Pure enrichment TRYM II all in one beard trimmer ReviewThe attractive image of a well groomed man oozing with the magnetism of manliness holds good in a smartly dressed beard and mustache. A look is complete only when it is cared of properly, finished to perfection and without a smart trim it is next to impossible. Using the right tool is half the task done and thus Pure Enrichment , a reputed name in the international grooming industry present its exclusive beauty for the man of today, the stylish TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit.

This Ultra-sleek rechargeable hair, mustache, beard, and body clipper is a perfect bathroom companion for any man who wishes to change a look in one go. It is accompanied by a great full body trimming tool which gives you the perfect beard, the mustache you twine or the carefree body hair trim which is generally excluded in a trimming kit. To understand the product better let’s analyze it deeply.

What happens if the office meeting wound up late and there is the Friday office party ahead in just an hour’s time or, your loved one waiting for that dinner date you promised her? A week into work and the tight schedule keeps the barber waiting. Even that Late Sunday evening professional trim is important. Because, an over grown stubble or an unkempt mustache would certainly be a turn off for the companions. There are ear and nose hair also to be taken care of. Now buying multiple machines for varied tasks isn’t a great option as not only it dry the pocket but also kills a lot of time maintaining them. Thus what you need is an all in one trimming machine.

Lets take a closer look on the trimmer and understand why this machine is a best beard trimmer class  product.

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TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit – Ultra-sleek Hair, Body, Mustache, and Beard Trimmer – Complete Review

Pure Enrichment is famous for delivering world class products which are exclusively designed for the man of today. With a beautiful flat holding section the trimmer is a masterpiece that shines out like a jewel in your bathroom. The Ultra-sleek rechargeable hair, mustache, beard, and body clipper has a superb strong battery, sharper blade, and additional attachments. Furthermore, it includes the wonderful TRYM II, charging unit, an AC adapter, 4 all-purpose trimming attachments, a cleaning brush and oil for lubrication.

Most noteworthy, the company provides professional-grade metal blades for excellent hair cutting. Thus, it gives a hassle free experience and makes the device easy to handle. The lovely clean and glittering design compliments the interiors and looks great in any bathroom. The TRYM II is extremely easy to charge anywhere and comes with an exclusive 1 Year Warranty.

Pure Enrichment is a reputed name in manufacturing products that are aimed to balance & enhance everyday life. From bath ware & relaxation to cosmetic care & purification systems, all its products are dedicatedly crafted to meet the highest and toughest quality standards. Also, the company assures 1 year full time warranty on all its products which speaks greatly of the commitment it has towards its customers.


Pure enrichment trym ii featuresThe TRYM II is a Cut above the rest as it is the latest hair clipper set from Pure Enrichment. It’s a genuine and high quality product with professional-grade parts. It`s hassle free and extremely sleek in design which gives it the advantage of pure comfort in terms of handling it and using it on any part of the body. Plus the bossy look makes it a perfect showpiece for any bathroom. However the sleekness doesn’t cut on its power. It outperforms most of its competitors in the same segment.

It’s beautiful power button makes it a gorgeous machine. The 4 piece comb set is something every man longs for in a trimming kit. Most trimming machines do not provide with these accessories but TRYM does keep a great sense of product design. The trim can vary from extra fine to dense stubble. Beard, Goatie, Mustache, Head, Body, & Stubble Trimming Attachments cover all the parts of the body and offer trims of 1.8mm, 3mm, 6mm, & 9mm in length. Whatever be your choice be it a rugged stubble look or just an existing hair little trim, there’s an attachment for you.

The blade on TRYM II uses a sharper & higher quality edge in contrast to its predecessor. Furthermore, these special alloy metal blades are mechanically designed for excellent cutting & are made to last endlessly and will never snag or pull at your hair negating any trim irritations making the product suitable for all hair and skin types.

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Power, Charging and Performance

Traditionally, beard trimmers are supposed to be bulky heavy machines and need a long charging before using. Also, the battery life tends to fade after a few trims mostly when needed the most. They are hidden in drawers or placed on the bathroom counters with power cords attached. Pure Enrichment paid attention to this detail. With the delivery of TRYM II, it features an exclusive long battery life that lasts for an hour. The very sleek & modern presentation doesn’t cut on the performance and the blades give a relaxing trim every single time.

Weight and accessory kit

The entire box is ravishingly packed in a gift box and shipping weight is around 1.2 pounds. The box comes with a TRYM II, 4 trimming attachments, cleaning brush, blade oil, charging base, & power adapter. Consequently, the price for a box on Amazon is $29.99 which is pretty competitive in its range.


  • Extremely beautiful in looks specially as a show piece
  • Sleek yet powerful
  • 4 attachments for greater trimming experience.
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Remarkable charging stand in addition with long power cord for easy charging
  • Light weight
  • Alloy based blade for comfortable use


  • Short comb can be a little problematic in the beginningHow
  • However, the charging light sometimes remains red even after full charge.

Customer reviews and opinion

trym ii reviewOn the whole the customers who bought have given it a 4.5 to 5 star rating and are satisfied with the product. The overall satisfaction rating is 4 on 5 on Amazon. Viewers have mostly recommended it to other buyers and people have converted them into orders. First of all, It has an edge to edge sleek design. In addition, it sports a powerful motor that cuts pretty clean. Most noteworthy, the TRYM II is crafted with modern technology and hence, supports a charging stand too. It is waterproof, boasts a long battery life and worth to keep with you. On the whole it is a recommendable product and is also worth gifting to a young man on any occasion. It flaunts it beauty and powerful machine which is perhaps what sets it apart from the others in the class.

All in all, the Trym II  is considered an excellent all rounder which caters to your cutting and trimming needs. The combs are gentle and can work on sensitive skin. It is made in China but that does not detract from the quality in any way. This item looks good in the bathroom but looks are not the only great thing about this product. It provides a tight trim and consistent finish. For the price and the customer service that comes with it, this purchase is a no-brainer. It comes with 4 clipping attachments so that you can achieve whatever desired length you wish. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a hair or beard trimmer.

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