Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc professional Clipper reviewI got recommendations from a couple of barbers before choosing the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Detachable Blade Clipper.  I had decided to make the investment in professional grade clippers since I cut my own hair and my clients’ hair.  Wow, does it make a difference to use quality clippers.  These clippers provide a good, detailed cut that makes me feel like a bona fide barber myself.  The boys aren’t reluctant to get their cuts, anymore, either, because there’s no pinching and the clipper doesn’t get too hot. Hello there, this is Arnav and this is the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc  professional Clipper review.

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Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional  Clipper features

This is a lightweight clipper that’s easy to handle, and I don’t get tired after extended cutting sessions. This Andis clipper has a heavy duty high speed motor that gives me professional results.  My boys aren’t balking at getting cuts anymore because there’s never any pinching, and the clipper doesn’t run hot. The clipper comes with CeramicEdge blades and is versatile with the types of blades it can use.  It also works with Andis UltraEdge blades.

This clipper comes with a cord but also with the option of going cordless.  I use it both ways because I prefer cordless when I’m cutting my own hair, but when I need more power for extended sessions, I can switch back to the cord. This is an extremely quiet clipper, which is another reason I think my boys don’t mind their haircuts as they did before.

Powerful Motor

Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc professional Clipper featuresThe Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc  professional Clipper comprises of a mighty rotary motor. It is designed for heavy usage. Moreover, this clipper is 20% lighter than the remaining groomers of this brand. The another high tech feature of this hair clipper is its ultra precision blades. The Andis 63965 is equipped with the ceramic edge blades that works with various Andis ultra edge and ceramic edge blades. The major pro of implementing these blades is to reduce the heat distribution across the metal chassis. This makes it great for prolonged use. Overall, all these specifications make the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Clipper great for hair stylists.


Ergonomic Design

The Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Clipper sports an ergonomic design. The body houses an aluminium chassis and looks sporty in faded silver and black design. Switches are well placed in the bottom half of this clipper and is meant for one handed use. Moreover, the cords can be detached easily to convert the clipper ready for a cordless operation. Most noteworthy is the overall design of this clipper. As a result, the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Clipper can perform noiseless operation. It will help you cut the hair of children without disturbing them up. Overall, the Andis 63965 facilitates a wide range of features, making it one of the best professional hair clippers available today.

What Buyers think about the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc professional Clipper pros consIt becomes important to track the consumers’ opinions as it helps to know the real potential of a particular product. By the time of writing this review, the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Clipper has over 125 purchases, with an average rating of 4.1. Most of its buyers are hair stylists and barbers. It proves its worth in the niche of professional hair grooming. Let’s have a look of what a verified buyer has got to say,

I bought the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Detachable Blade Clipper on Amazon. It arrived quickly and was in great condition. It is light weight, quiet and runs great. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. – Heather

On the other hand, various hair dressers have kept this blade clipper as their first choice and here’s what they got to say,

Absolutely loved it!! It is the best clipper for a fast pace salon. It is lighter, doesn’t get hot fast like the Oster trimmers. The ceramic blades just help to keep it cool in the long run. Great Buy.

On the other hand, there are few negative comments on the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Clipper. One of those two unsatisfied reviewers blamed the faulty piece that he returned while the other had issue with its rectangular plug. These are not a major concern as long as you consider it for a professional use. It is a bit pricey at the USD 130 price tag but looking upon its specs, bagging the Andis 63965 is totally worth it.

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  • It’s quiet. It’s nice to use quiet clippers because some models I’ve used in the past could be really noisy.  When I cut hair, I trim my own hair and my boys’ hair at the same time.  So extended cutting sessions are more pleasant, thanks to the quiet.
  • It has a powerful rotary motor.  This is the kind of motor you want to get for clippers, not the magnetic type that isn’t dependable for giving even cuts.
  • It converts to cordless.  I like the freedom of cordless, and I did convert my clippers.  I’m glad for the option to go cordless or switch back to using the cord for more consistent power.
  • It’s professional grade and will last.  These clippers are made to last.  You’ll save more money in the long run by getting these quality clippers than you will by getting cheaper clippers that constantly have to be replaced.


  • It’s more expensive than a lot of clippers.  It may seem like a big up front cost for some people, but it’s going to be worth it in the long run.  When you buy the cheaper clippers, you get less quality and have to replace them a lot more frequently.
  • Only one speed. It’s helpful to have two speeds because some hair is fine and some thick, but the speed on this clipper does cut every type of hair well.


Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc professional Clipper buyers guideAnyone who saves money by cutting their own hair and their children’s hair needs to get the Andis 63965 Ceramic Bgrc Professional Detachable Blade Clipper.  In the long run you’re going to save money because this excellent clipper will last a long time, the kids are likely to squirm a lot less, and you’ll get a better cut, too. It is a bit pricey at USD 130 but is a perfect fit for those who are seeking a professional hair clipper for their business. This was the exclusive review of the Andis 63965. If you have got a question regarding this article, feel free to put a comment down below. Happy Grooming !!