remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer reviewWith the advent of trimmers into the grooming industry, possessing a durable and efficient moustache n beard trimmer is a necessity for anyone wishing to be presentable. Seasons change, so go people, but the most frequent of all, is the styling sense of a man, and his beard is the sign of flawless pride and courage. Hence, maintaining it to perfection is both a responsibility and a sign to strive for. In this article, I am going to feature the Remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer review. Here, I would discuss about its features, shortcomings and how it can be your true companion.

Expecting a seamless experience from an investment, is the key point of every product to ring in sales. Remington has seemingly struck the right cord with the launch of MB4040 Lithium Ion Titanium Moustache and Beard Trimmer. Being one of the best beard trimmers in its division, it presumably offers value for a reasonable price. However if the multiple usage of this trimmer is brought into consideration across segments, be it your month old unkempt, patiently nurtured and grown bushy beard, or your stubble, or the perfectly trimmed moustache, this device does it all.

The Remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer comes with three precision ground heads, namely beard, goatee and stubble. Hence, garnering any look won’t be a concern anymore.  If you are fed up of the hassles of wires, I recommend you to consider the machine. Guess what? This power packed trimmer ensures a whooping two hours usage on a single charge.

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Beard Trimmer Review


The Remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer is a single piece of power packed perfection. This trimmer boasts of an ergonomic design with a reasonably light unit weight of 1.2 pounds. At times, achieving perfect fading and blending turns out to be a tedious task. A single slip of the machine would ruin the efforts and patience put into growing a beard and maintaining it. No worries. The Remington Moustache and Beard Trimmer comes preinstalled with a rubber grip, so you get hold of the machine to perfection.

A zoom wheel which allows selection of cutting length sizes from 1 mm to 18 mm is another striking feature of this machine. Supplied with titanium coated blades, which yet again are self-sharpening and self-oiling, ensure a smooth cutting experience sans any maintenance hassles. Three precision heads are provided with the unit, namely, the beard, goatee or stubble trimmer heads. With the easily detachable top section of the machine, and waterproof built, owning a trimmer was never this tranquillised. In this department, it is very close to have missed the top spot in this best Remington beard trimmers list.

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remington mb4040 beard trimmer reviewGiven its lightweight, the first speculation arises regarding the Remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer is over its performance. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case as this machine comes preinstalled with a really powerful motor, and when summed up with the beard precision ground blade, it can cut through the thickest of the facial hairs. With the durable titanium coated blades, a single swift swipe of the trimmer over the section, will wipe out the growth from the area under its cover.

Most noteworthy, you can use Remington MB4040 lithium ion beard trimmer all day long in a single 3 hours charge. Guess what? This trimmer from the house of Remington boasts of 120 minutes of cordless usage. With power of the Lithium ion battery, it also ensures a longer shelf life. So next time, when you pack your bags for a business trip or a vacation and forgot your charger, do not worry. Go wireless, for this machine will sum up as the perfect grooming apprentice.


If you like to sport a stubble, this machine is yet again presumably the best choice in the market. First of all, it adds a really fine comb with exclusive design. Along with the trimmer, manufacturers are providing a Goatee ground head for all those finishing touches. While the titanium blades ensure a seamless experience for every single operation, the easily detachable blade feature minimizes the hassles of changing over the variable precision heads. For a really appealing price offering of $29.74, this trimmer has gained a plethora of professional machismo. However, if you are looking for a better piece, I recommend you the Remington PG6170 crafter beard boss style and detail Kit.

The in-box accessories include three precision ground heads, a charger, a two year limited warranty card, user manual, and the trimmer. Remington is a well-known brand in the grooming industry that has been treading on the path of minimal hassles for the consumer. Most noteworthy, it has developed self-sharpening and oiling blades to ensure minimal maintenance issues. Hence you need not to worry about any uninterrupted operational experience.


  • Exceptional battery backup of 2 hours on a single charge
  • 9 precision length settings( 1 mm to 18 mm)
  • 3 precision ground heads( beard, goatee and subtle)
  • Exceptionally powerful motor
  • Self-sharpening and oiling titanium coated blades



remington mb4040 beard trimmer specificationsRemington is a name synonymous with consumer centric development and seamless experience in the grooming industry. With the inception of this trimmer, sales will for sure witness an upturn to a bullish trend. After all, earning 4 out of 5 stars and that too in the grooming sector, is not a child’s play. Although this device seems the device of the day, Remington has built it upon the foundations of the durable and exceptional quality. How if you get a multi-functional trimmer for less than $30 that too, with three additional ground heads? For me, it seems the deal of the generation. First of all, the Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion beard trimmer has mighty dual torque motors. In addition, it has a pre-installed lithium ion battery to give exemplary performance with decent features.

As per customer reviews, the only flaw to this perfect trimmer is decaying battery performance after a prolonged usage. However, it may just be a unit issue as these concerns are scattered meagrely over 1500+ reviews. Hence, if you expect to maintain your veneration and perfection for every segment of your body, you can take this product home. I personally recommend it.

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