grow and style your mustacheIf you are thinking about growing and styling your mustache, the first question to ask yourself (or someone you love) is whether or not you should.  Everyone’s face is different, and some faces look good with a mustache, and others, well, not so much.

Asking a loved one is not always the best way to figure this out, as they may not always tell you the truth, in order to save your feelings. However, if you can find someone you trust, ask their opinion. Moving ahead, we will talk about growing a mustache according to your facial type, styling them and also, the ways to keep it close and similar to one your favorite celebrity sports. Let’s get started.

Facial Features and Mustache

Things to take into consideration are your facial features, your ability to grow facial hair, and any facial scars you may have that you want to cover up.  Another thing to ask yourself is why you want to grow a mustache.  Are you growing it to cover up facial scars?  This can be a handy trick, and it is one that many men practice.

Maybe you want to grow a mustache so that you can cut down on shaving. Again, this is a great trick.  It will save you time (and money!).  You will not have to get up as early in the morning to shave for work, you will spend less on razor blades, and you’ll even save your skin–less irritation.

Growing a Mustache

style and grow your mustache

Of course, you do have mustache upkeep, so keep that in mind. If you are truly looking for a way to get out of grooming, a mustache is not the answer.  Depending upon the style you choose, you may have to wax, you will have to groom (often with a mustache trimming tool) and you will have to keep your mustache nice and tidy.

Or, perhaps you are considering growing a mustache because you think chicks dig them?  Perhaps. Some women do like facial hair, but others do not, so it is a crapshoot.  If you think you will look good with a mustache, it may help you with the opposite sex.  You will just have to wait and see! Men with mustaches do tend to get noticed more, as the facial hair is a feature that stands out.

Deciding upon the look

Make sure that you are being realistic.  If you are unable to grow facial hair, growing a mustache will be trying.  As they come in they are often sparse, anyway, and those who find it difficult to grow them get a bit frustrated.  If you do not think you have the patience for it, a mustache may not be for you.

Once you have decided that you are ready for a mustache, and have decided you will look great in one, next you need to look at your face and decide what type will look best.  Men with thin faces, or shorter faces, should shoot for a smaller mustache.  Something thin will not overrun your face. If you have a longer, thicker face, a bushy mustache will work.  Browse through the different mustache styles and choose the one that is right for your face.

Is a mustache right for you?  Only you can decide, but ask opinions before you make the leap!

Mustache Styling tips to help you look your best

style mustache

There are many ways to groom and style your mustache.  The most important styling tip, though, is simply this: pick a mustache that fits your face.  The wrong type of mustache can make any man’s face look odd. Find the style that makes you look and feel your best.  The size of your face should dictate the size of your mustache.  If you have a large, broad face, you will want a more prominent mustache, but if your face is small, a large mustache will not look right and will cover up your features.

Once you have decided on your ‘stache, there are some simple tips for upkeep. If you have a pencil mustache,(which is a thin, narrow mustache), the best grooming tip you can follow is to wax it to keep it looking sharp and precise. You can, however, use a single blade razor, but waxing is easier (but more painful). Waxing also keeps the stray hairs at bay for a longer period of time, so you will not need to wax as much as you would need to shave with the single blade razor.

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Taking Proper Care

If you have a handlebar mustache some great tips for grooming and styling it are waxing and oiling.  Putting beeswax or jojoba oil on your mustache will help you to keep the handlebar looking perfect, and these items also help keep the skin and hair soft, fending off dryness and shedding.  If you use mustache wax, though, make sure to keep your mustache clean, as the wax will build up. After you wash, treat yourself to an aloe vera treatment, in order to keep the skin healthy under your mustache.

For those of you with mustaches and goatees, a simple tip for keeping them both looking stylish is to use a sharp, wet, new razor when you shave to keep your cheeks clean.  You will also want to continually thin your mustache so that it does not overpower your goatee.  Keeping a balance between the two is crucial.  Using a Mustache and Beard trimmer or sharp barber’s scissors will do the trick.

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Choosing Upon a variety of Mustaches

Types of Mustache

For the Wild West look, a cowboy mustache might be a big draw.  If you are sporting one of these mustaches made popular by today’s cowboys, the key is to grow long extensions vertically at the sides of your mouth.  It should resemble an upside down horseshoe.  Once you’ve perfected your look, it is easy to maintain.  The cowboy mustache will take a while to completely grow in, but after that, upkeep is simple. All you will need to do is keep the sides even, and these vertical lines can be thin or thick, depending upon your preference and the size of your face (thinner faces look best with thinner vertical pieces).

Finally, the painter’s brush mustache, made popular by celebrities going as far back as Dali, is a fun one to wear and grow–especially if you typically have a hard time growing a mustache.  This is the mustache that tends to grow most easily.  The painter’s brush looks good on most faces, and all you really need to do is trim it on a weekly basis (or sooner if you are a bit OCD).  You can use a razor or a mustache trimming tool for this job.

So, for every mustache the tips are the same–find the one that fits your face and keep it clean and sharp!

Celebrities Mustaches

November sparked a trend among celebrities–mustaches! Although mustaches have long been seen on Hollywood’s leading men, the desire to do their part has led previously ‘mustache-less’ celebrities to grow facial hair.  How do they look? Will yours look as good, or better?  Hard to say, unless you try it.

For example, one of women’s favorite heartthrobs, Orlando Bloom, sports a pencil thin mustache, as does Adrian Brody and some of the classic leading men, like Clark Gable and Cary Grant.  John Waters has also rocked the pencil thin mustache.  These men make the thin mustache look good, as their faces support this look.

If you would like to emulate Bloom or Brody, make sure that your face is not too large or too wide–as this can make the mustache resemble dirt on your upper lip, rather than actual facial hair.  A smaller, rounder face is perfect for this classic ‘stache.  Make sure to keep the mustache’s clean lines intact with either wax or a single blade razor.

Johnny Depp’s Way

Johnny Depp celebrity MustacheFans of Johnny Depp will know that this actor has often been seen with a mustache and goatee.  Other celebs who have also sported this look include James Franco, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Colin Farrell.   This is a great way for men who cannot grow full beards to keep a good amount of facial hair going. It’s a popular, stylish look and it’s easy to maintain.  Simply keep your cheeks shaved and trim your goatee and you are good to go.

Tom Selleck Mustache

Tom Selleck is one celebrity who is extremely well known for his thick, bushy mustache, called a ‘chevron’.  Women swooned for Magnum P.I., and half his allure seemed to come from his ‘stache.  To emulate Selleck, first make sure you have the face for it.  A bushy mustache like this is suited to a larger face.

Stacy Keach Mustache

Stacy Keach is another celebrity known for his mustache, but Keach grew his to hide scars, which is actually a popular reason to grow one. They do hide a multitude of facial scars, depending upon the type that you decide to grow, and where your scars are, of course.

The Fu Manchu Mustache

fu manchu mustache styleRollie Fingers made the handlebar mustache famous, but not many celebrities today sport one. The Fu Manchu, however, is rising in prominence among celebrities.  The faces of Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Boris Karloff, Robert Downey, Jr and even Joe Montana have been spotted with the Fu.  A Fu Manchu is a mustached named after a character of the same name, from the author Sax Rohmer.  This is a ‘villainous’ mustache that typically is full on top and grows thinly down each side of the mouth. It’s often seen in movies, but can be seen on the street, as well.

Kevin Connolly Mustache

Kevin Connolly, of Entourage fame, is one actor who goes for the painter’s brush mustache. The painter’s brush is easy to grow, which makes it a popular style. Other actors who have sported it include Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Pryor, Burt Reynolds and even Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling.

Hulk Hogan and George Michael often sport the horseshoe mustache.  A horseshoe mustache basically looks like an upside down horseshoe, and is one of the easiest to maintain.  The sides can be thick or thin, it’s up to the wearer.

So, who will you emulate, and will it look better on you–or them? In case, you may want to check this guide to grow a goatee without Mustache. If you have got any other query, feel free to drop a comment down below.