When talking of men’s grooming, the one thing that one can never ignore is a beard trimmer. Facial hair are the key to making a look masculine and sophisticated, but if not tamed timely one’s beard or goatee can be a spoilsport too. This is where the beard trimmer will come to your aid, it helps you clean up the beard you’ve been working on, to give you that suave look that you’ve always desired.

how to use and choose beard trimmer

Grooming your beard with a trimmer can be a tricky task, but a little time and practice is all it requires from you to attain the pro level. Here we present to you a step wise guide as to how to use a beard trimmer and be Mr. Most Desirable.

Oil your shave-aid

  • Few trimmers require to be oiled prior to use for a convenient and easy trim. If you own one, make your oil it well.
  • What you’ll need is just few drops of skin-friendly oil. You may also use the oil that comes with clippers.
  • Clean the blades to get rid of any residue hair.
  • Apply on the blades and then run your trimmer, but not on your beard so that it spreads well.
  • Wipe off the excess with a dry and soft cloth.
  • Run your trimmer for 20 seconds more. Spread the oil well, so that all the blade edges are dry and your hairs do not stick.

Commence your shave

  • If you just want to trim your beard and not wipe it off completely, run your number 3 guard comb all over your beard, for starters. For best results, place flat part of beard comb against your face.
  • Place the blades in upward position to shave against the grain as your hair grow downwards.

Try your hand at lower guard

  • If you do not see any considerable change in length, switch to lower guard.
  • Also, for your neck, go for lower level guard, like one and clean up the neck area till the jawline in an upward motion.
  • If your require length shorter than even 1 guard, remove the guards and shave only with the blades.
  • A styling tip from our side, leave about two inches under your jaw unshaven and fade the region by shaving with a 2 guard.

Managing the stray

  • Check yourself in the mirror and clean up any leftover strays.
  • If you want to shave your neck area, bring razor to your aid.

Go guard-less

  • For a 5 o’ clock shadow look, remove the guard and then shave with the blades. This will give you stubble.
  • Solve the problem areas by using a razor on the areas.

Taming the mustache

  • To have a hair free mouth, trim the mustache with your trimmer without using a guard. Bring up a smile and remove the hair just above your upper lip evenly.

Factors that help you to choose the best beard trimmer

factors to consider while choosing best beard trimmer

Charging Time

Are you a travel freak who love hunting new places round the clock? If you are one of those people who keep their butt moving a lot, you should prefer a trimmer with best charging time. If you go on business trips, the time plays a crucial role and you’d not want to be late for putting your device in charge. Thus, if you are looking for a beard trimmer, try to pick one with battery time not more than 1 hour. There are quite a few clippers in the market that support quick charge, enabling you to get a quick 10 minutes of trimming duration in 2 minutes of quick charge.

Corded vs. Cordless

Figure out whether you need corded beard trimmer or cordless. This shall depend on factors such as the amount and area you wish to trim and the corresponding growth patterns. It is sensible to buy cordless one because you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Primarily, this relieves you of troubles related to locating power sockets. It also saves you from creating a mess at inside-home places prohibited by other home members. Having said that, a corded one proves out to be the best beard trimmer because it offers maximum power and good motor speed, which is an essential if you are contemplating working on tough beard, coarse hair, or larger area.

Battery Life

A trimmer has to go through multiple mechanical operation and the ongoing rotation of motors lying beneath the outer plastic panel consumes lot of power. Given the fact you choose a cordless trimmer, these factors also determine the battery backup you require as some trimmers can knock-off in the middle of the operation. Imagine what would happen if your left side is far hairier than right side. Planning to join the circus, are we?

Hence, it’s imperative to buy a machine with adequate battery back- up. Remember, batteries usually discharge when not in use. The fact is, charging the trimmer before the battery is nearly dead decreases the running span of the battery. The corded ones don’t suffer from this disadvantage. But you can not use them in shower and are difficult to maneuver because of the cable attached. Hence make a detailed analysis of the machine to figure out the recharge time and corresponding battery back-up.

Number of Attachments & Length settings

After 1st step, you need to harp upon other elements such as blades and attachments. Are you considering trimming your beard yet aiming for man-scraping ? Then it is advisable to go for multiple attachments with longer handles. This would enable the trimmer to access “difficult to reach” parts too. In-fact Remington PG6 170 beard trimmer comes with a turbo mode to reach places on your back also.  Number of attachments or the settings range would allow to you fine trim till the last strand. But, you should always analyse the apt number of settings required for you. People who need to trim just some roughly spread floating whiskers don’t need 11 attachments.

Features and Price

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200 features inbuilt vacuum cleaner preventing hair from falling all over. Remington MB 4040 beard trimmer is washable hence you can escape following the intricate process to clean blades or the machine using a tiny brush. Panasonic ER-GB 80-S has a super ergonomic handle. However, it doesn’t need reminding that among all, none is perfect. It all depends on suitability of the product as per your requirements and flexibility in terms of coping up with disadvantages. The world is concerned about economics and so shall you be. It is not necessary that, whatever is expensive shall be the best. Based on my experiences and expert reviews, this is the best beard trimmer, with best features in less price.

Customer Ratings

Awareness is among one of the few great habits in human. In terms of shopping and product comparison, it enables us to be attentive while buying a product. Have you ever thought of buying a car and asked your neighbor about its functioning and mileage? A personal reference system is always beneficial. It is very similar to the online shopping enables us to read product reviews from the buyers. You can take a look over product reviews. Here 5 stars would mean the complete customer satisfaction.

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