opzionen handel Remington MB4900 beard trimmer reviewWhen a product bears a decent quality, a good brand name and gives a good finishing, it naturally becomes worth of every penny you spend. A dedicated product for a specific niche has always been in demand for the fanatics. And here today I am going to review the Remington MB4900 beard  trimmer. A trimmer that offers nothing but a pure class precision within a specified category. Hello everybody, I’m Stephen John and let’s get started.

here As the name suggests, the Remington MB4900 beard  trimmer is the BOSS, specially when it comes to beard trimming. It is built specially for an edged beard designing and sharp edge. Well, I do not want you to take my words granted and therefore, I have done a detailed review of this clipper. Go through the review and decide yourself whether this is a good buy for you or not.

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Remington MB4900 beard trimmer Review

Design & Working

http://big-balloon.nl/?option=com_user The Remington MB4900 beard  trimmer looks alluring in its unibody metal design. It has a black finishing over the classic silver front with the imprinted brand name on the front. It is packed up with self sharpening, precision ground blades for a hassle free cutting experience. The full size T-blade trimmer lets you cut according to your needs and do a detailing. It has an additional full size foil shaver for close shaving. With a mighty motor, the machine is pretty efficient in performing its task.

trading bancario In my tests, I found the Remington MB4900 beard trimmer pretty efficient. You get a close shaving on the neck and jawline in a very easy manner. Here Remington is offering a full size foil shaver, an adjustable comb with 5 fixed adjustment combs ranging from 1-5mm for obtaining an optimum stubble. Overall, it is a well designed trimmer that works fluently.

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Price & Features

http://www.banmark.fi/?aftepatius=conocer-gente-de-zamora-michoacan&31e=5e Next up are we going to talk about the additional features Remington is going to offer you in a sub USD 60 price group. It is waterproof thus allowing you to cut seamlessly in the shower. It is supported with the quick charge feature, giving you a full trim time in a 5 minute of charge. Thus, for this price group, you get a machine full of features in a competitive price group.

If we take a look at the Remington MB4040 model, you find that this device is way better than that model (although USD 20 costlier) and also, with the trimmers from other brands in this price group. Doesn’t matter if you are a travel aficionado or a dirt swagger, this device is gonna rock in your hand and lets you use it everywhere. Well, keeping a beard is never so easy. Just charge it up once and sit relaxed. It gives you a battery running time of 5 hours. It also comprises of a turbo mode that would let you use this device with full power and efficiency.


  1. T-blade and full size foil shaver
  2. Precision Metal coating and well designed
  3. Awesome Battery life with turbo charge and turbo boost options
  4. Completely Waterproof
  5. Provided with additional attachments


  1. Lacks Vacuum suction feature


Remington MB4900 beard boss perfecter stubble & beard kit trimmer Review

The Remington MB4900 beard trimmer is packed with many useful specifications and hence, it has fetched out a whopping 81% of 4 or 4+ rating on Amazon. At just 1.6 pounds, it has a comparatively bigger battery that take a huge 5 hours of running time to drain completely. With some necessary features like turbo power and waterproof design, It is a super satisfactory product for all you beard aficionados out there.

Though it is not provided with the vacuum suction feature that we have seen in the previous philips Norelco Series 7200 but, that’s not a thing to worry for. I’m pretty satisfied with this product and personally recommend it to people with different choices. That is, whether you are a homie or a nomad, this clipper is something you can’t ignore. That’s all from me, Stephen John. See you soon with the next review coming up. Share this post and comment down below if you have any query about this product. Have a nice day.

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