Panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer reviewBeard is an ornament to a man and flaunting it the smart way could make your look a way more enticing. The beard, if caressed properly gives you an elegant look. On the other hand, if you do not maintain your beard it could give you an unpleasant tribal look. If we talk about tools that help maintaining your facial hair, a trimmer comes handy all the time. In this short article, I will be talking about the panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer reivew and tell you about the advantages and shortcomings of this particular equipment. Also, I will guide you about different perspective of it, the true story is yet to be revealed.

Panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer is not simply a beard trimmer but, a blend of all. According to Panasonic, the Japanese electronic giant, this clipper is an “All in one” trimming equipment. You can manage your hair length, trim down your beards and moustache and lower down the nose hair length a bit. Officially, this is a picture perfect machine but what is the truth exactly? Well, you do not have to worry as I have done the extensive research to pull out the deepest detail.

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Accessories Provided with Panasonic Milano ER GB40 S Beard Trimmer

Getting a trimmer alone is not enough for the styling of a beard. In actual, you need few added accessories for the fine detailing and different facial hair designs. Post unpacking the box, I got few freebies listed below :

  • AC charger stand with charge indication
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Single comb attachment
  • Cleaning oil bottle


The panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer is categorised among the best electric beard trimmer on Amazon. Off course it is equipped with more features than the negative points. Thus, to discuss it all, I will tell you its properties and area where it is unbeatable.

Design and Build Quality

The panasonic  Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer features an ergonomic design. Crafters have spent more on its upraising section. The upper section is a little wide, allowing to fit in broader blades and a dynamic motor for a powerful shaving. The stainless steel blades works perfect and this machine gives you a 45 degree cutting edge technology to work along. Moving to the earth, the manufacturers have placed a rubber pad for an easy grip. The panasonic Milano ER GB40 S has a waterproof design and you can avail trimming in wet and dry environment. Overall, this clipper is lightweight, well designed and there is no scope of complaints to be made in this section.

Length settings and working

For a beard holder, an appropriate beard length really matters. A well groomed beard clearly shows up a major difference at every succeeding length. I know from my customers how long exactly they want their beard to be. Because of the self control over every tiny things, one needs a trimmer that works well according to their needs. The panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer is doing a remarkable job here. With a powerful Motor and single attachment 19 length settings, you can style every millimetre of your beard, in a professional manner.

Battery Backup

If you are an avid traveller like me, usually you need more output in a single charge. Here, the panasonic ER GB40 S trimmer has flaunted a premium feature. In every single charge of an hour, it claims to provide 50 minutes running time. Given the fact that this clipper is equipped with a powerful motor, a 50 minute duration is more than enough for a person to take three trimming sessions. In an average, for every traveller enthusiast, it manages to provide a month of beard grooming if trimmed weekly.



Critics follow everyone. From the smartest of men, to the most noble people- everyone have few downside and people who criticise them. Here, while testing this trimmer, I found few downside that the people can find annoying. While not a major drawback, I find it important to make all my readers aware of it.

First Charging session

If you read the manual, it is clearly mentioned that, “the first charging session should be of 15-20 hrs.” But, usually it takes more than that. In my test, it took a long 38 hours to charge and then, the red light changed colour. You need to keep patience for the first time until the red LED notification disappears. Do not worry, after the first charge, it will take not more than an hour to charge for a trimming session of 50 minutes.


“Owning a good is not the problem, the real problem starts while maintaining it.” This quote applies to every article you attain in your lifetime. In the context of Panasonic ER GB40 S, this equipment needs few minutes of caring prior and post every trimming session. As the manual guide has already mentioned, the device needs to be oiled properly before and after every use. Though this is not a big problem to worry for, I found it important to mention here, to make this review more clear and honest, in a true sense.

Customers Words and Verdict

Digging up the customers review section on Amazon, I found few buyers who were unhappy with this product. One of them complained about the long charging time for the first time while another complained about oiling in every other use. Well, this should not bother you. On the other hand, 80% people graded this product 4 and above ratings, showing the success of this trimmer in the grooming industry. One of the satisfied customers said, “I love this product and wish i could give it a 6 star”. Overall, the panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer is provided with a 4.2 ratings on

The panasonic Milano ER GB40 S beard trimmer is priced moderately at USD 43. In my comparison of its advantages vs. negative aspects, I found this trimmer is equipped with more features and the downside are not a worry. It is cordless and lightweight and are perfect for adventure lovers. The powerful motor and broad length settings enable beard aficionados to control the detailing. In my view, buying this trimmer is a clever idea.

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