a way that they tilt at a 60° angle allowing the blades to engage and slice rather than grapple and pull. The blades are also dual-edged and are sharp enough to do the job.

Since it is entering the nasal cavity, Panasonic also made the blade hypo-allergenic. Whether you need to use it wet or dry, the entire device is submersible in water. So trimming in the shower is not a problem. It also makes it easy to keep the handle and the blade clean just by running it in water. I periodically use a mild soap to just keep the outsides clean from water marks and smudges.

Integrated Vacuum Technology

The trimmer operates on a single AA battery. You’d have to get these separately and it depends on how often you plan on using the trimmer but the battery does last a reasonable amount of time. Personally, I use rechargeable batteries. So I leave the battery in there and once I feel the power waning, I get the other battery on deck, ready to go when its needed.

There is also an integrated vacuum in the trimmer. This is absolutely a necessary especially when it comes to trimming nasal hair. I have had trimmers that didn’t have this feature and the shavings that result from a session always irritate the sinuses and get me sneezing. With the vacuum, I no longer have this problem. The trimmer is a designed well in shape, so that it affords a comfortable grip that allows the wrist to move within its natural range of motion. This is a major consideration because improper angles can cause typical trimmers to be inefficient or worse, yank on nostril hairs.

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Rotary Blade and High Protection

Panasonic er430k trimmer review

The shaving fixture consists of a rotary blade rather than an oscillating plate. It has a safety cone that protects your delicate nostrils and it serves to also prevent the blades from pulling the hair. The entire assembly is then tilted at a comfortable angle that makes the natural articulation of the wrist sufficient to maneuver the rotating blade to the extent needed, precisely.

Speaking of blades, they are sharp and made from hypoallergenic stainless steel. In fact the entire casing that you introduce into the nostrils is constructed from hypoallergenic steel to prevent any irritation within the nostrils.

Easy to Maintain

The first thing that’s great about this trimmer is that it feels tight and solid in your hand. None of the flimsy, cheap feeling here. The grip is encased in a soft rubber that is easy to clean. It also provides adequate positive grip to confidently accomplish your nasal task. The motor is powerful and when that comes together with the sharp blades, they slice through hair effortlessly.

The Panasonic ER430k is pretty much the top of the line (although not priced that way!) and so it comes standard with all the bells and whistles. I like the fact that it can be rinsed clean and that it doesn’t need to be oiled. Rinsing it clean and pat drying it is sufficient to get any shavings or clippings loose from the crevasses and nooks of the trimmer.

Great Performer

Panasonic ER430K ear trimmer reviewThe thing I like most about it is that the battery seems to last forever. The trimmer does not come with batteries in the box. Instead, it takes one AA battery that you’ll have to get yourself. I opted to get a rechargeable and each full charge gets me about 90 minutes or trimming time. That translates to a lot of trims, because unlike beard trimmers, you only need about 45 seconds to get your objective achieved.

I know it’s just a gimmick, but I also do like the little mirror on the cap. It helps me see where I am pointing the trimmer, especially when I am cleaning up the area around the ears and some of the strays that pop up every now and then. The cap then covers the trimmer and I get to store it in the handsome cover that comes in the box.



The product is not perfect, though. Few products are, at the end of the day. What I do not like about this is that the noise levels are rather noticeable. When it comes to trimmers, a little noise is okay. Although, this one is on the loud side of the meter. The nose trim session is not that bad. However, bringing the unit to the ear is rather painful due to the volume.

Much has been said about the trimmers role as a nose hair trimmer. But it’s not just that. The years are well taken care of as well. Except for the sound, the trimmer gets all the strays and vacuums them out so you don’t walk around all day with hair clippings lining the inside of your ears.

Other than that, everything that it says it can do, it does. Most of all, that’s what all of us are interested in. I like the way it looks and the way it feels. That is one of the most important things in getting something that you handle with your hands. It doesn’t produce excessive vibrations and performs smoothly. Overall, the Panasonic ER430k has me satisfied. Therefore, I will definitely recommend you going for this ear/nose trimmer.