Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer ReviewThe Wahl Clipper Corporation, based in Sterling, Illinois is one of the first clipper manufacturer in the grooming industry. With the launch of the Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer, Wahl has set yet another benchmark. Well, speculations are seemingly true about the fact that Wahl Corp. wishes to drive its century old legacy with the spectacular offerings of this trimmer.

At times, if you wish to purchase a grooming commodity, the diverse range makes it an arduous task to select the perfect machine. Even if you go on with the venture and purchase different machines for different grooming needs, it would burn a big hole in your pocket. Anyways, I would never recommended you to buy multiple trimmers for diversified operation. Well, think of a trimmer which delivers exemplary performance along with trimming accessories for every body part from the head to those vantage toe points.

Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer is built for the exact necessity. With a runtime of 180 minutes, it delivers 4 times the conventional power of rechargeable trimmers. Well, this duration is seemingly enough for comprehensive grooming experience. With four additional trimmer heads, foil shaver attachment, and a whopping 8 guide combs. With its exceptional foil shaver attachment, it can be used for razor-close shave anywhere on the body. Additionally, a rotary nose hair trimmer attachment is supplied in-box to reach the internal nostril area.

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Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer- A Detailed Analysis

The Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer review


When you own a device which makes you steal a glance at it for the second time, it can be termed as the perfect design. Wahl is known for the exclusive experience it offers to its customers and with the release of this design quadruped trimmer, you can expect a classical experience at the expense of innovative technology. Well, if you handle this piece of steel in your hands, you will feel the power and durability it beholds. It has not included a zoom wheel or some lever to adjust the cutting lengths.

Rather this sturdy piece of machine comes with several guide combs to garner you the perfect cut for every operation. This trimmer is a piece of art for its flawless steel body and the power it showcases. Being from the house of Wahl Corp., it can be expected to deliver true performance with exceptional build quality. Let’s have a look over what makes this machine the best-in-class as per several experts from the niche.


wahl 9864 slate trimmer specificationsWhen it comes to performance in the grooming niche, Wahl is undeniably the leader in it. It comes packed with several cutting heads and accessories for full body grooming. The exclusively built carbon and stainless steel blades ensures a seamless grooming experience for every single operation. If you aren’t into maintaining the blade sharpness now and then, don’t worry, these blades are self-sharping. The Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer trimmer delivers unparalleled performance that makes it stand in the genre of the most expensive beard clippers. This $73 machine has much to offer for the price.

On the other hand, the Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer is powered by Lithium 2.0 technology to deliver uninterrupted performance for durable usage, exactly what Wahl Corp. promises. It ensures the motors to deliver 2X of the torque of the conventional machines. Hence, this power packed performance houses the best in class machinery to deliver unmatched performance for multiple operations. Yet again this performance comes encased in a state of art stainless steel package.


This trimmer is undeniably the performer of the genre. If you expect performance, along with diversified usage assurance, this machine has a lot to offer. The accessories offered in-box is the key feature of this unit. The incomparable powerhouse delivering a 240 minutes of uninterrupted operational duration for a lifetime, with an added incorporation of several accessories, all for a price tag of $72.99. The Lithium ion battery comes pre-installed in this machine for hassle free usage. Hence, if you wish to possess this trimmer for personal use, it will turn out to be your perfect apprentice. If the accessories are to be counted for, this trimmer is undoubtedly the performer for the genre.

For those troublesome haircuts, this trimmer is a blessing. In addition, the Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer has 8 hair guide combs in-box (with cutting range from 3mm to 25 mm). 4 beard guide combs form the perfect package for trimming your beard to flawless perfection. Guess what? Even a full-sized foil shaver is included in the package for perfect body grooming usage. A rotary nose trimmer extension is also a part of the unit for those nostril trims. Last but not the least, a detail trimmer ensures perfect fades and shades, be it for your flawless beard or those blending hairstyles. This machine takes care of it all.


wahl 9864 slate trimmer reviewThe stressful life you lead with those busy schedules make it a tedious task when you have to spare some time for personal grooming. Then again, for the shortage of time, and accounting human nature, mistakes are bound to happen. For example, the evening prior to that important meeting, when you forgot to plug your trimmer for a charge. Well, worries all aside, this trimmer is needlessly an over-performer. Powered by Lithium Ion battery and the patented Lithium 2.0 technology, the cordless performance is unmistakably a valuable offering. For a single charge, it delivers 240 minutes of performance.

Still, considering the error margin, if you miss this 240 minutes deadline, Wahl still packs a threshold skill. With its quick charge facility, just plug in the device for a minute, and in return it will juice up for 3 minutes of usage. Probably, this machine is worth an investment and makes it count as one of the premium quality beard trimmers available today.

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  • Exclusive Design
  • 4 hours of cordless operation
  • 8 hair guide combs
  • 4 beard guide combs
  • Stainless and carbon, self-sharpening blades
  • Standard T-blade for a perfect stubble trim


  • Not Waterproof
  • Blades need oiling for smooth operation


wahl 9864 slate trimmer customer opinionWhen this machine is drawn at par against other performers in the segment, it presumably turns out to be the unrivalled one. For being a Wahl trimmer, it truly delivers upon its name. A 4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon is a mirror of its performance. If you need a trimmer for personal use, or wish to venture in the grooming industry, this device is seemingly the perfect apprentice. Be it long hours of operation or rough handling, this machine will survive it all, and deliver unmatched performance for its lifetime.

As per the customer reviews, the Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer has a major con of oiling the blade. Well, blade oils are really cheap and some maintenance is the necessity for longer shelf and operational life. Hence, the next time you venture into a nearby store, just make it more than stealing a glance upon this beauty. I bet over it, for sure, you’ll love it.

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