Few months ago after I published my article about choosing the best beard trimmer in the world, I received many mails. A lot of queries were from the Indian bearded community. There were a few general questions, all pointing back to one single query. The whole lot of interrogations from varied Indians had something common. They had this bafflement about choosing the best beard trimmer in India. Well, as I was stuck with time exiguousness, I thought it would be better to solve all those reoccurring queries through this article. Hello pals, this is Arnav and today, I will talk about 5 top beard trimmers in India. Let’s get started.

5 Top Beard Trimmers in India

top beard trimmers in India

If you are looking for a first beard trimmer for your daily needs, It becomes important to know various factors that will assist you in getting a stubble groomer. A facial hair clipper comprises of many features, that altogether decide whether a beard trimmer is best in a particular price range or not.

Many beard trimmer brands like Philips and Panasonic manufacture a whole set of completely different beard trimmer models for different countries. Therefore, It becomes quite important to take note of a list of stubble clippers at a particular price range and then choose the best out of it. Well, you need not to worry as this list of top beard trimmers in India has got you covered with the viable options in variable price range.

1. Philips QT4011/15 Beard Trimmer

If you ask me a trimmer that excels in every department of the basic Men’s trimming, I won’t think twice before coining out the name. It’s the giant, the Philips QT4011/15 beard trimmer. It has set a high standard for groomers under this price segment.

Philips QT4011/15 beard trimmer indiaThe Philips QT4011/15 beard trimmer boasts of an attractive durable plastic finish. It looks elegant in the black-red intermixing pattern and feels good in hand too. There are various reasons to consider buying this masterpiece. First of all, It has a powerful motor with exterior self sharpening titanium blades. In addition, this stubble clipper provides you a huge 90 minutes of runtime in a single hour of charge. I didn’t believe it at all until I did some primary testing along with various reviews and Voila. It met my assumption, great. Most noteworthy, you get a wide range of trim, from 0.5-10mm with 0.5 mm precision, thanks to its 20 lock in settings. It’s wide arrays of features combined with the long lasting performance makes it one of the top beard trimmers in India.

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2. Philips QT4001/15 Beard Trimmer

If you are a penny-pinching person who can sacrifice features over price but likes going for branded goods, this is for you. The Philips QT4001/15 beard trimmer looks somewhat like the QT4011/15 but there are many differences. First of all, it needs a huge 10 hours to get completely charged and then, it provides just an hour’s juice. In addition, it boasts of stainless steel blades, unlike the former model. Moreover, you get just 10 lock-in settings, restricting you to a less variable beard style.

Philips QT4001/15 beard trimmer indiaAlthough, it is priced very competitively at INR 800 cheaper than the QT4011/15 model. It has all the viable features under a tight budget, making it one of the top beard trimmers in India. If you are looking for a basic zero trimming with few limited regular styles, you can consider buying this clipper. Kindly note that, the Philips QT4001/15 beard trimmer takes hours of time while charging. If this doesn’t agitate you much, I would definitely recommend you buying this groomer.

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3. Panasonic ER-GB37 Beard Trimmer

The Panasonpanasonic ERGB37 beard trimmer indiaic ER-GB37 beard trimmer is something sporty men desire to include in their shaving accessories. The biggest pro of this clipper is its tendency to act astutely in the wet environment. Take it to the shower, use it in the rain or, wash it after each use, it takes all without any stretch. It is designed for a precision cutting with a 45’ edge technology. Also, It houses a powerful motor to cut your beards easily. First of all, It provides you 1-10mm cutting length with 20 dial adjustments.Secondly, you receive 50 minutes of grooming session in 8 hours of charge. If you are looking for a weather proof quality groomer, don’t look further the Panasonic ERGB37, one of the best beard trimmers in India.

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4. Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT3020 beard trimmer IndiaContinuing the legacy of manufacturing waterproof clippers, the much renowned brand like “Braun” has come up with a featured trimmer under an economic price. Well, there are many reasons to prefer buying this. The Braun BT3020 looks sophisticated in matte black colour with a power button and dial adjustment settings bar placed on the top of it. Additionally, it provides an ultimate precision with lifetime lasting sharp blades. Moreover, there are 20 precision length settings ranging from 0.5-10mm, that altogether gives you a variegated trim to your beards. In conclusion, this powerful trimmer has completely washable head and comb for easy cleaning under running water. However, it takes a complete 10 hours of charging time to provide you 40 minutes of grooming.

If you are a beard aficionado who is in love with this American grooming giant, Braun, you can consider owning this piece. This works fantastic on all beard size, allows you to trim beard with differences as low as 0.5mm. Overall, this is one of the  top beard trimmers in India, if a particular brand is on your mind.

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5. Philips QG3387/15 Multi-grooming Kit

If you prefer staying suited up in fashion, you can’t remain short of few handy accessories. In this list, you require a Multi-grooming kit for all-in-one head to toe styling. If you can bear spending a thousand rupees extra, have a look at this giant, a trimmer that takes grooming on an another level.

Philips QG3387/15 beard trimmer indiaThe Philips QG3387/15 Multi-grooming Kit provides extreme versatility as it comes with 18 length setting beard, moustache and hair-clipping comb; 12 length setting detail and stubble comb and a 10 length settings body trimming comb. It is fully waterproof for easy cleaning after each grooming session.

The QG3387/15 groomer has a powerful motor embedded with the turbo boost feature for easy thick hair clipping. The full size trimmer draws fine neck, sideburns and chin line. In addition, the 21mm detail trimmer supplied along cuts small areas with a great detailing. The detail foil shaver provides a close finish around the edges. Also, the body groom works superiorly while cleaning the body hair. All-in-all, it can also clean nose and ear hairs and thus, can be considered a complete package for all the beard buffs out there.

If you need a complete package for all-around trimming for personal or professional (salon, hair dressing services etc.) usage, this is the top beard trimmer in India as of now. It bestows huge features along with a giant battery (50 minutes in an hour’s charge) and therefore, in my opinion, it is worthy picking up this excellent groomer. Although it costs 3 and a half thousand bucks, but consider it as a one time deal and you will remain worry-free for years.

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In the last, there are a few things to be noted. First of all, do consider this fact that people with different lifestyle would require variegated clippers. For an example, if you can afford to put your trimmer on charge for long duration, the Philips QT4001/15 will be economic to you. In second case, If you are a travel buff and need a clipper with long charge and minimalistic features, go for the Philips QT4011/15. If you want the blend of high end features and powerful groom, the Philips QG3387/15 is simply the best beard trimmer in India you can buy.

This was the comprehensive guide that feature the list of top beard trimmers in India. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot via commenting down below. Happy Trimming !!



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