Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 reviewThe Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 can be used by both beginner and professional hair barbers alike. Wahl is one of the leading manufacturers in both professional and home grooming circles. With the launch of the 8490 trimmer, the grooming giant stepped up and discovered a brand new way for the professionals. They made sure to deliver the right thing with an appropriate technology within a cheap price. But, will it be able to match the likes of Philips and Remington’s professional clippers under this price segment? Let’s find out. Hey there, this is Arnav and you are going through the Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 review.

This is indeed a professional tool. It is quiet, powerful, stays cool and possesses an ergonomic design. It cuts my stuffy hair within 3 minutes. Definitely a big thumbs up. – Charles (Amazon)


Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 Review

The Wahl Company was founded by Leo J. Wahl in 1919 right after he introduced his freshly developed electromagnetic hair clipper. Since 1919, the Company has been in the forefront of manufacturing innovative grooming products. Their huge product portfolio includes innovative and high specs hair trimmers, women’s hair removal products, men’s grooming equipment etc. Wahl also produces a wide range of groomers and and cutters.

The company is headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, USA. It is now an international corporation that works around Australia, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, England, Holland, USA, South Africa, Japan, Russia and Spain. Furthermore, its products are available in as many as 165 countries worldwide.

Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 Features

Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 featuresThe Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 comes with a 1-year warranty. It measures 6 x 2.9 x 9 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds (with a shipping weight of 1.8 pounds). It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with over 50 reviews at the time of writing. Crafted in the USA, this product is best suited for every day usage by both professional and home users.

One of the best features of this product is that it does not get hot very fast, it stays cool and enables several haircuts per day. It has a powerful magnetic motor and is best suited for top-notch cuts. Its high precision blades glide through hair very easily; even through thick hair. The icon clipper features high quality chrome plated blades, 13.5mm taper control and a stylish 3-piece lid. Unlike other clippers, this Wahl trimmer is not noisy at all.

Cool Operation

It is recommended to oil the blades to prevent them from rust. The package does not include a carrying case and cape. One of the best features of the Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 is that it stays cool, even after a long use, it just gets slightly warm. It is considered one of the coolest clippers in the market so far.

Power Packed Performance

Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 customers reviewsFor a customized haircut experience it offers multiple attachments. Clippers shape is contoured in an excellent way; its design, style and color is one of the best in market. It works in flow and gives smooth cuts. All in all, the Wahl Icon buzzer looks and works cool. It is easy to handle even though it only works with power cords. Moreover, it has an adjustable taper lever to adjust closeness of the cut easily. The top-notch icon attachments fit perfectly well, leaving an even finish and refined look.

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Accessories Available

Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 accessories

  • One blade guard
  • Cleaning brush
  • Clipper oil
  • Small flat top comb
  • High quality chrome plated blades
  • 8 cutting guides
  • Multiple attachments

What Customers Say

Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 prosThe Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 has a lot of positive customer reviews (of the over 50 reviews it had garnered at the time of writing, 35 were 5-star reviews and that tells you something about the quality of this product). One of the good things reviewers said about this product is its affordability. They say it is a powerful clipper that works very smoothly and glides through hair effortlessly to give top-notch cuts and trims. Another positive thing pointed out by clients is the fact that this clipper can be used for several haircuts a day (because it does not get hot like other clippers in the market). All in all, it is an excellent product for all hair types and styles and highly recommended by professional barbers.

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However, there are a few negative reviews as regards the fact that it can only be worked with power cords. Secondly, its plastic guards are not very feasible as they are not sharpened with dexterity.

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  • This item runs smooth, fast and does not distress the arm even after multiple uses
  • It’s got the V9000 motor which is at least 40% more powerful than the V5000 motor. It’s motor is more powerful than the most powerful Wahl clipper for home use
  • It has an adjustable taper lever to change the closeness of the cut
  • This item is well built and fairly lightweight; the design of the clippers fit perfectly into the hands
  • The quality far outweighs the price; it is super affordable by the way
  • Excellent product for beginning hair barbers by an excellent company that has been around for many years.
  • Saves you the money you would have spent cutting your hair in a barber’s shop
  • Has all the attachments one needs for a perfect haircut. The package also features a small brush and some oil for lubrication
  • Does not run hot even after several uses like other hair trimmers
  • You do not have to make many passes over the same portion just to get an even cut; a few passes are enough to ensure you don’t miss stray hairs


  1. One of the negatives of this product is the fact that it is not cordless; it only works with power cords
  2. This item does not offer a full set of attachment combs, for instance, there are missing guards like number 5 and 7 even though it has rare guard sizes like 1/2 inch or 1 1/2 inch not found in other sets of Wahl clippers


Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 attachmentsThe Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900 would definitely pay for itself with a few uses. The fact that it’s super fast and glides through hair easily is an asset. I highly recommend it both for beginners and professionals alike. It is worth every penny you spend on it. It also works great for beard trimming; cuts almost every hair on the first pass. A trial will definitely convince you.

Taking a look at the various features available in the Wahl professional icon clipper 8490-900, I would definitely recommend you buy this groomer. USD 55 is very economic for a professional hair clipper. This means, you get high end features unlike Philips and Remington offer at this price segment. Indeed a thumbs up !!!

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