how to moisturize the skinThe skin is the largest organ of the body, and one of the most abused. Each day, the skin loses moisture as we expose ourselves to the sun, cold air, wind, air conditioning, heating and pollution. Our urban lifestyles – stressful days and nights, lack of time for proper skin care and usage of several types of medication are also factors that can lead to dryness and skin discomfort. As we age, our skin also loses the ability to hold moisture like it used to do when we were younger. Right up there, we need a moisturizer to provide moisture to it. Well, In this post, I would tell you about need of the best wrinkle moisturizer and its importance in winter.

Why to Keep the skin hydrated?

So, how do these factors cause Dry skin? Dry skin occurs when it loses moisture through the stratum corneum – this, being the outermost layer of our epidermis. The layer is made up of oils, fats and skin cells, and it function like a barrier that protect the skin from irritants, harmful substances and germs. It also keeps our skin’s moisture in, so that it is kept well hydrated.

The factors that have been mentioned earlier can cause this layer to dry out. When that happens, the barrier also loses its protective function, making the skin all the more susceptible to these external factors, causing excessive moisture loss. Thus, when the skin dries up, it loses its elasticity, looks taut and haggard and starts to show wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Keep the Skin Hydrated

best wrinkle moisturizer

So how do you prevent all these from happening? The answer is to keep the skin hydrated. Hydrating the skin is not rocket science, and does not require a major lifestyle overhaul. Hydrating the skin is quite simple, and can easily be incorporated into anybody’ daily routine.

Use Moisturizer Every Day

Did you know that something as simple as putting on moisturizer everyday can help the stratum corneum seal in moisture? Skin moisturizers that contain shea butter, lanolin, glycerin and petrolatum are all effective choices for dry and irritated skin. Use moisturizer everyday, and if you constantly expose yourself to pollution, sun and other skin irritants – apply it more often.

SPF Moisturizer

Unprotected exposure to the sun is also one of the top causes for moisture loss. That is why this line can never be said quite enough: use Sunscreen. SPF Moisturizers defends your skin from UV rays, which cause the skin to break down and lose moisture. Sunscreen also delays the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Winter time

Did you know that your skin loses plenty of moisture when the air has low levels of humidity? Winter months, for example, are low humidity months. Buying a humidifier, and using it on can significantly increase humidity levels in the air and keep the skin hydrated.

Hot baths

Exposure to heat can also cause moisture loss. Steamy hot baths, for example, can cause skin dehydration. If you can’t give up your relaxing hot baths, try lowering the water temperature. You may also want to minimize your sessions with the hot tub by having once a week hot bath sessions and keeping and soaking in for no longer than 20 minutes.

These tips are simply little things that you can practically add to your normal routine. Do these and save yourself from skin dryness – and other unwanted effects that come along with it.


inside a skin moisturizer

Moisturizers are important for proper skin care as they replenish the skin’s water content which it loses on a daily basis. A good moisturizer also protects the skin from external elements, and encourage its proper shedding in order to give it a softer and smoother look. But do you have any idea on what to look for in a moisturizer?

What ingredients are there in facial skin care, and what should you look for?


Humectants are a primary ingredient in moisturizers, and they are important in such a way because they attract water from the skin’s dermis to the epidermis. Thus, they increase the water content of the epidermis. Humectants can also attract hydration from the atmosphere. Examples of humectants are glycerin, Hylauronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Glucose.


Occlusives work by slowing water evaporation on the skin, thus, increasing water content. They work well when they are applied to damp skin, and they are oftentimes greasy. Some examples are beeswax, paraffin, petroleum and squalene.


Emollients lubricate the stratum corneum of the skin, helping it maintain a smooth, soft and pliable appearance. Some emollients are lanolin, jojoba oil and the like.


Aside from these skin care ingredients, there are miscellaneous additions to moisturizers that create specialized effects, enhancements or “flavors”. Ascorbic acid, for example, is a favorite add-on for most vitamin C creams. Vitamin C is then beneficial for the skin’s collagen synthesis. It is also a staple in anti aging facial skin care products, as it is a good skin healing product that prevents skin wrinkles and other damages. Vitamin E is popular as an antioxidant, and like Vitamin A it is essential for healthy skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera skin care ingredients are also popular, as well as green tea to make green tea cream. These two are very popular bioelements that have taken the facial skin care world by storm. They are natural ingredients and are popular among people who prefer natural skin care products.

Retinol, Glycolic Acid

On the other hand, Retinol skin care products contain the ingredient retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. Glycolic Acid skin care incorporates Glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid that is used mostly to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Retinol is used for severe acne, while Glycolic acid is used for peels as well as peeling creams and moisturizers, as it is very effective in reducing scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. These two types of facial skin care products are usually used with professional supervision, as they can be quite potent for the skin.

These are just a few facial skin care ingredients that are popularly used in moisturizers. Remember that not all of them may be used in one moisturizer alone. At the same time, as time goes by, more and more ingredients are being discovered to be effective for skin care.

Check out the label of your moisturizers, or read the labels on your next purchase. Who knows, you’ve probably been using these ingredients on your face for a long time already!

Moisturizer Tips for a Healthy Skin

moisturizer tips for healthy skin

Getting healthy, smooth and good looking skin is very important. For ages, women have been obsessed with how their skin looks, which explains why there have skin care rituals have existed through the ages. Egyptian women have been using honey for ages. The infamous countess Erzebet of Bathory from the middle ages was even known to bathe in virgin women’s blood to keep her skin beautiful.

But we aren’t that desperate, aren’t we? And there are certainly simpler and less gruesome ways to get beautiful skin. Just follow these skin care and moisturizer tips to get beautiful, flawless and healthy skin.

What’s important is that you start a good skin care regimen right now. The skin is being constantly exposed to external factors and forces that are damaging to the skin. Thus, it is very important to start taking care of your skin as early as possible, because the longer it is unprotected, the more it is exposed to skin damage.

So, to start taking care of the skin, it is first important to know what your skin type is. There are different skin care tips for each type, so let’s get started.

Oily skin

Oily skin is a skin type that is usually occurs in teenagers. This is because puberty causes sudden increase in hormones that cause excess production of sebum in the body. Because of this, the skin becomes oily and becomes more prone to acne breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads, too. Here are some skin care tips that you can follow: Make sure that you keep your face clean by washing it twice a day. Use warm water first in order to open up the pores and clean it well.

Use a toner afterwards to completely wipe off traces of cleanser. Then, hydrate the skin with an oil free moisturizer. Oily skin is also more prone to having acne. Thus, here are some acne tips that you can follow. Try to use formulated cleansers. There are also acne solutions and oil-free acne moisturizers on your skin. Make sure that you do a skin test first for every new product that you use.

Dry skin

Dry skin is exactly what its name says – it’s dry, tight and feels rough. It has a dull look about it, and it is usually caused by external rather than internal forces. Extreme temperatures and exposure to cold and dry air, lack of humidity or excessive heat can cause the skin to dry out. Follow these cleanser and moisturizer tips for dry skin:

Avoid taking baths daily, since soap and water can strip moisture from the skin. If possible, simply splash some water on your face and follow up with a moisturizer. You can also try using a creamy cleanser if you want to cleanse the skin Avoid using toners that contain alcohol since these can dry the skin. Moisturize with a thick and heavy moisturizer, and do so twice a day.

Combination skin

Combination skin is the most common skin type, and involves both skin types. A person with combination skin usually has a T – zone that is oily, but cheeks that are dry. To keep oily skin at bay, cleanse the face with a facial cleanser, then dilute the cleanser for the dry areas of the face.

Here’s a helpful beauty tip for combination skin: Use an oil free moisturizer on your T-Zone, and then use an oil free moisturizer for your dry cheeks. Or, you can try using the same type of moisturizer, but keep the amount of moisturizer to a minimum for the oilier parts of the skin.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is another skin type, and it is finer and thinner than most skin types. It is usually more prone to irritation and allergic reactions. Here are some skin care tips for sensitive skin: avoid harsh detergents, perfumes and cosmetics that can irritate the skin. Stick to organic products and non comodegenic moisturizer. Use milk products such as baby soap.

In order to hydrate sensitive skin, follow these moisturizer tips. Make sure that you use a non – irritating moisturizer. Try the product first through a skin test, before putting it on your face.

Anti Aging Skin

Here are some anti-aging tips for mature skin. Cleanse the face and use an anti – aging cream at night. Make sure that you protect the skin in the morning with an SPF moisturizer. Creams that contain Olyhydroxy acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid are great for aging skin care. So make sure that you make use of these moisturizer tips to keep your skin looking young. Also, use an Anti-aging moisturizer for desired results.

Truly, there are different types of skin, and each come with their own characteristics. But nevertheless, as long as you follow the right cleanser and skin care tips for each kind, you’re really good to go.

USING Wrinkle Moisturizers in the Winter

using wrinkle moisturizers

Like the summer, winter is also a season of extremes. And with that, it is never really good for the skin. Thinking about it, winter can be the most unfriendly season for the skin – and the most dangerous, too. Along with the cold comes dry air, which can cause chafed, irritated and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is one of the major factors for early signs of aging. Thus, winter time calls for a good wrinkle moisturizer.

During the winter, the face needs more care than other parts of the body. This is because it is the most exposed to harsh weather conditions. The face is the first thing that easily dries out, thus it needs sensitive skin care products. The right wrinkle moisturizer can also stop dehydration and signs of premature aging, such as skin wrinkles, right on its track.

During the winter season, you should still cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. Use a cleanser that is mild or devoid of any chemical ingredients. Creamy washes are also advisable for dry skin, as they have more moisture content. Avoid cleansers with chemicals, coloring or scent, as these can cause dehydrated skin.

Follow a proper Skin Care Regimen

Wash your face quickly, and do not use hot water, even if you are tempted to. Water, especially in high temperatures, can dehydrate the skin. Following your cleansing routine should be a toner that does not contain alcohol. You can also use rosewater to tone the skin as well.

In the morning, use a dry skin moisturizer with SPF protection. Be sure to moisturize the skin always because dehydrated skin is the number one skin problem brought about by winter. Don’t forget to moisturize on a clean face. There are also special anti-aging moisturizers with SPF for those who are currently battling wrinkles and using aging skin care products.

During winter

Avoid using water based moisturizers during winter. This is because it contains water, which will freeze on the skin during extremely cold weather. Use an oil based cream anti-wrinkle moisturizer on the skin in order to replenish lost moisture.

It is still important to protect the skin from the sun. This is because even in cold weather, the sun is still there, and it still emits UV rays that are harmful to the skin. Use a moisturizer with SPF protection every morning. You can purchase a separate sunscreen, which you can apply on top of your wrinkle moisturizer. Or, you purchase a moisturizer that has sunscreen protection.

At night, however, you can lay off on the SPF and use a rich moisturizer cream. Dry skin moisturizers usually come in this consistency. These creams lock in moisture and hydrate the skin right when you are sleeping. If you’re concerned about wrinkles, there are creamy wrinkle moisturizers that you can use at night.

Make sure that you take care of your skin during winter by properly cleansing, toning and moisturizing it. Use a wrinkle moisturizer or other hydrating products throughout the whole duration of winter. Remember that the season can be harsh on the skin – but your skin does not have to suffer the consequences.

The Best Wrinkle Moisturizer

We had tested a variety of moisturizers, based on users reviews. Upon collecting their feedback, the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer secured the top spot. Here, we have done a short review of the same in order to proclaim why it is the best wrinkle moisturizer.

Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night Moisturizer

neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizerThe neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer is a skin hydrating cream made to reduce wrinkles and make you look younger. It helps moisturize skin and improves the sign of aging. First of all, the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair cream is very cost efficient. It means, you don’t have to worry about cutting the prescribed quantity every time you put on your face. In addition, it contains accelerated retinol SA with glucose complex that is responsible for skin pore tightening. Most noticeably, this wrinkle repair moisturizer features hyaluronic acid to provide nutrition and rejuvenation to the facial skin.

Talking about the consumers’ experiences, buyers seem extremely satisfied with this product. It has a whopping 4.1 stars rating on Amazon central platform and over 1000 verified purchases too. See what one of the very content shopper had to say:

What makes the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer the best wrinkle moisturizer is, its cheap price, brand value and the product satisfaction guarantee.


The neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer works like a charm. It moisturizes pretty diligently and recovers the fine line completely. It would make your skin texture smoother. If you are looking for the best wrinkle moisturizer, prefer it over any other hyped skin hydrating creams. In conclusion, the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer a no-brainer.