It’s your 16th birthday and you receive a shaving razor, ever-so-common gift from dad. Desperate to acquire tough-boy status, you latch onto it, spread dads shaving foam lavishly on your face. Then you start rubbing the razor blade against face skin in all possible directions consequently loading yourself with nicks, cuts and razor burns. Only some years later you wonder how foolish you were to blindly follow the shaving ritual as it is far simpler and trendy to sport a trimmed or a semi-trimmed beard. Today we would give you three amazing reasons to pick up a beard trimmer to help you design an awesome beard.

reasons to choose a beard trimmer

The Manhood-Uniqueness

Folks, it’s not for nothing that Men have been blessed with facial hair. Tampering with same is equivalent to tampering with nature. Bio-logically, facial hairs are a symbol of male virility. Functionally, a beard serves many purposes. It saves the skin from the harsh dust and other particulate matter. It acts as a protective layer above the skin protective from UV rays. Additionally, it performs the function of insulation thereby keeping you a little protected from extremities of harsh weather.

Not to miss the fact that it adds another dimension to your look. Last but not the least, a large section of females find a bearded man sexy and enticing, as beard portrays to them that a man is confident of himself and not averse to even experimenting with his looks. For them, chiseled stubble beats everything else, other than sculpted muscular body, for masculinity. Of course genetically they have been wired to be attracted towards bearded men as a well grown beard is always endowed to a good set of genes.

Flaunt in Trend

Hence arises a critical question, why shave? Why not maintain a beard? The choice shall be simple but has got complicated by the ever changing behavioral patterns, trend and fashion. To few, unshaven isn’t decent and is unhygienic. Maybe true, but should that warrant the peeling off a layer of delicate skin every other day thus constantly battling complimentary problems of nicks, cuts , rashes , razor burns etc. Additionally, you got to maintain accessories too, comprising of shave gels, after shave, band aids and what not.

A simple yet effective solution for this problem would be to use beard trimmers, nowadays termed as clippers. Hair clippers don’t cause unnecessary abrasions when rubbed with your skin. They very rarely cause a cut and bleeding because the skin’s underside never gets exposed to them, unless used in drastically incorrect manner. Blunt shaving blades can cause a lot misery in form of razor burns and ingrown hair occasionally leaving dark spots. Thus, I have kept an eye over “blade sharpness” while picking up the best beard trimmer for you.

Touch of Technology

Consequently, trimming with clippers works on the hair coating only. Albeit, the advanced version of beard trimmers do possess features of electric razor too.    Laser guided to enable achieving perfectly straight lines, suitable for use in hot shower, offering 24 precise settings, floating head to follow the contours of your face, four hours of use on one charge and what not.

To conclude, can Jason Statham be imagined without his stubble? Would Jeff Bridges, without a beard, look even an ounce of villainous starring as Obadiah, in Iron-Man?  Nope.

Yet, one does need to consider that growing a beard to gel in with the trendy young or matured crowd is easy, but controlling it is a different ball game. So get your set of best beard trimmer right away.