best electric razorsIn this modern world, everyone is in the race of looking beautiful and attractive and be the limelight of parties and events. That opens the door to different machines including electric razors which help people to keep themselves young and handsome. As for men, the first thing that counts is shaving. This is the thing every man hates and gets tired of doing every day.

Not anymore because we are providing you with the best and the easiest of electric razors which ensures comfortable shaving. Before buying the electric razor or doing some homework on it, there is something you must take care of first. If you intend to browse the internet on this regard, I assure you will find the best and the truest looking electric razor reviews which will surely provide you a great amount of knowledge about the product.

But as a matter of fact, when you will open the product you will not really find any of the features mentioned on the web and feel deceived. Don’t worry because we are here to help you? Our product reviews are written by the most experienced and qualified writers who have performed detailed analysis on such electrical products and have taken a wide overview of the product.

Therefore our reviews are the sure way of providing you with the true and factual features of the product. We are here to give you the best knowledge not for promoting our products by telling you the wrong features. Our research committee writes the features which you will really find in the product. It’s always your ease that matters to us that is why we have promised ourselves to fight against fake content on Internet by adding unique and original content. This is least we can do for you.

Tired Of Simple Razors and Shave Cream? Try Electric Razors

In past, men used simple and manual razors and the similar shaving creams which did suitable and precise shave but also were really risky to be used. You had to be very careful and cautious while using them. On the other hand, modern technology gives you the best electric razors which are much better than the old and manual razors. Some of the features you will get with any of the electric razors are listed below to give you a brief overview.

  1. They provide you with simple and precise shave.
  2. You don’t need any cream or liquids to apply before its use.
  3. They help you in getting rid of even small hairs.
  4. They give your face a clearer and smarter look.
  5. Some electric razors even give you the facility of wetting and smoothing your face after the shave.
  6. Cordless electric razors are really portable and easy to carry when going on a trip.
  7. They don’t put razor burns on your face as the manual ones will do.
  8. Cuts are not to be worried about when using these electric razors.

Types of Mens Electric Shavers

There are two main types of mens electric shavers currently available on the market.  Those two types include the rotary and the foil.  While some men may claim that one works better than the other, it really depends upon what type of shaving of you’ll be using your electric shaver for.

Rotary Shaver

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

The Norelco shaver 6100 is a Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers normally come with two to three rotating blades that are able to slightly conform to the contours of your face.  Most rotary shavers are able to tackle longer hairs, better than foil shavers.  That means this shaver may work better for those who like let their hair get a little longer between each shave.

In general rotary shavers are known for being much quieter than foil shavers, but don’t expect to get quite as close a shave as you’d get with a foil razor.  They also tend to be easier for shaving difficult sections such as the chin and neck.

Foil Shaver

Panasonic ES-LT71-S Men’s Arc 3 Wet Dry Electric Shaver review

The Panasonic ES-LT71S is a Men’s Foil Shaver

 Foil shavers work by using oscillating blades that are found underneath a very thin, perforated foil screen.  They are louder than rotary shavers, but tend to be more preferred overall by men.  The reason for this preference stems from men reporting a closer shave when using a foil shaver versus a rotary shaver.

Your preference may vary however, as satisfaction in a product is directly associated with every users’ personal preferences.  Foil shavers in general give a closer shave than most rotary razors, but you won’t get quite as close a shave if you were using a manual razor.

Top 5 Electric Razors I Would Surely Recommend

Electric razors are of different types which facilitate you with their different features and are different in their own sense. Here I have a list of the top 5 electric razors which are considered the best among the all and have really got all the features which count in an electric razor. Let’s have a look.

  1. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System- Review
  2. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100- Review
  3. Philips Norelco 1250X Senso Touch 3D Electric Razor
  4. Panasonic ES8243A Men’s Electric Shaver
  5. Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System, Black and Silver

Note: This list is formed after the detailed and thorough review of all the products of the electric razors. These 5 products are considered to be the best due to their features and the different facilities they provide you to make you at ease.


Shaving is the thing every man has to do every other morning before going to job or work. So this practice and its way of doing must be comfortable. This great product offers you with the best and the most comfy shave and you will really enjoy using it. Here is its detailed review.

1. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

braun shaver 790cc

Pulsonic Technology

This awesome electric razor comes with the Pulsonic technology which provides you with precise shave. The micro vibrations in it are sure ways of plucking even the smallest hairs.

Automatic Cleaning

Another great thing about it is that to clean the whole machine you only have to press a button. On the press of a single button, it automatically cleans itself and removes any dirt. In this way, it looks like new every day.

Active Lift Mechanism

This technology provides you the benefit that you can shave with whatever type of skin you have on any place you want. This ensures easy shaving.

Pros and Cons of Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Following are its positive and negative aspects.


  • Flexible shaving
  • Easy to use
  • Takes less time to charge
  • Cordless use
  • Automatically cleaning
  • Durable


  • Less features than previous products.


At the end, it’s totally your decision whether to buy it or not. But if you will ask me my opinion, I will surely recommend having this great piece of technology. Considering its great features and the price it offers them in, it is really a good deal.

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2. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Philips is known for the great and high end technologies it introduces in its different products. The shaving electric razors it offers are a great choice when considering changing your shaving machine. In the following lines, I have for you a full detailed review of one of the products of Philips. You will surely like it. Below are few features of the Philips Norelco Shaver 6100.

3D Contour

In this electric razor, the 3D contouring is present. It means that it has three different positions of blades which help even greater while shaving and makes shaving more easily and smoother.

Skin Glide Technology

The skin glide technology ensures that you have a smooth and straight shave which gives you comfortable shaving experience.


This great razor comes with the feature which allows you to shave while putting on the shaving foam or not as your likes and dislikes. This makes it really reliable.

Pros and Cons of Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

Following lines acquaint you with some of the advantages and disadvantages of this product. It will give you a little idea about the product.


  • Smooth shave
  • Super quiet
  • Charges in no time
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Stylish and unique
  • Reliable
  • Portable


  • Some battery issues


Every man has to shave everyday and most them hate doing it because of all the boring old razors. Seeing the awesome specifications of this electric razor and taking a look at the price, I really like it. Getting a 4.2 rating is really a big achievement it has made. In this way, I will recommend having it. You will be really glad you made this decision.

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3. Philips Norelco 1250X Senso Touch 3D Electric Razor

philips norelco sensotouch 3D 1250x 40

Looking handsome and attractive is every man’s dream. Different things count but the foremost thing to notice is the shave. Shaving is a great and important part of men’s routine. That’s why they need something that is really reliable and has all the features a best electric razor should have. Good news then because I have with this great electric razor which has all the great features. Have a look of the Philips Norelco 1250X Senso Touch 3D Electric Razor Features and Specifications below. Have a read to get an idea about the product and its different aspects.

Modern Technology

This great product comes with all the modern technology present in any other competent device. It has the three dimensional technology in which it offers three contouring which means three different blades perform the job. So you get a precise shave and get the tiniest of hairs out.


There are different people out there. Some men feel rather easy to use electric razors by after applying the shaving cream while others just love to shave without it. In such a situation, this product has the best solution. It allows you to have both type of shave whichever you want. This makes it reliable.

Different Channels

The different channels in this razor allow the long as well as the short hairs to be plucked out. In this way, you never get any of the hairs left on your face.

Long living battery

The long living battery takes lesser time to charge and does a great job. You can use this electric razor for about 17 days just with a single charge. Isn’t it awesome?

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Pros and Cons of Philips Norelco 1250X Senso Touch 3D Electric Razor


  • Well built
  • Modern technology
  • Reliable
  • Smooth and easy shave
  • Quiet


  • No cordless use


Buying an electric razor is an important choice to make because your money is at stake here. Having the best requires choosing the one with all the modern and easy features and reliability. This product has everything you need. I recommend having such a great product.

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4. Panasonic ES8243A Men’s 4-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

panasonic ES8243A Arc4

Panasonic is another great company which is famous for the products it offers. All of its products tend to give you the best using experience. They have all the features and the great modern technologies. This great product is also one of Panasonic products. Here is the brief review of this product.

Panasonic ES8243A Men’s 4-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver Features and Specifications are as follows:

Nano Blades

This great product comes with a 4 blade technology and has nano blades which give you the best shaving experience and being very precise in nature.

New Technology

It provides you with the all the new technology on one product. It comes with different sharp blades, smooth and sharp shave with all the comfort and design. The design and structure maintains a good performance throughout.

Water proof

This product is water proof which gives a plus point and gives it long life and lesser chances of damaging. It also makes it more durable.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic ES8243A Men’s 4-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

It’s advantages and disadvantages are as follows.


  • 4 blades technology
  • Smooth shave
  • Super silent
  • Nano blades
  • Flexible


  • Coarse blades


I will really recommend considering this great device when buying your new electric razor. It is one of the best products available. You will be really pleased.

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5. Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System

braun series 7 760cc electric shaverWe are in a modern world now. Every day gives us a new invention thus making our life easier and comfortable. Modern technology is time saving. Similar is the case with electrical devices like this one. It saves your essential time. Following are the key specifications of the Braun Series 7 760cc Pulsonic Shaver system-

Flexible Shaving

The flexibility and ease it offers has no other competent. It offers the smooth and straight shave with no cuts and injuries.

Smooth Cleaning Mechanism

This feature allows the electric razor to automatically clean itself which includes the lubrication and also charges itself. So you don’t need anything to worry about.

Stylish and Unique

This awesome electric razor is made up with the beautiful and special design which makes it more stylish and unique from the other devices.

Pros and Cons of Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Following are its pros and cons.


  • Smooth shave
  • Different personalization modes
  • Optifoil technology
  • Active lift mechanism
  • Auto cleaning


  • Durability issues


This great piece of equipment for your shaving experience is a great deal. I totally recommend having it as missing such a great product with all the features is totally unwanted.

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7 Must to See Things While Buying the Best Electric Razor


Before buying any product, it is very important to have a detailed review of that product and having thorough knowledge about that product and its positive and negative aspects. Following lines tell you the 7 must to see things to see when you go for buying your electric razor.

Style and Design

The style and design of any product matters a lot. It gives the first and the last impression of the device. So you should always look for a stylish and unique razor as you will surely not want your electric razor to look like a plastic toy.


When applying to electrical goods, reliability matters a lot. You should look for reliability in any product you tend to buy. In this case, you should look for more personalization techniques, the option for having wet or dry shave and different other reliable features.

Battery life

The battery actually powers the whole of the system. So look for the razor which is simple and smooth, is very easy to charge and takes lesser time and most importantly, lasts longer which will take less of your electricity and time.


All the features of any product actually make the basis of that product. You should always look for the razors with the best features that are according to your likes and dislike sand equally similar to modern technologies.


The most important thing is for how long the razor lasts; the durability. So look for the electric razor with strong and sturdy materials and tough and hard outer body which will make it durable.


The best person to talk about any device and have some advice about any product is the customers or users. The customer’s rating matters a lot and depicts the true usage of the product. So always look for the highest rating while the ones above 4.0 are really enough.


You should look for the price according to your set amount and the money you have. You should also see the price as the product is really worth the price you pay. So do look for the price and the features it offers in that price.

Decision is yours

Your comfort and ease is our foremost priority. Our utmost purpose is to provide you with the best and true knowledge which should guide you about all the things about the product as well as acquaint you with all the positive and negative aspects of the product and the features it offer. We have always been striving hard to provide you the best of the entire product available in the market. Providing you the best has always been our first precedence and this review is just a small effort in this regard. We hope that this effort of ours will help you in taking the right buying decision. It’s time to move forward, to change your shaver to change your looks.

electric shaver review guide

Do you not require a beard trimmer anymore so as to let you groom up with a clean shaven look? There are a number of people who are shifting to electric shaver today to maintain their professionalism.

If you are the one, you would first require to have a detailed knowledge of each shaver and know their qualities. To assist you in doing so, you would need an in-depth review to analyze. Well, here you can go through the electric shaver picking tips. Have a read now.

What Electric Shaver Should You Purchase?

When your stubble has passed the line that separates sexy from unkempt, the appropriate grooming techniques are pushed into the spotlight. Shaving is a traditional rite of passage, and experienced metro males take stock of the precise methods that suit them best. Electric shavers are the premium clean-up tools for victims of ingrown hair that no wet shaving technique can resolve.

Electric Razor- The Best Gift For Him

A shaver is one of the most useful and handy gift that he will appreciate your thoughtfulness for. If your guy is used to using the manual razor, gift him an electric shaver and he will instantly feel the difference. Electric Shavers available in the market these days come in so many varieties, offering the smooth and close shave that manual razors provide, only without leaving the skin dry and irritated.

Here are some of the electric shavers you may consider gifting your boyfriend or husband. Believe me, you won’t regret this gifting as a present, and they will appreciate your thoughts forever.

Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men’s Shaving System is easy to use, very well designed electric shaver that provides you with the close shaves and the convenience you need in the morning to be able to complete all of your daily tasks. It’s 3 blade head is built with the contours of your face in mind so when you use it you are able to completely cover the surface area of your face with ease. This makes it possible to get the close shave that you need.


Rotary Electric Shavers for Close Shave

Philips Norelco 1250cc/42 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver with Jet Clean System provides the refreshingly close shave. It is equipped with three-dimensional contouring capabilities that can reach even the most difficult places without having to reposition the shaver multiple times. It can capture long hairs, normal length hairs.


Foil Electric Shaver for Thick Hair

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver is a great Valentine’s Gift for number of reasons. It is able to cut more hairs with every stroke. Leaves smooth skin with no irritation and dryness. This Electric Shaver will provide you with an ultra close shave, thanks to the Gillette Blade technology which cuts hairs with the highest level of precession and closeness.


Choosing The Electric Shaver That Best Fits Your Personality

Electric shavers work differently to blades. Whiskers are chopped off from within the foil. They are tidier, more convenient and less likely to turn your face into something resembling a crime scene. If you’re prone to cuts and scrapes, trial and error will introduce you to the best shaver for you, but your character traits will narrow down your search.

1) The Metro Male

If you are a grooming aficionado, wet shavers give you all the room you need for pampering with shaving cream and a brush.

2) Mr Rough-And-Tumble I

If you are the kind of man who wants to chop his morning routine in half, the best shaver for your grooming personality is a dry one. It demands little from its owner, allowing you to skip past the preparation and directly into the task at hand. There is no washing, patting, wetting or pore opening required. You simply turn on the button and buzz away.

3) The Jetsetter

Travelers need a wet/dry electric razor. This is so to let you hop into the shower and complete all grooming requirements in a tick. When traveling renders you waterless, the same shaver will be equally appropriate.

4) The Sensitive Type

If your skin is prone to every irritation shaving is capable of throwing at you, you need to dig more deeply into your pocket. The more expensive shavers are, the more impact they have on each stroke. Technological advancements have led to novel foil configurations that capture both long and short hairs simultaneously. Horizontal and circular head designs can be equally efficient. Floating heads, oscillation speed and a variety of holes extend the efficiency of shavers at every angle whilst combating uneven whisker growth. If your skin is as burly as you are, you needn’t spend additional funds on heads that pivot, flex and vibrate.

5) The Multitasker

If your morning routine is chaotic, a cordless model lets you that you eat, dress and shave simultaneously if you are so inclined. Higher price tags buy you more battery power, with premium models offering you 65 minutes of grooming time between recharges.

6) Scrooge

When thriftiness is your greatest concern, self sterilizing models that automatically lubricate and dry themselves will help you to avoid replacement longer. For additional prudence, models with rechargeable batteries cut your maintenance budget down further. In the short term, these bells and whistles are more expensive but they last longer. If you’re a frugal man with sensitive skin, these sterilizing units will give your rashes, burns and bumps a more hopeful prognosis by reducing the chance of infection.

7) The Traditionalist

Old fashioned males value a close, comfortable shave. For them, grooming is a rite that extends their manhood, and the experience should be as enjoyable as the result. Purists seldom veer into electric razor territory, but adventurous perfectionists choose blades that move sideways and vertically because they reach the skin more closely and offset the discomfort of excessive oscillation. Triple foil heads reliably deliver close shaves.

Features you should look for when purchasing an electric razor

  1. An ideal electric razor should have a long battery life
  2. It should also indicate if your razor has run out of power or if the battery is dead
  3. It should have features that are low maintenance such as blades that are easy to clean
  4. The blades are rust free and have some type of cover so the blades are not exposed to bacteria and dirty.
  5. Flexibility such as the head should be able to be easily bent so there is not a lot of pressure put on the area when shaving to prevent damage to the surface of the skin and irritation.
  6. Low cost replacement blades and batteries or rechargeable ones if you travel a lot.
  7. They should not be heavy and bulky
  8. Less expensive because you do not have to always purchase disabled razors and shaving cream.
  9. You can use it dry or wet
  10. You do not have to worry about cutting yourself and bleeding, and being embarrassed by cuts from regular disposable razors, especially if there is an important meeting or some other important date you have to make.
  11. They are more versatile and are easier to use to trim or remove your sideburns or mustache.

Cons to avoid when looking for an electric razor

  1. If they are too heavy and bulky, they will be harder to handle, especially for quick shaves, and if they are too big, they may take up too much room in your desk drawer or overnight bag.
  2. If it does not have an easy gripe, it could be hard to hold, especially if a person has arthritis or problems holding things in their hands.
  3. In case you are a traveler, you do not want to choose a razor that is run by electrical power because at times you may need a quick shave and there is not where to plug in the shaver.
  4. Make sure that when you take them apart to clean them that they are easy to put back together, especially if the razor has rotating heads.  They need to be able to be put back together easily.
  5. The shave is not as smooth and close as when you use a disposable razor.
  6. They always have to have battery or electric power
  7. Cannot be used in the shower as with a disposable razor.
  8. They are noisy and the noise can bother some people.

What to consider before Bagging an electric Shaver

In 1928, the first electric razor was patented by Colonel Jacob Schick and since then there have many advances in razor technology.  Today’s electric razors have either an oscillating or rotating blade that does not require you to use soap, water, or shaving cream.  It is a portable shaver that you can keep in your drawer at work where it is easy to grab and do a touch up so you do not look rugged during an important meeting with the boss or an important client.  They can be powered by plugging it in or using batteries that are rechargeable.  Some of the earlier ones did not have an electric motor and had to be powered by pulling a cord that was attached to a flywheel.

1. Pros Vs. Cons

There are more pros than cons when it comes to deciding which electric razor you are considering purchasing.  It is advisable to look at all the features that you want in a razor, and then go online to do comparison shopping.  If you want to know how it feels in your hand, then do your comparison shopping at your local department store.

2. Warranty and Replacement

Make sure that you check their warranty to see what it covers and for how long it lasts.  You need to see if it covers replacement blades or heads should they ever become dull.  You should also check to see what replacement heads or blades cost if the warranty does not cover them.

3. Skin Prototype

One thing that you need to consider before buying an electric razor is what you need it for.  Do you want it to shave just your face, your limbs, or your pubic area?  If you want it for your pubic area you should choose one that is for sensitive skin so it would be helpful to know just what type of skin you have.  The reason is that what is good for one person might be different for other people.  You need to know if you want a wet or dry shaver, one that has two or three blades or has pivoting or rotating heads.

4. Latest Technology

You should also look at the technology of the shaver such as how many micro vibrations does it have, whether you want one that has a cord or is cordless and uses rechargeable batteries and the maintenance cost.

In Conclusion

Go online and read the various reviews of the many brand name razors on the market.  Do not look at the price and think that because they are expensive that they are going to be the best, which is usually not true.  What you need to look at are the features and if they have all that you want and how it feels in your hand if you are choosing one in the store.  Look at the razor to see if there are any attachments that come with the razor and if you really need all these attachments.  If you have a mustache or beard, you should make sure that your razor has these attachments.  It should also have a trimmer for trimming up your sideburns.

When you buy your electric razor, do not go on the price alone but what features it has and if it suits your needs.

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