Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair ClipperFrom the moment you see a picture of the Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper, you know it’s going to be interesting clipper. But looks only count for so much, especially when it comes to a device for cutting your hair. So how does the Philips Norelco QC5055  power hair clipper fair up overall as a product? Well, here I will try to settle down every question regarding this very product. Hello trimmer buffs, this is Arnav and here you will go through the QC5055 review. Let’s get started.

I was looking all over for some good clippers. Every week, I used to spend 16 bucks every month on a haircut. I chose this one over the Oster and Wahl for its brand reputation and am happy to say, It has met my expectations. – Tom Klein


Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper Features

From the first use, it seemed to house a very powerful motor. It’s advertised as having “turbo power” and I’d agree with that to an extent. The main thing is that is has the power to cut through my thick hair in a breeze, and actually cuts as opposed to pulls. The adjustment settings it has are perfectly adequate and each setting locks in to place quite nicely. I know how annoying it is when you aren’t fully convinced that a setting has locked into place and you’re a bit on edge as to whether it will stay at the right length setting! You won’t have that problem with these clippers.

The razor also has a good feel to it in general. It’s no slip grip ensures you can keep a tight hold of it and can guide it how you want. It’s shape fits nicely in the hand and is perfectly comfortable to use.

Battery Life with Good Cleaning Interface

Another thing worth noting is the battery life. It will last a good 40+ minutes cable free, giving you plenty of time to get the job done without any cables getting in the way. Moreover, the Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper consists of the turbo power attribute. It is quite a useful feature to help you cut the curly hair and supplies an extra boost of power.

A side from that, one of my favourite features is it’s ease of cleaning. The blades are self sharpening so they don’t need to be oiled regularly – if at all – and a quick rinse under the faucet generally does the trick. There’s nothing worse than a set of clippers being a massive hassle to clean, even if they do give you an amazing cut.

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Maximum Flexibility with Minimum Parts

Philips QC5055/80 trimmer specificationsFor those of you with a beard, this actually also works great as a beard trimmer. I hate having to have multiple devices for different purposes, so I tried this out on my beard just as a test. It worked great! Now I just have the one device for all my hair trimming needs!

The Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper comes with three combs. These pre included combs provide 15 lock-in-length settings. Thus, you receive the desired look and flaunt it boldly.

The actual quality of the blades does give me doubts at times, but that’s only comparing it to the higher end, professional quality models. As mentioned earlier, the power sort of makes up for this and I haven’t experienced a bad cut yet. Sometimes I just feel that if the blades were a tad more sharper then the cut would be even smoother. However, the steel wave blade technology isn’t bad either and facilitates you with an even and precise cut all around.

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  • Featuring Turbo Power with a powerful motor to cut down coarse hair and perform in a heavy duty mode
  • Ergonomic design and flexibility ensures you get the desired length trim for both scalp and facial hair.
  • Boasts of the Steel-wave blade technology for an even and precise trim
  • No slip grip for the complete control over the groomer itself


  1. Not enough power if you like a fast haircut


philips qc5055 trimmer pros cons

The Amazon buyers community have awarded this trimmer a 4 stars, with a 79% of 4 and above stars ratings. Here’s take a look over few verified purchases and analyse the true capability of the Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper:

I have been using it for an year and it works best for me. However, its battery doesn’t hold charge if left unused for a long period of time, but it outperforms other hair clippers in this segment. All-in-all, this is an excellent product and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues. — Jacob

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Although, there are quite a few negative ratings regarding the Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper. One of the discontent buyer complained about the charging defect, that is just an issue with quite a few units and you need not to worry about this.

In conclusion, it’s really hard to put the Philips Norelco QC5055 power hair clipper at fault, considering it’s cost. I guess the cut on more expensive models would be smoother, but then that’s what you’re paying for. I’ve been completely satisfied with the quality of cut that this razor has given me, and as I say, it’s even suitable for a beard. Overall, a great product by Philips.

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