Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver reviewEpilators are devices that run on battery to effectively remove hair from the roots of the skin. As a result, you get a clean and smooth skin. Since waxing, threading, laser processes are time consuming and are not as effective as expected, these epilators help in getting rid of the unwanted hairs very easily.There are tweezers in the epilators that acts effectively to Remove Hairs instantly at home without having to visit a ladies salon for the same. Since other Epilation processes are all very hard and might lead to any skin troubles like skin rashes, reddening, etc. Today we are going to talk about the Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver review. Let us start.

Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver Review

With the Es-Ed90-P, Panasonic brings the opportunity to bring Epilators for the improvement of life in every woman. Waxing and threading would not stand for more than 10 days. After which strings of hair start growing that leads to frequent usage of waxing creams.

Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver featuresThere are several companies and manufacturers that introduced Epilators that can be used at ease. Panasonic is the leading pioneer in the field of electric appliances and grooming products. It started off with the normal trimmers and woman shavers . Finally, they have eyed the epilator segment with the most effective epilator in the complete series namely wet/dry epilator. If you look at the other epilators, the Panasonic ES ED90 P stands out. It has perceived many positive reviews and ratings. In addition, there are multiple advantages of buying the Panasonic Es ED90 P ladies wet and dry epilator.

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Perks of the Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator and shaver

Clear from the name, The Panasonic Es ED90 P epilator can be used on wet/dry skin before/ during shower. This is a great fit to those who feel that epilating during the shower is less painful. Yet another big advantage of this epilator is the pedicure buffer that cuts shorts the money spent on the parlors. This acts as a life time investment on one product that brings goodness to skin. It is available for USD 75 over Amazon. Most noteworthy, it also helps in reducing the number of visits to parlors for self-grooming.

Built in LED Lights

The panasonic es ed90 p ladies wet and dry epilator shaver has LED light in-build. As a result, it is able to illuminate the minute hair follicles on the skin which are not seen with normal lightings in the room. Moreover, it provides large surface epilator attachments. These attachments are easy to use on the legs and arms of a person. Hence, it saves time as well as your efforts. Since legs and hands are not a sensitive area. Thus, you can remove the hair follicle on the hands and legs very swiftly.

Flawless Cleaning

When it comes to using the epilator in quiet sensitive areas like arm pits, chest region, public area and bikini line, it’s very important to use the epilator with at most care which is done using the smaller surface epilator attachment that are specifically designed to be used in sensitive areas. Since it features a pivot head, you can adjust it accordingly. Moreover, you also get various attachments that are all washable. As a result, cleaning is no more a tedious task. 

Downsides of the Panasonic Es-Ed90-P Epilator

panasonic wet:dry epilator customer opinionThe users lined up few minor issues that don’t actually hit the main basic usage of this epilator. This epilator has the charger that would take almost 1 hour to charge and also the complete usage might take around 40 minutes. However, this lacks in a corded application. Manufacturers should take a note of that and make further improvements.

Though 99% of the hair are removed, some notice the minutest hairs that pop up here and there, which is kind of a small minor issue. There are no speed options for this epilator – this frown down the user as they require speed changes according to their available time and the area in which it is used. The battery life doesn’t stand for a long time that requires breakage of the sessions.

Why should you Buy the Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver ?

Panasonic wet/dry epilator review

Among the other epilators, this Panasonic wet and dry promises to be less painful than any other product available for use. There are numerous other epilators that make much noise when used that lets the user turn disgusting as they feel that the whole lot of family would know the usage of epilator in the washroom. Also it is that, the noise would be undesirable and disturbing when used. This epilator doesn’t have that issue; it is much quieter than the other epilators. The attachments and caps are all of the best use.

I would definitely recommend it to them who have sensitive skin.  Priced for $75, it is super smooth and works like a charm.

Panasonic proves its worth for money by providing 2 years of warranty. It is very easy to clean and one doesn’t have to struggle with emptying the hairs within the main epilator body. It is very convenient for shaving and trimming. Every review of this product that are available are promising and satisfactory.

Worth the money and just one time for life, reduces time wastage and money spent on parlor’s for Grooming with tough methods like waxing. Just stop thinking of the costly laser treatments that are not good for skin, especially woman and go for this Panasonic epilator that is very safe.


There are several reason to go for the Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver. Here are some points to conclude that it is the best release from the house of most trusted brand Panasonic.

Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver prosOne can use it for both dry or wet usage. It is cordless and also has 48 tweezers that makes the job easy. In addition, it encompasses dual wide disc technology for the best effective smoothest skin possible. The Panasonic Es Ed90 P ladies wet and dry epilator shaver is pretty economic at USD 75. Given the features and price range, it is a no-brainer.

Most noteworthy, there are no issues with voltage fluctuations as this epilator uses automatic universal dual voltage. In case you are interested, it comes along with a travel pouch that helps in keeping all the attachments in one bag. Keeping everything in mind, you should consider picking this up. In case you have a higher budget, definitely move on to the Philips HP6576 Satin perfect deluxe epilator.

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