Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper pros consI got tired of buying cheap trimmers that had to be thrown out all too soon.  I did some looking around and got the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper to use on my hair and to cut my client’s hair. After a few usage, I could notice the big advantages and blunders of owning this clipper. Well, In this post, I will tell you about where this hair trimmer excels and where it lacks. This is me, Arnav, you are going through the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper review. Let’s get started.

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Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper

Right away, at first use, I could tell the difference.  This is a professional-grade trimmer designed for heavy use that does an excellent job of cutting hair. I really like the look of this trimmer.  The aluminium housing looks great and is supposed to be unbreakable.  It does seem to be quite durable, and though it claims to be lightweight in the specs, I think it has a solid feel, which I like.  It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use.

This trimmer has a high-speed motor, which is important because hair cuts more evenly and efficiently when the trimmer blades are quick. Some trimmers can make a lot of noise, but this one is quiet. One thing that’s really convenient about this trimmer is that the cord is 8 feet long.  This feature comes in handy because I plug the cord into a garage outlet and cut hair on the driveway.

The blade is adjustable, and I’m able to create the right fade. The clipper runs cool for a while, but it does get hot after prolonged use.  If I take my time too much, we have to take a break while the clipper cools down. Moving ahead, have a look of the features of the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper.

Sturdy Built

Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper reviewThe Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper has an excellent body. It boasts of an unbreakable aluminium housing that would last very long. In the first look, this groomer looks astonishing. It has this silver body with two side switches for hair length adjustments and power dragger. The design is pretty ergonomic as it is curved on the bottom to let you get a good hold of this product. The clipper comprises of high precision blades that need regular oiling in order to provide you effortless grooming sessions. This clipper feels solid in hand and promises to get you years of dependable service.


Power Performer

The Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper truly outperforms various clippers in similar price segment. This professional ceramic hair clipper is a heavy duty groomer designed for prolonged use. First of all, it has a powerful magnetic motor that runs quiet in all conditions. Moreover, you get the ceramic edge blades which stay cooler than the regular blades. In addition, the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper is equipped with thumb controlled side switch that give you proper control over the trimmer during one hand application. Most noteworthy, the full adjustable lever adjusts clipper blades and puts a stop over the hassle of using multiple blades. In conclusion, you get an all-around hair clipper for styling.

Consumers’ opinions over the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper

Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper specsSeeking experiences from the real world users becomes important as it helps you to better analyse the particular product. In case of the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper, users have shown a mixed reaction towards this product. By the time of writing this review, the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper has over 250 verified purchases on Amazon. While the ratings are not that great, these are not poor either.

There are many buyers who are quite satisfied with this clipper. It is rated average 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with a price tag of USD 96. Here’s take a look of one of the consumer’s opinion,

I absolutely love this clipper. It gives a very professional feel and comprises of a mighty motor. Though it gets heated sometimes but that’s not a major problem for me. – Louis

Meanwhile one customer had complaints regarding its heating body,

I am not very happy with this product. Everything is great except the fact that it heats really quick. I thought it was the best hair clipper until it started getting warm and fade blade snags the scalp. – Orlando

However, if you are considering the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper for the home usage, go for it. It is not a trouble as it gets warm if you run it for more than 10 minutes. In case, you are looking for a clipper for your salon/extended usage, close your eyes and bag the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper.

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  • The clipper has an 8-foot cord. It’s handy to have a lengthy cord because it makes maneuvering a lot easier, and I pull the cord out to the driveway for our haircuts.
  • Does a great job cutting hair.  This is really the most important thing, that the clipper does a great job of cutting hair.  There’s no pulling and my boys don’t balk at getting their hair cut anymore.
  • It’s sturdy.  The attractive aluminum case is very sturdy and is advertised as being unbreakable.
  • It has a hanging loop.  I like keeping everything organized, and I like the fact that this clipper has a hanging loop for neat storage.


  • It’s expensive.  In the long run, you are definitely going to save money by buying this clipper instead of the cheap ones.  If you have trouble paying the cost all at once, though, that could be a problem.
  • With extended use, the clipper runs hot. I can use the clipper for quite a while and it stays cool, but then it starts running hot with prolonged use.


Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper features

A few years ago I decided to start saving money by doing haircuts for me and my boys myself.  We started out with cheap clippers, but they never lasted very long and they also didn’t do as good a job of cutting as the Andis FadeMaster Professional Hair Trimmer does.  I recommend this clipper because it’s professional grade so it’s durable, and it does a great job.  These clippers look great and create a professional-looking fade that will make it look like you’ve been to a professional barber. Having a look upon the features you get along with the Andis Fade Master Professional Hair Clipper, I would definitely recommend you to get it for your home usage.


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